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Category: 'Short Story'
A stranger from a Foreign Ship
Gender, Male
Short story about man with paranormal power in vague near future setting. (Spoiler Text)
A. E. Van Vogt
Mother Quigley is a witch who needs to replace her old body in order to escape the shadowy creatures that are pursuing her. She decides to steal her 'granddaughter' Joanna'a body. Joanna's husband learns the truth and struggles to save his wife. Was made into an episode of Night Gallery which had d ...more
A.Conan Doyle
Very funny story and tremendously influencial down the years. A party animal german university student wanting to marry a Great Professors beautiful daughter agrees to an experiement in which they are hypnotized and try to exchange thoughts. Well they exchange bodies! And they don't know it at first ...more
A.M. Homes book Things You Should Know
Age, Gender, Animal
Two of the short stories in this collection - "Raft in Water, Floating" and "The Weather Outside is Sunny and Bright" - feature a shapeshifter who takes a number of different forms. (Spoiler Text)
Anthony W. Durrant
A corrupt governor has his brain transplanted into the body of a female smuggler named Cassandra in order to kill a recently reformed crimelord.
Armer, Karl Michael, 'On the Inside Track'
A seventy-year-old widower is temporarily possessed by a female alien who needs his body to conduct business on earth. Their relationship moves from master/slave to deep friendship to unrequited love. 1986
Barry Yourgrau
Brief, three-page story about a suburban family where the father has mysteriously changed into a beautiful blonde woman. The son eventually changes into one too.
Bill Bickel
A body sitter gets in trouble in this science-fiction detective story when the body he is occupying dies. Mid-story, a young couple switch bodies during sex for fun.
Brian Stableford
Gay man changes sex to carry a child. A really nice little story
Bruce Elliott: Wolves Don't Cry
A wolf in a zoo inexplicably transforms into a human male. After spending a lot of time as a human, he finds a book of magic that shows how to become a werewolf. He uses it to return to his normal form and life.
C. H. Thames
Hero lives by occupying recently dead bodies. Has to change every 90 days. In this episode the only body available is female.
C.H. Thames
Two 4th grade kids in a Tour group of Kids from the futures, swap bodies with President and The Secretary of State! A P.I. is hired by their teacher to force them to swap back. Funny Story.
Charles Runyon
Bitter dying, lower class man, risen through the ranks ends up sharing and once controling the body of beautiful young aristrocratic woman.
Chet Williamson
Genius uses gene altering techniques to become ideal woman.
Christopher Grimm
A very handsome man is tricked out of his body by a rich ulgy guy. Aliens make money by running body swap clubs. Unfortunately they do not force whoever uses them to return bodies. The body swapped guy pursues his former body hoping to get it back somehow. Very involved story. The aliens also do not ...more
Clemence Housman
A young man living in Scandinavia learns the woman his brother loves is actually the werewolf that has been killing members of their family.
Clive Barker
Two men wandering around an abandoned spa, have sex with a creature called the Madonna. But by the time they figure out what going on, they are being transformed into females.
"Club Masquerade" by Kevin J. Anderson
Gender, Male
This is prequel set in the same universe as "Identity Crisis" where mankind has somehow evolved the ability to seperate their personality from their physical body and "Hopscotch" into another body. This is a coming of age story involving 2 of the origianal protagonists and 2 of their friends. Most ...more
Con Sellers
A new prison inmate has the ability to change into a woman, which attracts fellow prisoners to his cell. But the men making love to this changeling are slowly being sapped of strength.
Cynthia Felice
A beautiful Young woman and a brilliant cripple one discover telepathy between them. The cripple helps the pretty one get a great job. Then one day the beautiful girl wakes up with the cripple one in charge of her body. They end up fighting over control as the cripple one not only want to be sexy,a ...more
Cythina McQuillin
Very good story with excellent twists and excellent ending. Extremely beautiful young girl willingly exchanges bodies with wicked, very powerful spiteful old witch who has killed her boyfriend and many others. She knows the witch will not be able to hurt others now with her power as the power i ...more
Dale Bailey
Assassin takes over the body of Senator's daughter through nanotechnology so he can kill the senator.
Dale Watters
This contains a MAJOR 'spoiler'. A pair of young lovers, sexually passionate but otherwise totally unsuited to one another, return from separate summer vacations with stunning secrets each gained knowledge of while on the Continent. The lady has found a ruined temple on one of the Greek islands wh ...more
Damon Knight
A woman changes into a bikini...literally.
David Busby
Magician teaches skin dancing. Pupil changes to woman but isn't trained enough and it kills him.
Deb Stover
This is a short story in an Anthology called Irresistible Forces, edited by Catherine Asaro. In the Story Nick who died two years ago and wiggled his way into heaven is given the chance to return to help his widow. He is given the body of a busty red headed female lawyer. Notes: this was in the r ...more
Diana Hignutt
Gender, Gender, Gender
A new take on the old story. The good doctor transfers his consciousness into a resurrected female body. The story is in Transgender Tapestry #108. A young man finds a locket and becomes possessed by his occulist great grandmother, who procedes to make him undergo gender reassignm ...more
Don D'Ammassa
A man has the ability to re-edit things. At the end he re-edits a man into a woman.
Don Dee
A young male vampire found out it's easier to lure victims if he changed to a woman.
Don Wilcox
Shaftway Danger over at Fictionmania reported this story... He has it. I do not :( The December 1945 Fantastic Adventures had a story with a good TG bit in it. The story was "The Serpent has Five Fangs" by Don Wilcox, one of the more prolific pulp writers of the day. In it, an adventurer travel ...more
Donald A. Wollheim
Gender, Gender
Nazi experiments cause a man to melt away, leaving only a baby girl. A man makes a deal with the devil and is reborn as his own abused daughter.
Donald Wandrie
Young teenaged boy is trick into body exchange with beautiful woman trapped in a mirror.
Doreen Dugdale
One of the very best transformation stories I've ever read. In rural England, a brutal thief who has just scored a big robbery is fleeing from both the police and his former partners in crime, whom he has doublecrossed to take all of the cash. He is more afraid of his compatriots than the law. He ...more
Duane W. Rime
A scientist transplants the head of a dying leper onto the body of another (possibly inhuman) man.
Duncan Farnsworth
Body switching machine used as McGuffin in murder mystery.
E. Hoffman Price
A lovely young blond french girl who rejected a devil worshipper suddenly finds that each night while asleep she is in the body of an Arab slave girl and beaten. The Slave girl is in her body and welts are somehow also transfered to the french girl's body. The man doing it seeks to revenge himself o ...more
E.D. Detetcheverrie
A rape/murder is the first case Quasar Force psychic Alex Roglitz works with his new partner Amanda, a.k.a. "Quasar 169." The primary murder suspect is a member of a race of humanlike aliens called the Geminarians. When Geminarian males lose their virginity, they end up turning into a genetic dupl ...more
Edward Byers
A woman has the ability to be possessed by other people. After someone uses her body to commit a murder, a male detective tries it out for a little while.
Edward Van Zile
A weathly man and his beautiful wife exchanging bodies. Probaly done by the wife.
Elizabeth Ann scarborough
King Arthur is debriefed by Merlin after his current incarnation as Princess Diana
Eric Brown
Hero and heroine briefly swap bodies for fun.
Eric Vinicoff
A hi-ranking offical's personality is downloaded into a low-ranking prostitute in an attempt to force a male-dominated society to change. A bit preachy.