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Category: 'Music Video'
Ondina music video "Into The Night"
Into this eurodance music videoclip, a young girl (Ondina) eats a magic apple and grows older. Then she makes all of her friends (male + female) grow older with her new powers.
Paula Abdul
In one bit Paula is aged down to being a little girl but returns to her orginal age at the end.
Gender, Gender
Near the end of the video, Pink morphs into a woman, another woman, then a man with a crazy haircut. In the video, Steven Tyler's face is transposed many times on a leather clad woman... not to mention his taste in wardrobe: when Steven is himself, he's wearing a long green skirt.
Pink - Don't Let Me Get Me
At the end of the video pink transforms into two other girls.
Poison Arrow
The Video is about a man obsessed with a woman who doesn't love him. In a brief sequence in the middle he, the lead singer, harrasses her in a nightclub, she takes out a powder puff compact and blows powder at him and he seems to disappear. Cut to an upward angle of her blowing the powder, then to a ...more
Somber little girl about 10 years old eats berries and ages about 15 years into a young woman. You only see her face as she changes.
Rag'n'Bone Man - Human
Lead singer quickly turns into various people while singing
Rage Against the Machine
The video shows a sort of romance story intercut with the band. At one point, both the man and the woman become mannequins.
The Rasmus
There are three videos for this song, but in one, the band members grow feathers on their arms and their eyes become black. Later the feather explode off their bodies and they become normal again. It is implied that they are becoming crows, because later in the video, crows fly into the room in whic ...more
Road to Nowhere
In this video a number of vignettes go on simultaneously as the song plays. One skit shows an elderly man in what looks like a toga climbing into a big carboard box. The video cuts back to the box (now violently shaking) a couple of times. Then it cuts back to the box: the top opens and a (very ...more
Rock DJ
robbie is being circled by beautiful skater girls, in order to impress them, he takes his tigerstripped trousers, the girls are not impressed, so he takes his shirt off, they are still not impressed, so he does the ultimate striptease by striping off his skin, muscle and flesh, and throws to the g ...more
Running up that hill
Very brief scene where Kate goes through the legs of the male dance and she comes out the other side as him looking up at him as her.
A man walking through a house is touched by others, and morphs into different people, including an attractive woman and a young girl. A very good example of tg, and I found the video clip on the web as .wmv file format.
Shiny Toy Guns - "Le Disko"
Spider legs come ripping out of the back of a dancer.
Silverchair - Freak
Silverchair is performing in a heated room, and they sweat a lot. Scientists collect up the sweat and use it on an old lady. Slowly but surely, she regresses until she's a young woman. But she is still not satisfied. All it takes is an overdose of the sweat to transform her into an alien mutant.
The Simpsons (Bart)
In this music video based off of The Simpsons telivision show, Near the end we see Jacques, the town's sexy single bachelor dancing with Helen Lovejoy (female), who morphs into Princess Kashmire (female), who morphs into Ms. Mellon, who then for the last time morphs into Karl (male, homosexual). Jac ...more
Sons of All Pussys
Male band members are replaced by women throughout the video. They pull off their masks at the end.
Sound of Freedom
Age, Gender
There is a music video for "Starlight", by Zed, on the Hot Chick DVD. The goth girl from the movie is insulted by a cheerleader. She goes in her locker where a potion is brewing. ( Of course there is a bad song being played in the school corridor by a band.) She spikes the beautiful blond's drink. ...more
Sugababes: Angels with Dirty Faces
This animated video is a retelling of the Powerpuff Girls episode "Nano of the North" (also on this board under Television Size Transformations). In the same style as the cartoon - in fact some of the exact same scenes appear to have been used - a strange rain appears to dissolve Townsville. The Pow ...more
In this video by the japanese band Supercar (fantastic band btw) we see a man and a woman sitting opposite each other by a small table. During the video different things come out of their mouths, like small stairs, cords and other weird stuff. About halfway in though, the woman spews out some sort o ...more
Sympathy for the Devil
New video from the Neptunes remixes the Stones' classic song. In one sequence the Devil transforms into a stripper to tempt a married man into the club and steal his wedding band. It can currently be seen at under music videos.
Taking Back Sunday
The entire video takes place on one of those lie detector machines and the animation is all drawn with the needles of the machine. Durring the music video, a girl turns into a spider, but it's all squiggly so it's not that good of a transformation. Music video is still pretty solid though.
The Archies - Sugar, Sugar (Original 1969 Music Video)
Sabrina the Teenage Witch (who got her start in cartoons way back when) turns Reggie in a frog and back again, Archie into a rabbit and back again, and Hot Dog into a human clown and back again.
The Cars, You Might Think
The video, at about 2:30, shows the headswap scene. Minor, lasted about 7 seconds.
Three 6 Mafia video "Doe Boy Fresh"
Gender, Male
At the beginning of the three 6 mafia music video people are waiting in line paying money to look through a viewing portal of the three 6 mafia members. While the rappers are singing they change into the people who are looking through the portal.
In the beginning during a scene where Michael's outside with his girlfriend, the full moon comes out and Michael transforms into a vicious werewolf and tries to kill her.
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
This 1980's music video shows Alice's adventures in Wonderland, Tom Petty playing the Mad Hatter. There is several different transformations in this video (just like the in the book) there a transformation of a baby into a pig and shrinking and growing. Just a trippy video from a trippy period ...more
Tool- Schism
A surreal video with two lanky contortionists. At the end of the video, they combine into a single, deformed, enitity. Also, earlier in the video, one of the people pulls something out of the other's neck, places it on the floor, and it turns into a claymation person with a mouth where his eyes shou ...more
Toughen Up
This item is marked for deletion - cross-dressing, no actual TF - cj 2008apr22 A group of secretaries gang up on their womanizing boss and transform him into one of them.
Turn To You
By the Go-Gos. This is an odd one that I just recently remembered. Without any particular "justification" within the video, the Go-Gos are depicted as an all-*boy* band in the video, performing "Turn To You" at a party - the Go-Gos from an alternate universe, perhaps? Some of the Go-Gos also appe ...more
Twisted Sister?
I don't know why this is not in here yet although I like average women transforming into attractive women, this is an old 80s early 90s video for Twisted Sister where Chet from Weird Science starts yelling at his little brother on his bed asking him if that is a pledge pin on his shirt. Little broth ...more