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Category: 'Mythical'
Pan's Labyrinth
A very wonderful Spanish film about a girl, a very real war, and a very stark and beautiful fantasy world. Ophelia is visited late at night by a rather large bug. Ophelia asks the bug if it is a fairy. She then pulls out her storybook and shows the bug what a fairy looks like. The bug IS a fa ...more
Mythical, Age, Mechanical, Inanimate
A new device allows people to enter the dreams of others and find the route to there problems, though now it's up to one girl to bring back the device from a thief. She changes forms in alot of the scenes in the trailer. Griffin Mermaid Fairy Tree Robot Animal or Furry too
Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End
Size, Animal, Mythical
Several transformations in this movie: (Spoiler Text) (Spoiler Text) (Spoiler Text)
Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue - Episode 17: "Olympius Ascends"
Gender, Mythical
A evil demon named "Prince Olympius" used his star power (The red star on his chest) to absorb 4 of the power rangers inside the star so he can use their identities to disguise himself.
Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue episode "Neptune's Daughter"
Mythical, Female
Beautiful mermaid turned into a human girl to spend her last moments with the Blue Ranger named "Chad".
Power Rangers: SPD episode "Idol"
In this episode Dru returns from a secret mission after being lost for a year. He was best friends with Sky (Current Blue Ranger) before, and now must fight him. (Spoiler Text)
Mythical, Were
This is a European TV ad for the video game "Primal" for the PS2. In the commercial, three girls have their faces morphing in to a bestial appearances and then change back.
Prince Namor: The Sub-Mariner Limited Series issue 4
In issue #4 of Namor's 1984 limited series we are treated to a flashback showing a woman grabbing Poseidan's Trident and being transformed into a mermaid. Later in the same issue, Namor grabs the Trident from her and there's a panel showing her transforming from her mermaid guise to her attractive h ...more
Prince of Persia The Two Thrones
In the Sequal to Prince of Persia Worrior Within, the prince gets infected with the sands and every so often transforms into a sand creature she still partly looks like himself but is now black and has golden marks going up his arm. Also the guards and dogs get infected and become sand creatures th ...more
Pumpkin Head
SPOILERS!!!! One of the best horror films ever made, around the time when films were gold (1980s). Ed Harley's son is killed by careless teens, so Ed takes it upon himself to exact revenge. He deploys the help of an old hag in the middle of the woods, who, summons the great Vengeance to wreak havoc ...more
Queen of Prussia - YouTube serials
Gender, Mythical
Video of several stills shot to form a story. There are a few transformations hinted at in the descriptive text. One transformation per episode. (???) I'm not understanding the meaning of the following, original description and will remove it unless someone else edits it - cj This is epis ...more
Ranma1/2 issue The Demon That Came From Jusenkyo
One of the antagonists, Pantyhose Taro, is cursed by the Spring of Drowned Yeti-Riding-Bull-While-Holding-Eel-And-Crane. When he gets cold water on him, he turns into a giant monster resembling a winged minotaur with an eel for a tail.
A group of people transform themselves into demonic creatures out of myth and legend to wage a civil war.
Ring of the Nibelungs
Based on the Germanic myth "Das Nibelungenlied" and the Nordic "Volsunga Saga" which also inspired the four-opera cycle by Richard Wagner and J.R.R. Tolkien's epic "The Lord of the Rings", this is the story of the young blacksmith Siegfried, who, not knowing that he is heir to a conquered kingdom, b ...more
Ron Leming
Death comes to a condemned bar. But Death's tired and looking for a replacement. Anyone want to make a deal?
Samurai Jack episode "The Aku infection"
Samurai Jack Has Been infected with Aku's evil and slowly turns into him
Sansara Naga 2
After entering your name and gender, you're called upon the village elder. You learn that you were found at the gates of Ryuen as a child, crying and clinging to a dragon egg. It turns out that the dragon has hatched into a white dragoness who can speak the human language. The elder asks you to go a ...more
Scary Tales issue The Unicorn
A young couple and their guide are hunting for the mythical unicorn. They spot the creature, which leads them to an urn filled with strange liquid. The writing on the urn says: 'If you want to match my stride, drink what you find inside." After the couple drink from the urn, the unicorn attacks and ...more
Sea Switch (Strange Encounters) by Joy Singleton
Female, Gender, Mythical
Cassie wanders off down the beach and discovers a real mermaid named Galena! Before long, the sneaky sea creature magically tricks Cassie into switching bodies. Missing her family and her legs, Cassie soon learns that life under the sea isn't so great, especially when she's jailed for all of Galena ...more
Originally from Icelandic, Irish and Scandinavian mythology- Selkies are seal-like creatures that transform into attractive humans by shedding their skins, in order to seduce humans. They can transform back by putting their sealskins on. There are a variety of myths relating to other powers invo ...more
Seriously Weird episode Harris and the Mermaid
Harris foolishly challenges Wayne to a swimming race, oblivious of the fact that he doesn't know how to swim. Fortunately, a mermaid comes along and offers to give him free lessons. But Harris gets more than he bargained for when she switches with him - legs for tail.
