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Category: 'Net Fiction'
Agifu Parax net fiction Agifu Parax and the Norsemen
Contains a poof tf from woman to dragon as well as longer decribed tf from girl to dragon The thing is a prototype picture story using the IE browsers marquee function.Apparently not all browsers have that function. was the most advanced sta ...more
Alex Manson net fiction One Week Incognito
A (seemingly temporary) blog fiction about a male journalism student who has transformed into a female for one week. It alludes to the Medallion of Zulo from Jennifer Adams' "Altered Fates" series, but never mentions it by name.
Another Girl's Life net fiction Unknown
A mysterious magician swaps the bodies of the beautiful bitchy 'popular' Cordelia with Plain, shy computer nerd Willow. Cordy is dreadfully afraid the clueless loser will ruin her life! (note: a small part of this story is also TG)
Anthropomorphism net fiction Unknown
This is an interesting flash movie which seems to involve a world gradually transmogrifying. Animals and inanimate objects are acquiring human characteristics and changing to reflect fictional stereotypes. Basically, the world's turning into a cartoon. It's somewhat dark, but mostly humorous, a ...more
Astral Zone 4 net fiction Unknown
Transformation, science-fiction, and fantasy stories by various authors. Some artwork. Updated regularly. Check it out. :)
Atop the Fourth Wall & Spoony Experiment Review Warrior 2-3
Gender, Inanimate, Male
A crossover between the comic book reviewing web series "Atop the Fourth Wall" (hosted by "Linkara") featuring Spoony as his "Dr. Insano" character (both series can be found on That Guy With The Glasses). The "plot" of the review sees Dr. Insano's counterpart from another universe travelling int ...more net fiction Virtual Bartender
type in "become man"
The Bet net fiction Eric
Web story Eric has a good multi part story with images on the f/f2 yahoo club. Its in the file section under Eric. A mom and her beautiful daughter make a bet - a body trade for a month between the beautiful girl & her mom if the mom wins vrs a new car for the daughter if she wins. Its in about 9 ...more
Bob "Anthrocoon" Nelson net fiction Furry World
A man wakes up one day and notices everyone in the world has become an anthropomorphic animal. Even his co-worker/ girlfriend is now a vixen. He feels out of place as the only human in a world of "furries", although they think he's an animal (fox) as well.
The Body Snatcher net fiction Unknown
X-men fanfiction, contains rape and violence.
Body Swapping Super Adventure net fiction Unknown
A short piece about a guy with a bodyswapping machine in a hero and villain scenario. Nothing in the way of back story though.
Body Witch net fiction Unknown
An exercise instructor and an overweight witch exchange bodies. Written by Wilson Barbers:
Borrowed Dress2 net fiction Unknown
The second version of this story by Eryka is excellent. Ints in the file section under Eryka's stories 2. A kind, beautiful, rich young white woman has her body and life stolen by her black maid, the spell causes the white girl to think she wants the swap! There are other good stories of a negecte ...more
Brother / Sister swap stories
This is a test and temporary place to list any net-fiction stories with the common theme: Brother & Sister swaps
Bruno the Bandit net fiction Unknown
Has two storylines that have male to female changes.
Candi Krawford net fiction Model Maid
A beautiful supermodel is hit by the same Lightning bolt as her immigrant maid & they swap bodies. The Maid wants to keep her new life & forces the new chinese girl to become HER maid. Great Story & Drawings
Charby the Vampirate net fiction Unknown
A little warlock named Kavonn captures a dragon-slayer delinquent and tries venting his personal problems to him ("captive audience," you know). When he gets impatient, Kavonn starts turning him into a woman.
Clan of the Cats net fiction The Return of Dracula
Jubal is acclimating to being stuck in his girlfriend Chelsea's body, a la Steve Martin and Lily Tomlin in "All of Me."
The Day I Turned into a Babe net fiction Unknown
This short film by suedenim was produced using "The Movies," by Lionhead Studios/Activision. Impossible as it sounds, one day, after drinking some bad wine coolers, John Teller wakes up as... "Jane" Teller. And nobody remembers it ever being otherwise! A digitally remastered version of a 1986 ...more
Dealing with Aunt Delilah net fiction Unknown
Web fiction on Fictionmania. A very rich old woman blackmails her beautiful sexy young neice Janet into swapping bodies with her for just a 'little while'. Janet agrees because she knows body switching is impossible!
