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Category: 'Plant'
Justice Society of America #18
Inanimate, Male, Mechanical
In this issue, Gog continues his trek, with his followers and the JSA in tow. They encounter a group of terrorists that begin to attack Gog's followers. Gog, a God of the 3rd world decides to make the terrorists useful. (Spoiler Text) At the end of the story, Lance Corporal David Reid, great- ...more
City of Heroes
*Spoiler* (Spoiler Text)
Gardiner, John Reynolds 'Top Secret'
A boy invents a formula that makes him slowly turn into a plant. His skin turns green, he stops eating, and starts to grow roots. Eventually the government takes notice and gives him some pills to cure the condition. He decides to get some revenge on his science teacher who called the whole plant f ...more
A story of a boy who becomes a tree. Quote from the: * The tale of a child who grew first so very round and later so very tall that he could not remain at home any longer, but was obliged to live in the forest and to b ...more
The Tree Surgeon
1944 color MGM animated cartoon Directed by George Gordon The "tree surgeon" is a donkey dressed like a doctor (white lab coat, etc.), with a stethoscope around his neck and a carrying a doctor's bag. He drives in an ambulance to treat a sick giant sequoia tree. While attempting to inject i ...more
World of Quest
Animal, Size, Inanimate
A young prince Nestor hires (by the magic scroll of obedience) the famous ex-hero Quest to rescue his parents. All quests of Quest happens in a world of high-magic, high-tech and high-humor. TFs include: The party magician could animate all object with undetermineable results. The Quest wash ...more