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Category: 'Shapeshifter'
Uncanny X-men #425
Female, Gender
An unnamed female stripper shapeshifter morphs between several forms while at a Polaris’s bachelorettes party, and Havok’s bachelor party; (Spoiler Text)
Uncanny X-men #454
Female, Gender
Selene morphs two times while in a fight with Rachel Grey. She first assumes the form of Red Lotus(Paul Hark) to trick her, and then into a duplicate of herself – seemingly to play mind games with her. Lasts only a few panels.
Velocity #1
The villain of the mini-series, Charnel, is a horrific monster who can adopt the genetic patterns of those whose blood he tastes. Near the end of the first issue, he briefly turns himself into Velocity's twin. Charnel's transformation is shown over a few panels.
Voodoo #4
Animal, Female, Gender
Voodoo does multiple brief transformations in this issue, where she infiltrates the federal installation where the people hunting her are. (Spoiler Text)
Voodoo issue 1
A "New 52" retelling of the origin of original WildStorm character Voodoo. In the revamp, Priscilla Kitaen, aka Voodoo, appears to have the same background as the original Voodoo (a stripper from New Orleans), but it's probably just a cover as she appears to actually be 100% alien (or at least chan ...more
Voodoo issue 2
Female, Gender
At the beginning of the issue, Voodoo is still in the form of the male federal agent she killed and impersonated at the end of the previous issue... (Spoiler Text)
WildC.A.T.S #20
Daemonite lord Hightower, while being hunted down by the WildC.A.T.S in their building, tricks their leader, Jacob Marlowe, by assuming Voodoo's shape. Very brief, two panels.
Wonder Woman #161
Second part of the Clayface-Wonder Woman face-off, opens with Clayface disguised as Wonder Woman taking out some Armored bad guys and then stealing their money.
Wonder Woman #160
Wonder Woman battles the Cheetah, who turns out to be Clayface disguised to lure her out. During a struggle as he is absorbing Wonder Woman into himself, Clayface assumes the shape of Wonder Girl on one panel.
X-Men 2099 #17
The loony Halloween Jack briefly poses as casino boss Desdemona Synge to fool her elite squad of bodyguards, the Ratpack.
X-men Forever 2 #14
Female, Gender
Working the X-men, the female shapeshifter Mystique briefly assumes 2 forms to help them infiltrate a base in Wakanda: an African male flight chief, and then their queen- a doppelganger of Storm.
X-men Forever 2 #15
In the midst of a battle between mutants, the female shapeshifter Mystique briefly morphs into the Scarlett Witch to fool the mutant Quicksilver in the guise of his unconscious sister.
X-Nation 2099 #3
Female, Gender
Set in Marvel’s 2099 universe, the character December recounts a story from her past, where she is imprisoned and later saved at the time of her execution by her female shapeshifting friend Willow. (Spoiler Text)
Explanation of the category 'Shapeshifter'

Involves physical changes such as alterations of age, gender, race, or general appearance or changes between human form and that of an animal, plant, or inanimate object.

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