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Category: 'Radio Play'
Doctor Who Unbound
The Doctor regenerates into a female body on this audio CD by Big Finish. (I labeled this as "radio play" since "audio CD" wasn't an option.) For more info, see Big Finish's website. The page describing this item is:
Fair Exchange
A businessman and a bride bump heads in a hotel, and switch bodies. There's a white witch involved, who tries to sort out the mess.
HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy
In Episode 6 of the radio series, Arthur, Ford, Zaphod, Trillian, and Marvin have accidentally stowed away aboard the flagship of the Haggunenon Admiral. The Haggunenons are a super-evolutionary lifeform with 'the most impatient chromosomes' of any lifeform in the known universe -- they are known to ...more
If Wishes Were Changes
Serious piece about gender roles and identity. Husband and wife swap bodies.
A student play presented on stage at a secondary school. Kheleev, a top male athelete and Sara, a cheerleader obsessive about staying thin and attractive A wish made by both causes them to switch bodies. Both awaken to find that their genders had changed. There was another play mentioned ...more
Inner Sanctum
"Quicked" An immoral scientist discovers a formula that speeds up one's metabolism so one can move faster. In that quickened state, he sees everyone else moving slower. Teaming up with a thief, he uses the formula to speed both of them up to 10 times normal, allowing them to get rich by being too f ...more
Porshia (or In Porshia)
Thomas is a no-hope poet obsessed with Porshia, a young woman at the office. When one day he literally wakes up inside her head, he begins to experience the life of his fantasy woman from closer than he might like, including when her hunky boyfriend pays a visit. Originally played on the 27th April ...more
Return to Dust
Due to an experiment, a scientist is slowly shrinking. He tries to get help despite being mere inches tall. This appeared on the radio series "Suspense" and a transcript can be found at
Sagamore Cottage
Aired on the CBS Radio Mystery Theater. A young couple rents a cottage from an old woman. They hear squeaking noises which they assume are mice, so they get a cat. They notice their landlady has a collection of dolls dressed in historic costumes ... and they seem to move at night. Then, the couple ...more
Shirt Off his Back
Man has a magic shirt and he uses it to transform his average wife into the image and personality of the sexy young woman next door. Now there are two of them & of course they get mixed up. Weak ending, but has funny moments. Note: this is a regular play,(Samela French, inc) but I don't kno ...more
The Cinnamon Bear
A children's Christmas-fantasy-musical radio serial; 26 episodes, 15-min. each, written by Glanville Heisch, first broadcast in 1937. Three-inch tall ornament Paddy O'Cinnamon tells twins Jimmy and Judy that the Crazy Quilt Dragon has stolen the silver star which always crowns the family Christmas ...more
Explanation of the category 'Radio Play'

A form of entertainment that is broadcast live on the radio.

These plays are sometimes recorded for later broadcast.

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