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Category: 'Net Fiction'
S. Leigh Farmer net fiction One Favor
Husband agrees to stay in wifes body after she uses her new machine on him and swaps their minds. She wants to finish her work at the office before she has a baby and he works at home so he takes on the labors of pregnancy for her.
Saber ShadowKitten net fiction Carpe Frenulum
after buffy dies the powers that be reward her sacrifice by incarnating her into a new body --- a male body --that of a college student in Sunnydale. Can she adjust to a new life as a normal male?
Sadistic Sorceress net fiction Web story
Size A really great story on The female owner and chef of a high class cafe is really an evil witch. Shrinking, animal TF and more.
Sailor Moon net fiction Sailor Mercury Swap fiction
This is from the POV of some guy who wake up in Sailor Mercury's (Amy)'s body. Pretty good I think.
Sarah net fiction Cow Transformation Story
A girl named Alexis Bowen wants to be a cow, so she draw black cow splotches on her body with permanent marker to make herself feel better. One day, after a dinner with a friend she finds that she has come down with what she assumes to be an exotic illness. However, over the course of a few days she ...more
The Sentient net fiction Unknown
This is a fanfic for pokemon found on based on the episode "hocus pokemon." In it one of the characters is turned into an espeon which I'm guessing is a cat-like creature (i haven't actually watched much pokemon so I'm not realy sure). The tf is done pretty good, very funny.
Shadow Rave net fiction Tifa the World Renown
A piece of fanfiction written by Shadow Rave in which a guy recieves a package thinking it to be the next great game system on par with the likes of the X-Box 360, the PS3, and the Wii. He takes the package home and opens it to discover it isn't a game system at all but a costume of Tifa Lockhart f ...more
She Drulk
Scarlett,a character aboard Black Velvet, cursed by the Goddess Diana on a visit to the Moon in 1864 and also sometimes believed to possess dormant Founder genes, can transform into a part human, part dragon being. Black Velvet RPG is a RPG oriented website created in 2006 as a alternative to Th ...more
Shifters: The Beast with in net fiction Unknown
It's about this race of people that can transform into an animal that are at war with Vampires.
Sims 2 TG Story net fiction Unknown
A Sims2 story made by a player with a male to female tf. Seems to be trick photography, but great none the less.
Skin Deep net fiction Unknown
Ok, now this is _not_ your usual sex-change flick... It is definitely deeper than just skin deep (pun intended). It deals mainly with inner feelings of someone suddenly becoming of the other gender, and of people around them. Add a setting of sci-fi and a healthy dose of mystics, and you get a full ...more
Sluggy Freelance net fiction Unknown
Torg and Zoe just got their bodies back after being switched for a week. But they don't remember any of it. This kicks off a guest artist week featuring Phil Foglio.
Sonic Gang's Totally Random Adventures
Fanfiction involving Sonic and his friends. Many changes include breast expansion for both genders, gender changing, size changing, changing into different species, and others.
Sorxas net fiction In Her Shoes
This is my story on fanfiction where Sora and Kairi from Kingdom Hearts switch bodies.
Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki net fiction Unknown
Yuuki is a mahou shoujo (magical girl) fanboy. Thanks to Hermod's magic, he now transforms into a magical girl himself. Yuuki is the new valkyrie and is charged with protecting Midgard and Asgard from the forces of the fire giant Surt.
Striptease net fiction Unknown
On Friday June 10th the artist put a up stirp with several of the cast members gender swapped.
Stunt Double net fiction Unknown
There are a large number of stories on the TSA page. I think this is the best of the animal ones. A young stunt man is paid to be transformed into the physical dupilicate of a 5 year old German Shepard Shelba for a movie for 2 months. ...more
Surreal U net fiction Unknown
The two main characters switch bodies.
Swap Nation
Gender, Male, Female
The pseudonymous web-journalist Alex Manson returns with this blog, arranged as a series of news articles (with occasional interviews and guest-columns.) According to this site, an unknown worldwide phenomenon is swapping peoples' minds at random.
Take a Lemon
A college boy wakes up in an alternate time line where he was born a girl.
tamalied net fiction Freaky Tuesday
2 part short story with a woman waking up in her boyfriends body while he wakes up in her body... in some other guy's bed! Fun freakiness ensues!
The Telescope, the Tanning Bed and the Cadavers net fiction Unknown
College buddies Ted and Mike track a female werewolf, and run into various complications that strain their friendship. Short story of about 10,000 words (or 25 pages).
Thirteen net fiction Unknown
This classic story by Raven is a fan favorite. A 16 boy feels his 34 year old mother does understand him & she feels the same way. They make a wish on the full moon on friday the 13th that the other could understand what it feels like to be them and they swap bodies. The mother is very pretty and th ...more
Tiger net fiction Unknown
Short story of the boy who wanted to be a tiger
Tim and Lori Switch Bodies net fiction Unknown
Tim and Lori are planning to go on a normal vacation in Hawaii. They cross a cursed river and in the morning find themselves in imporved versions of their conterpart's bodies. Now they need to find a way out before they go back home.
