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Category: 'Size'
G.I. Joe episode Iceberg Goes South
Size, Animal
The Joes are in an arctic region training and testing new equipment. Iceberg meets up with his girl friend, Mahea, who's collecting tissue samples of animals for her uncle's research at the Tropadome- a large dome that's tropical inside (think Biodome). Iceberg goes there to visit her and is captur ...more
G.I. Joe: Cobra Claws Is Coming to Town
Cobra's latest plot...ruin Christmas. A shrink ray allows Cobra to infiltrate Joe headquarters and take them prisoner. Cobra plans to use Joe equipment to attack the nearby town and frame G.I. Joe. If the links below don't work, go to Youtube and type in the episode name. Episode, Part 1 Epi ...more
Genie in the House episode Our House
The two main characters, Emma and Sophie, end up taking care of their cousin. They find a way to keep him busy with their old doll house. They end having a conversation which ends up with them accidentally wishing them living as a doll. Their genie, Adil makes their wish come true with Emma and Sop ...more
Getting Lucky (1989)
Bill is the school nerd at Middlevale High School. He just wants to save the world and score a date with Chrissie, the hottest cheerleader in the school. It looks like he might do that when he finds a Leprechaun in a beer bottle. But the Leprechaun, Lepkey, has drunk a few too many and his magic is ...more
Giant Beauty
This game was featured on X-Play's "Weird Games". It is an import title from Japan about a girl who gets zapped by a UFO and grows to the size of a giant (250 feet). She then stomps around several places and it is up to you (a helicopter pilot) to bring her down. The game's last level has you fig ...more
The Giant Garden of Oz book Eric Shanower
A new Oz book written and illustrated by Eric Shanower, who is an excellent artist. In it, Dorothy and some friends have to travel through a gigantic garden, which probably doesn't qualify as being shrunk, but later on in the book Dorothy and some other characters grow to be giants. This can be ...more
Giant Tiny Fiction
G/PG-rated short stories about giant/tiny/shrinking/growing people or animals.
Godzilla vs Megalon
Jet Jaguar, a robot servent built for a scientists son must keep Megalon at bay as the humans wait for Godzilla to arrive, how does he do this? By changing his size of course. Jet Jaguar grows from about six feet tall to nearly two hundred feet tall to defend the earth from the giant kabuto beetle h ...more
Godzilla: Save The Earth
A new Godzilla game coming to Xbox and PS2, it will feature Jet Jaguar who can grow larger and smaller at will, making him tougher and faster depending on his size.
Grajacy z Talerza
Polish film which part of the main plot is about a dwarf woman named Janka. She falls in love with a man with two faces and this love causes her to grow. At the start of the film she is roughly 3'6 tall. By the end she between 10-15 feet tall.
Gwen Stefani
H-E Double Hockey Sticks
I only remember this vaguely, so I can't recall details but there is a man shrunken down towards the ending of the movie. You see him quickly really tiny, and then a quick clip a moment later. As I recall he's never turned back. If anyone has a clip of this or something I'd greatly appreciate it, ...more
Half Giraffe: Human Flea
In a bizarre accident, top secret scientist Mitch McGraw is shrunk to the size of a flea. He passes out from the shrinking, and a gust of wind blows him onto the scalp of his assistant. When McGraw awakes, he is unaware of just what has happened and thinks he is on an alien landscape with gigantic l ...more
Happy Tree Friends
Happy Tree Friends is a web site/ tv cartoon about cute and cuddly animals in which every episode at least of them meets a ghastly death. On a website you can adopt the characters and one of them is sniffles and watch him die three different ways. The last is called mix in which he mixes chemicals t ...more
Happy Tree Friends episode Under your skin
In the episode Giggles the bear is locked out of her house during a snowfall and catches a bad cold. Her friends Lumpy the moose and sniffles the anteater decide to help her get better. Sniffles creates a machine that can kill the cold germs but it needs to be done inside of Giggles' body so he make ...more
Harvey Birdman episode Booty Noir
Birdman's nemisis, in court these days, Reducto is a paranoid who is obsessed with shrinking those larger than himself. But one day he meets a woman with what he considers a "Great Booty" and uses his shrink gun to make her buttocks even larger. She seems to enjoy his "attentions" but he is deeply c ...more
Harvey Birdman: Atorney at Law episode Very Personal Injury
In the episode the oposing Lawyer has a shrinking ray gun and threatens everyone with it and when Birdman is taking he shoots him with making him small, Birdman fired some rays at him and then the other lawyer makes him his normal size. He also makes the Judges club (his cravel in a way) tiny and he ...more
Hedvig Johnson book Rose Petal Place: Love Helps You Grow
Rose Petal Place is a garden where a group of fairies, each a tiny teenaged girl, spread beauty and love. One day, Orchid feels as if her friend Rose Petal pays more attention to the other fairies than to her. The book series villain, the spider Nastina, gives Orchid a potion to drink and tells her ...more
Beatle Ringo Starr is marked for death by a bizarre tribe for wearing a sacred sacrificial ring (a gift from an adoring fan, no doubt). When the Beatles learn this, they try to get the ring off Ringo's finger, but the darn thing is stuck. They go to a doctor who prepares a shrinking medicine to redu ...more
Help! I'm Shrinking
This is a 12-minute 1975 short film for children, written and drawn by Barbara Dourmashkin. Carrie is a little girl with an unusual problem: whenever she feels small or says "I can't", she shrinks. One day her kite gets stuck in a tree, and she asks her family members to help her get it down; when ...more
Hershey's Syrup commercial Unknown
A boy is drinking chocolate milk and then he looks inside the straw. We then see the boy's eye from inside the straw and then the boy himself slideing down the inside of the straw. He fall out of the straw and lands on a rubber tube in a river of chocolate.
Honey I Blew up the Kid
This time the Father's shrink ray causes his child to become giant. A boy and girl are also shrunk later on in the moive as well as the mother made big.
Honey We Shrunk Ourselves
This time Wayne's shrink ray shrinks himself and the other parents. The fact that all three of these movies were not on this list baffels me.
Honey, I Shrunk the kids
Kids are shrunk by fathers shrink ray and must travel across the backyard to be restored.
Hot Wheels "Planet Micro" commercial Unknown
Giant boys are seen walking around a city. One of the boys sees a car parked on a street and he picks it up between two of his fingers. We then see the boy leaning against a builing holding the car in his hand.
House of Mouse episode The Three Caballeros
Goofy goes back to school. At gym class a boy grows bigger than him and later in math class he is shrunken in size.
How to Drown Dr. M. or the End of Water Spirits in Bohemia
Inanimate, Size