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Category: 'Role Playing Game'
Breath of Fire IV
When you enter Wychwood for the first time in the second area. Nina wonders when they party hears a strange sound. When they keep going she shrinks the the size of a mouse. When Ryu and Ershin have their backs turn. She is then carried off by a mother bird and soon realize that fairies are the one ...more
Champions RPG
The transmogrifier gun has a 10% change of switching the targets gender.
One of the items available from Elgarz the Alchemist in this mostly text-based MMORPG is a "transgender potion" which switches the characters gender.
The Crack Head Thory
This is an RPG (Role Playing Game) where it functions under what is called the Crack Head Theory which says: Every time that you say, write, read, view, or even think of something, a world is made. As you continue to do this, that world becomes more solid until the point that, that world starts ...more
Cyberpunk 2020
The sourcebook of the same name also has many references to sex-change.
You can transmigrate characters in this game as other classes whether it be male or female
Dungeon Siege
In the game Dungeon Siege, there is a code that allows you to grow the selected members of the team and/or other members. The max you grow is about 12 feet tall or so, and max you shrink is about 2 feet. I believe the code entered is "minjooky" for shrink and "maxjooky" for growth.
Dungeons and Dragons
Gender, Gender
A cursed item that reverses the wearers gender. There is no clear way of changing back. A character class called the Houri, had a spell which would allow a sex change with a kiss.
Eberron Campaign Setting, Dungeons & Dragons
In the D&D (3.5 Edition) Eberron campaign setting, changelings are shape-shifters who are descended from doppelgangers and humans. Unlike doppelgangers, their original forms are sexed (either male or female). Changelings, however, can mimic different kinds of humanoids of either gender, to the po ...more
Famous places of Ravenloft:
Mythical, Were, Animal
The Shadow Demi-plane of Ravenloft absorbs all horrors from the D&D multiverse. When someone commits act of horrible evil, Dark Forces could teleport him into misty realm, then change them to better fit his new evil role. Very often, they chsnge humans into vampires and werewolves, but other mutati ...more
Final Fantasy XI: Doll Festival Quest
In 2005, in the MMORPG, Final Fantasy XI there was a new side quest "The Doll Festival". Players form a 10 person alliance and talk to a Moogle located in any one of the 3 main nations. All you needed to do was stay in the 10 person party through the duration of the dialog. The dialog started ...more
Fire Emblem
Niles and Ninian, a brother and sister pair, are actually dragons from another world. Very fun game, but you only see Ninian go from dragon to human near the end of the game.
Glistening Chests: The Testosterone Fueled RPG
It is a tongue and cheek RPG that has petrification, animal, monster, and tg transformations. Here is the information about it the game directly from the site. "Journey into the horrifyingly sexist world depicted on the covers of all your favorite fantasy novels, but so rarely contained wit ...more
GURPS Characters
Gender, Male, Female
GURPS (Generic Universal Role-Playing System) includes an exotic Advantage called Hermaphromorph that allows the player to change between a fully functional male, female, or neuter form in 10 seconds.
Kameo: Elements of Power
XBOX RPG that features the elven princess, Kameo, who has set out to rescue the Elemental Ancestors and to overthrow the Dark Troll King. She has the gift of transformation that allows her to take on the shape and abilities of any Elemental warrior that she takes as a follower.
Morrowind (PC)
In the PC game Morrowind, you can edit just about everything in the game with the TES editor that came with the game. People make plug-ins and MODs for the game, but you can also adjust the hieght of the people of Morrowind. In one case I grew a female to about the size of 12 feet. Any bigger and th ...more
This D&D style card game has a 'sex change curse' card. The change is permanent. Funny illustration.
Nemesis: A perfect world
I was at a convention and I saw this table top Roleplaying game and had a chance to see a Demo played (great game). The book itself has over a dozen TF pictures ranging from Animal and object TF to Were-crearures. The Art work is great, a lot of it Done by Mark and Steph Heike known for their great ...more
This is another Hentai Japanese game. It has something to do with a magice "hot spring." The main storyline is not TG, but there is a TG sequence. It appears to me (i have only google translated the page) that if two characters go into the hot spring, and think the same thought, they switch bodies ...more
Shining force II
There is a whole part of the adventure when your enitre party has been shunk to only inchs tall. In two major battles you fight chess pieces and a rat (which is huge compared to you).
Silken Nights
a game for the Cyberpunk world Set in Effinger's world of 'When Gravity Fails'. Without distroying the secrets of the game, let's just say this is the best "gender transformation" role playing scenerio I've seen.
Simpsons Clue
This is the Original Clue Board Game, with the Simpsons Charachters taking the Regular Characters Roles. Smithers is playing the part of Mrs. White and is therefore dressed as or rather looks like her... Simpsons regular attractive female body and a dress.
Star Munchins
In this card game, there is a 'Transporter Accident' card, which causes you to permanently change sex with another player. Funny illustration.
Superbabes: The Femforce Role Playing Game
Includes module where militant feminist try to turn the man of world into women.
Tales of Symphonia
The Sorccorers ring can be used to shrink the entire party.
A game book to be played with the "Kult" role playing game system. The players must return a magical deck of cards to its rightful place and break the spells placed by black lictor Anthony Barkley. In the course of the game a player must be permanently changed from man to woman.
Teenagers From Outter Space
The gun's beam reverses a persons gender. Another shot is required to change back.
Wild ARMs 2nd Ignition
"The main character gets possed by a demon during his coronation into ARMs and turns into one himself to fight off the other possed members of ARMs."
Wild Cards - Role Playing Game
A few years ago I came across a RPG based on the Wild Cards series. This particular module was based on a the "Aces Abroad" book. Two interesting TG points. A woman named Cameo can Channel the spirits of the dead if she holds one of their personal items. The story has her possessed by a deceased ...more