Sharkpony and the Glitter Riders
Animal, Mythical, Gender
Three career criminal Dude-Bros decide to steal a spaceship so they hire a pilot off "Stan's List." Together the guys are transformed into manga style magical girls known as The Glitter Riders and the magical bloodthirsty mascot 'Sharkpony'!
She Creature
An unusual mermaid tale where the mermaid transforms from a beautiful siren into a murderous creature. This was a made for tv movie as part of USA's "Creature Features" so its rather low budget. Even so, the film is quite well done and the mermaid costume is exceptional (imo).
She Drulk
Scarlett,a character aboard Black Velvet, cursed by the Goddess Diana on a visit to the Moon in 1864 and also sometimes believed to possess dormant Founder genes, can transform into a part human, part dragon being. Black Velvet RPG is a RPG oriented website created in 2006 as a alternative to Th ...more
Shin Megami Tensei IV
Mythical, Gender
As in prior titles in the series, the protagonist is able to recruit several demons and creatures from mythology to fight alongside him. Some recruitable creatures are able to change form into different demons through battle, while the protagonist retains the ability to forcibly fuse any creatures ...more
Gender, Mythical, Age, Inanimate
The Sins comics revolve around people that host the shades of the Seven Deadly Sins (Lust, Greed, Envy, Pride, Sloth, Anger, and Gluttony). The Sins are capable of possessing their masters and this usually causes a transformation. The Sins themselves also morph between several forms themselves. ...more
12-year-old boy suddenly finds himself at the center of a battle between two warring groups of werewolves. One group of werewolves is sworn to protect him, the other group is trying to kill him -- and the young boy's mother has to find out why her son is at the center of the conflict before time ru ...more
This entry is just for completition. Charles Brady and his mother Mary move to a small town. They are sleepwalkers - they can change their appearance and they need the life force from young women. Charles has picked out young Tanya as his next victim. He asks her for a date and invites her home. ...more
Sliders: Dragonslide
Male, Mythical
"On a world of magic and dragons, Quinn is mistaken for a wizard and kidnapped by an evil warlock bent on immortality. Meanwhile, Wade tries to help Rembrandt's love troubles with a love potion, but it backfires and makes Rembrandt fall in love with her." (Spoiler Text)
Smurfs episode "Sassette's Bewitching Friendship"
While the Smurfs are swimming at a nearby beach, Melina (a young witch who is friends with the Smurfs) inadvertantly turns Smurfette into a mermaid. Before the witch can correct her mistake, Gargamel captures all the swimming Smurfs. Split from entry originally from 2007-06-19 submission by anon ...more
Smurfs episode Smurfs at Sea
Smurfs at Sea. Not technically a transformation, but during an ocean voyage to search for Smurfberry plants, "Captain" Dreamy Smurf, as a result of hallucinations caused by spending too much time at sea, sees Smurfette and Papa Smurf as merfolk.
Soap episode Unknown
Burt is kidnapped by aliens. An alien transforms itself into Burt, and has sex with his wife.
Song of the Sea
The upcoming feature drawn animation about selkies. Same style as "the secret of Kells". Trailer is available. As seen in the trailer, at least mother and younger daughter are changing into seals.
South Park episode Chef's Mama
Chef's new girlfriend, Veronica, is revealed to be a succubus.
Spiral issue Unknown
A man (Tom Hanks) is reunited with a mermaid (Daryl Hannah) who saves him from drowning as a boy and falls in love not knowing who/what she is. On land the mermaid has legs but they transform back into a fish tail whenever they get wet. A great movie for mermaid fans - the actual transformatio ...more
Star vs The Forces of Evil episode "Match Maker"
Mythical, Monster
Star, the titular protagonist of the eponymous show, is a magical girl from a mystical world called Mewni. She gets transferred to earth to train her in controlling her magical powers. In the first half of the 2nd episode. During class, when the results of their exams are being passed back ...more
Stephen Colbert Presents Stephen Colbert's Alpha Squad 7: A NEW episode Operatio
Tek Jansen (voiced by Stephen Colbert himself) is in the mist of peril when robots and lasers are attacking him, thankfully he is able to destroy them all with his toe ring. Then his two teenage sidekicks (a red head boy and a red head girl) show up just after Tek Jansen escaped the trap, they all ...more
Superman Confidential #6
In this issue, Lori Lemaris (Superman's friend from his past, that has the power to turn into a Mermaid), is out searching for buried treasure in sunken ships. She finds an Amulet that catches her interest. Three weeks later, she turns the whole city of Metropolis into an underwater kingdom. (Sp ...more
Superman Confidential #7
This issue continues from the previous story. (Spoiler Text)
Explanation of the category 'Mythical'

Transformation type that deals with creatures or powers imagined by man, to explain things and events that are, or were, beyond the understanding of men. These ideas are usually tied to religion or culture..

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