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Category: 'Play'
Alex and the Shrink World by Ric Averill
This is the story of a boy who shrinks to the size of an ant because it's much more fun than dealing with his baby sister. Alex's parents and teacher have the mistaken notion that he is just "zoning out," muttering and staring off into space, but the audience sees Alex's adventures with two busy an ...more
Bill and Ted
this is actually not from any of the movies. This is from the show that will be at Universal Orlando Halloween horror nights this year. Didn't see the whole thing or no costumes or anything but during the show, Lex luthor and some villians from this years blockbuster films (including Magneto) are up ...more
H to He
H to He is a one person play written and performed by Claire Dowie about a woman that slowly transforms into a man.
If I Were You
Mal and Jill Rodale wake up in each others' bodies in this new 2007 play by well-known comic playwright Ayckbourn.
Mindgames or Brain, Brain Go Away
One for the records. Some guy has written a play which is available for purchase and performing- Here is the summary from the website- "It is a dark and stormy night on the private island of Professor Brian Brainiac. As the storm rages outside, the Professor, aided the lovely Dr. Wynonia Whadda ...more
Otis Bigelow
The world's richest woman, seems to be elderly but we don't know how old, steals the body of a young handsome man - the son of her lawyer (he could care less what happens to his son). The young man ends up in her body. Also, a handsome Frankenstein monster with the brain of a scientist ends up in ...more
Prelude to a Kiss
Beautiful young, sexy bride swaps bodies at her weddng with dying old man. He goes on the honeymoon & she goes back to live with his daughter until they come back. The play is much better than the movie. If you get a chance to see it do. The body swap is not as telgrapher and unlike the movie its no ...more
Rowling, J.K. 'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child'
Female, Male
Several characters magically transform into other people, though no cross gender/species transformations.
Temporarily Yours
TY intermixes elements of yesterday's lighter comedies with today's darker works dealing with AIDS. Joey, a fiesty PWA with six months to live, acquires a book of white magic spells while on a final vacation with Eric (his former partner/current caregiver) and Eric's religious mother, Helen Flanders ...more
Unknown Book book The Maid's Metamorphosis
To discourage lecherous Greek god, woman tricks him into turning her into man. Changes back at end.
Explanation of the category 'Play'

A production for live entertainment performance on a stage.

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