To Be A Female net fiction Unknown
This is one of the many great stories that are on this site, alot of the stories are interactive so you can choose what this guy will do.
To Make the Grade net fiction Unknown
To keep from failing a science course a college athlete agrees to help with an experiment his girl arranged with a Proffessor. It turns out to be a body swap with a chimp named Greta! The scientist wants to test and see if in each other's body they will become as intellegent as the host body.( It's ...more
Tough Luck
In a crossover fic with the characters from Sailor Moon and the characters from Pokemon, Ash Ketchum, the hero from Pokemon gets transformed into a female. "Ashley" first appears in chapter 9, and the big change happens in chapter 10.
The Trading Post Inn blog
On going blog about a bunch of guys who get transformed into attractive women. Written from several points of view, but lately only two of the transformed women have been updating.
Transplanted Life blog
An ongoing fictional weblog "written by" a man who, thinking he's going to be moving cross country, instead finds that he has awakened in the body of a young woman.
Twilight of a Sorceress net fiction Unknown
Guy buys a dress for a play but the dress is cursed and causes him to take the form of a sorceress. Comics noth very far along with yet but art looks good.
Walking in Your Boots net fiction Unknown
Gender Trip & Hoshi get more than they bargained for when an alien monk gives them a "blessing"...
Weeble and Bob net fiction Hentai
Funny! Plus.. well not sure what thier original gender was. Check it out anyway!
Wholeman's net fiction Cloned!
You can't believe your good fortune! A mild mannered longshoreman meets and dates a beautiful heiress billionaire. She wants you to become hers forever! How are you supposed to know her hobby is being a mad scientist who desires her own lesbian love slave?
Wholeman's net fiction Pea Pod
Flying over remote Amazon jungles can be dangerous, doing it in an electric storm, can be downright shocking! Our hero winds up transformed into a woman by the local vegitation. Rated X
Wholeman's net fiction Pea Pod - The Return
Dolly once again vists the world where she was made a woman. She brings with her some diplomats from the US. They should have heeded her warnings. Ka'an can be a very dangerous place if you are male! Rated X Three Parts
Wholeman's net fiction Purty Prison Guard
Harry Buttman, a guard at the Purty Women's Correctional Facility, was selling drugs, trading drugs for sex, extorting sex from the inmates, and numerous other crimes. That is until the warden caught him...
Wholeman's net fiction Secret - Strong Enough for a Man
Always being in a hurry and not taking the time to actually look closely at the items you snactch for the drug store shelf, just because it has a familiar shape or color, can have serious and long term effects on a person!
Wholeman's net fiction Tanks For The Mammaries
You are about to be put to death for the murder of your wife. You are completely innocent! You dearly loved your wife and grieve her death, however you wake up after the lethal injection floating in a tank and breathing a super oxygenated liquid staring at the wife you supposedly murdered... while ...more
Wholeman's net fiction Where No Man Has Gone Before
Alien abduction, male to female transformation, huge breasts, strange sex, are all in store for the valiant hero.
Will Belegon and Alessia Brio net fiction Switch
When playful lovers experiment with a new toy during a powerful thunderstorm, they experience sex in a whole new way, waking up in their partner's body! Its well written, very erotic and a bit too short, leaving the reader wondering if they switch back or not. But for $2, it wasn't too bad a r ...more
William Bowles net fiction XX
A man's chromosomes change from xy to xx with interesting results in this on-line novel! (you will need to open .pdf files to read it)
Witch-Girls net fiction Unknown
A novel in the writing with a new chapter every 2 to 3 days tells the story of a little girl who discovers she's a sorceress. When her aunt comes to to train her she learns lots of spells and uses theses spells like a kid really would. to get revenge on people, have fun. She shrinks people, turns ...more
Witchgirl 1 net fiction Unknown
Claudia, a young Sorceress living alone is harrased by Child protective services officers. She teaches them a lesson but using her magic to transform (if you want to know what into read the story)
Wonder woman and Cat woman MIx it up net fiction Unknown
Fan Fiction on Fictionmania. Catwoman captures Wonder Woman & notices that they kinda look alike! She experiements with WW's lab equipment & the magic lasso & petty soon who is the heroine & who is the criminal
Writer's Block net fiction Unknown
Short lived web comic has a storyline where one of the characters turns into a girl. stories
Inanimate, Gender
This is the place to list any transformation related stories that can be found on the interactive, user-created fiction website Link to the main page: ===Animal=== Doggon it! The Shaggy Dog by Yoshi king - Based on the 1959 classic! Mom's A witch! by Yoshi kin ...more
writing: interactive stories - net fiction Unknown
Site contains some links to interactive stories. Rating is PG, all transporn would be deleted.
Zamora Theatre net fiction Unknown
Slipshine is a Pay Adult Manga Websight that several artests post pages at for a great many stories. in the lasted short by Erica Ortiz called 'Spice' Two lovers switch gender after sex. NOTE: you must subscribe to the service to read it
Zebra Girl net fiction Unknown
This WebComic starts out with a girl that gets transformed into a demon by a magic tome.
Explanation of the category 'Net Fiction'

A fictional story that is normally only available via the internet.

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