Death Row by Waldo net fiction Unknown
A very powerful, tragic story. A young female artist moves into a house where she makes herself vulerable to have her body stolen by a man on death row. Everyday he spends more timein her body - when she finds out she tries to get away. Extremely well written. Its on Fictionmania, Saphires Place & ...more
Derek's the ChairMan net fiction Unknown
A College Roommate Learns The Penalty For Disrespecting His Roommate's Property. (Same subject different perspective roommate becomes dorm furniture)
Designer You net fiction Bob Bob Stein
Young adult Ebook. 12-year-old Evan Morris finds a piece of software called Designer You. The old man running the garage sale seems in a hurry to get rid of it. The software has some very unique properties. Whenever he manipulates his image on the screen, the changes actually happen to him! He's abl ...more
Differences net fiction Unknown
Gender It is a wonderful story of a body swap in the future gone astray. An unwanted exchange leaves a couple struggling to learn how to use each others bodies. Very thought out and descriptive, and well written!
Don't Fall Asleep net fiction Unknown
Story on about the leader and main charecter of first season, Tai, waking up each day in a different reality. There are many transformations, he changes into a baby, a girl, a Digimon, a cat, in one reality, he even finds out he is the kid of his girlfriend. Later, his sister joins hi ...more
Donna Reed Show net fiction Unknown
Extremely well written Tale it's a TG spin on a famous TV of the 50s. Donna's husband Dr Alex invents a learning machine that transfers knowledge - well it does more than that. It ends up switching the minds of housewife Donna and her leading doctor husband. They really enjoy sex as its all fresh. ...more
Dracadder net fiction Unknown
In one scene edmund gets turned into a vampire.
Gender metaphysical story with changes happening daily to a couple with the last change being a gender exchange - same body but new sex/gender. nicely written
Eskimo Bob net fiction Return of the Girl
In Episode 26, Bob and Alfonzo get abducted bby alien with tie and they turn two fish into copies of them. Later in the flash movies, Alfonzo becomes super sayne, the girl becomes magically sailor girl, and bob just burps. Final the aliens fuse the penquin and sams together and they become a pan ...more
Fanfiction net fiction Unknown
This website has loads of bodyswap stories on it.
The Fat Lady net fiction Unknown
A man transforms into a heavy woman.
Father / Daughter swap stories
Gender, Age
This is a test and temporary place to list any net-fiction stories with the common theme: Father - Daughter swaps
fe-Male net fiction Unknown
An independent film short found on Women on the street are interviewed about the male organ and asked what they would do if they had one. As they describe their fantasies, an attractive woman is shown waking with an erection and and acting out most of their fantasies. The direct l ...more
Freak Me Friday! net fiction Unknown
(warning this is on a porn site) I wake up and I come to the realization that I am in the wrong body....I have switched bodies with my son. I change into various outfits....casual wear, purple business suit, black bustier, and finally my pink and white teddy. All of these I am talking about h ...more
A Girl's Life net fiction Unknown
Inspired by actual events, this story chronicles the life experiences and supernatural encounters of a girl named Dana Energies. Of course, she didn't start out that way... It wouldn't take long before she discovered the universal truth that "the only constant is change."
Head Roulette
A blog containing photo manipulations of headswapped couples, gender transformation stories, and photo morphs. Warning: Does contain some Adult content.
A Heart of a Girl net fiction Unknown
I found this online a few weeks ago. Its a good fic, but the consept is over done: Beybladers turn into girls.
If Bush Was a Girl net fiction Unknown
Ok, it's really, really creepy, but it should be on here.
In the Flesh net fiction Unknown
Hank tells the story like looking in a mirror, of how he body swapped with his girlfriend's teen aged daughter. What it is like and what he is now faced with in his new life.
It's Walky! net fiction Anomalie
Another webcomic swings onto our radar. Unexpectedly, two of the main characters (Walky and Joyce) have swapped genders while attacking an alien wielding an experimental weapon. Could be more on the way. Excellent comic.
Explanation of the category 'Net Fiction'

A fictional story that is normally only available via the internet.

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