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Category: 'Net Fiction'
Jealous - Part 1 net fiction Unknown
"Take a beautiful girl, her boyfriend and a jealous, socially inept bookworm who stumbles upon a tome of magic, mixt them together and watch the strange story unfold." The bookworm uses the tome to transform the boyfriend into a girl, on whom he then uses mind control as part of a convoluted plan ...more
Jealous 2 net fiction Unknown
"This is the second part of Jealous. Will Andy regain his identity, will Gerald get his just deserts?" (Note to Admin: This should probably be part of the entry now identified as "Jealous - Part 1". It's a continuation/conclusion to the same story, which s ...more
Kristina net fiction Murlaxes
Murlaxes Productions (The Movies) Countless number of short stories I have created using the "The Movies" engine. All movies contain a male to female gender transformation. Ranging from Vampiress viruses, a futuristic Sisterhood, and even Santa Claus. List of movies: PROTON Nights Nig ...more
Lea Wildersen
Fictional blog detailing a man's unexpected transformation into a woman and how he/she deals with it. The blog's description is... The ongoing journal of my amazingly sudden and shockingly (un)true transformation from a man into a woman.
Leap Of Faith net fiction Unknown
Quantum Leap X-files cross over. First class story. Sam & Scully switch bodies - she becomes active back at the project and Sam tried to save Mulder while they work on a case.
Lois & Clark Season 6 net fiction Unknown
Fanfiction continuation of the Lois & Clark television show. In season 6, episodes 8-10 (by Sheila Harper), a researcher mistakes Lois & Clark for assassins that are after him and switches their bodies. Good.
The Madonna Curse net fiction Unknown
The bauble lures a plain man down on his luck to steal the bauble from Mickey. It then swaps Mickkey and Ryan's bodies. The man uses it to change himself into a duplicate of Madonna! 'She' goes 'home'. Ryan and Mickey try to recover the evil bauble. At the end Madonna is saved and the man is returne ...more
Make a Wish net fiction Unknown
Short flash, Man makes wishes and wishing well grants them. Sort of..... ;)
Maya net fiction Unknown
Awesome new story about the power of the mind and illusion. Worth checking out. Fantasy action/adventure, sex and nudity, and mind manipulation.
The Micropuff Girl net fiction Unknown
In this novella-length fanfic, a smallish fifth grader is tired of being bullied and wishes she could be a Powerpuff Girl and have adventures with Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup. To her surprise, her fairy godmother grants her wish; but because of the limits of her magic, the new Powerpuff Girl is o ...more
Morpheus net fiction SRU: The Vial
Among other transformations, a young boy turns himself into a mermaid and then his friend becomes a cetaur.
Mother / Son swap stories
Gender, Age
This is a test and temporary place to list any net-fiction stories with the common theme: Mother - Son swaps
Mutiple Authors net fiction New Worlds Awaiting
This is a group of stories about a world turned on its head by the rays of a supernova. Everyone with a furry persona has woken up to find that they are that character and everyone else without one is gone. All the furries try to deal with the current situation and figure out what to do next. Som ...more
The Neighbor net fiction Unknown
One of Morpheus best stories. An very althetic 14 boy agrees to swap bodies for 24 hours with a 29 year old atractive female scientist. She cuts the grass and plays in his game and he goes out on a date with her boyfriend. Then things go a little wrong. Great ending.
Never Saw that coming...
This entry is marked for deletion - Added in error when I thought I had found the material... until I corrected the formatting and realized that description does not match the story I found ("Diabolical Dynomism" on - I am unable to find "Never Saw That Coming" in any media format with ...more
The New Girl net fiction Unknown
In a drew carey office situation two ladies one a poor unattractive one and the other a rich spoiled on switch bodies with the aid of a magical spray one of them recieves in the mail.
The Onion net fiction Unknown
T. Herman Zwiebel, the 130+ year old publisher of The Onion, inexplicably morphed into a giant roach in August/September of 2000. Then he morphed back (homage to Kafka's 'Metamorphosis').
PB Adventures net fiction Unknown
A wizard casts a spell on his henchman to turn him into a copy of Queen Kara.
Peter W. Prellwitz net fiction Shards - Book One
This is an ebook on which contains a TG theme. John Wyeth has an accident and wakes up in the far future as a teenage girl. He does not realize he's a girl at first and the news is gradually revealed to him. It's more of a mind/soul transplant to a uniquely designed body ...more
Phantom net fiction The Flip Side
Q from star trek makes a change in a character from Transformers? warning- very mature story, no kids allowed!
Price of a Wish net fiction Unknown
An excllent, well written, very absorbing fan fiction. The Beautiful, Rich Cordelia Chase makes a wish to go back in time to get revenge on Xander & Willow & to also help saves lives, to a vengence demon. do things get better when she goes back in time & possesses herself? There is also a body sw ...more
PvP net fiction Unknown
This webcomic has a brief sequence where the character Jade is turned into a more attactive and more realistically drawn woman.
Reversed Rings Stories net fiction Unknown
Some of Morpheues best writing is this series. Mom and son switch bodies and Kevin doesn't want to switch back right away, but Susan does. Then Kevin's best friend Jamine finds out and studies the swapped mom and son and then uses the Rings and mistaken switches with a 6 year girl, during the three ...more
Ripe Wicked Plum net fiction In My Eyes
Spike swaps bodies with a woman named Erin.
The Rise of the Mushroom Kingdom net fiction Unknown
In part 2 at the end, Luigi gets to Bowser and they have a quick battle and in the middle Kamek make Bowser 3 times his size. After Luigi gets hit, he sreanks like in Mario games. Warning:This Flash Movie has high amounts of gore.
Roe Ericson net fiction Horse Thief
Got a new book. In this one a thief goes to a cottage of a old woman. Turns out the woman is a witch. She tries to turn him into a frog but that doesn't work, so she goes a little bit farther. The name suggests something, doesn't it?
Explanation of the category 'Net Fiction'

A fictional story that is normally only available via the internet.

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