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Category: 'Music Video'
Head Automatic
In the music video the band is playing infront of an audience held back by a velvet rope, several girls break though and rush up to the band, as each groupie gets to a band member they suddenly freeze in place and their skin turns gold. They continue playing with the girls frozen in place around the ...more
Heterosexual Man
The main character in the video, very briefly changes into a woman while in the men's room.
About halfway through the clip the three female singers, of different races morph into each other repeatedly Link to copyrighted material removed.
I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)
Animal, Mythical
This music video is based on Beauty And The Beast and stars Meat Loaf as The Beast (in very good makeup) singing to Beauty, several bits of it involve Meat Loaf singing both in and out of makeup, and at the end he (as the beast) says...."But i won't do that." and turns human after beauty shows he ...more
If I Ever Lose My Faith In You
In a brief scene, Sting plays a character who is turned into a pig by a group of wizards. Later, the character is shown restored to normal.
If You Were a Woman (and I Was a Man) - Bonnie Tyler
This entry marked for deletion - it is a duplicate of entryid 6048 In this 1986 video, the setting is early 21st century in a war-torn country. Bonnie performs the song at a night club. About two minutes in, a Rambo-like soldier swings in on a rope and lands on the stage. Bonnie, and the people ...more
If You Were a Woman and I Was a Man
Climaxes with a muscular Rambo-type guy transforming via "An American Werewolf in London" style special effects. Finally exploding into a Marilyn Monroesque glamor girl. In this 1986 video, the setting is early 21st century in a war-torn country. Bonnie performs the song at a night club. About ...more
Iggy Azalea song Money Comes
In the music video for Iggy Azalea's single, Iggy and a bunch of ladies go to an all male office and turn the office workers into hot babes by blasting them with pink rifles.
Not sure of what the concept is but it shows the group being kidnapped by furries and forced to performed on television. The set was placed in which humans are forced to entertain the furry audience through a bizarre talk show hosted by a werewolf. In one scene, someone turned off the stage lights a ...more
James and the Rainbros "Children of the Universe"
the (now late) Timothy Treadwill (AKA the Grizzly Man) is snatched away by rabbit aliens and is transformed into a bear. He is then cloned and sent to an alien planet where he must fight against a monster. Very interesting video, done in a very interesting sytle.
Joey Negro
Near the end of the video, the student turns all the scientists into sexy young women. You can watch the video here:
John Legend - Save Room
John Legend - Save Room (2006) Throughout the video, the woman John Legend is with, constantly changes. The changes are off screen.
Jonas Brothers "Paranoid"
Gender, Male
In the beginning of the Jonas Brothers music video you see kevin morph into joe and joe morph into kevin,but when kevin looks at Nick he morphs into a girl!!
joshi kashimashi monogatari
A music video of Japanese girl group. In the video , members of them introduce eath other, then morph into the other in the train.
Katy Perry - Dark Horse
Animal, Inanimate
Katy Perry plays an Egyptian Queen who is dealing with an endless line of suitors (Spoiler Text)
I was just watching VH1 and saw the new Keane video, it's just the three guys singing against a white backround. Then the camera would pan off certian members and when it panned back they were someone different. There were now on screen changes, only implied. Changes included an Aboriginal man, a ...more
Kent: Music non-stop
Male, Gender
In the US version of this video by Swedish band Kent (not the European version), the band are in a boring featureless studio and start to play the song. As the song progresses the band slowly change into new forms. All are originally male, two change into different guys, but the drummer and singer ...more
The Kids Aren't Alright
This video has the lead singer change apperances to one form to another, changes into females. Its been ou since 1998 I cant believee its not up here yet.
Lady Soveriegn
In the first street sequence, Lady Soverign is impersonated by a fat woman who rips her face off to reveal the singer. Her body morphs quickly from fat to thin, and she then morphs into a giant ball of hair.
Less Than Jake
In the video several adult situations are acted out by children, two men having a car accident, a married couple fighting, a hooker being arrested. Toward the end of the video, as the characters begin to act on their better natures we see them as adults. Then the Married couple begin to fight again ...more
Lexy & K. Paul
Gender Electro-techno. 2003. Lexy and K. Paul as two 'male' angels has been sent to earth. But their whole doing is just they annoy girls. At the end of the video, SHE(probably God) changes the nag into girls. Link to the video clip
Lit "Miserable"
In this music video it shows the lead singer and and the other band members at about 5-6 inches tall walking around and this girl's body (can't remember her name). Its like that through most of the video. And at the end the girl picks up the guys one by one and eats them.
Loreena McKennitt
I have only seen snippets from the video included on a DVD with my "limited edition" of her CD The Visit. The song is about magic tranformation. The song is on her CD The Mask and the Mirror. It is based on an old folk-tale where a maiden was pushed into river to drown by her jealous older sister ...more
i guess this would qualify as age. During the third verse of the song Ludacris's head is on the body of a baby. They did a good job doing it because even with the baby body they had Ludacris dancing and jumping around... There is also a quick part where you see a woman with the body of a baby ...more
MadTv: I Can Love Me Better
Aries Spears plays LL Cool J and sings "I Can Love Me Better" Basically saying how he loves his body so much. He gets horse steroids injections and it has some effects, such as giving him hooves and a mane as well as wanting to eat horse food and other such stuff.
Michael Jackson
Straight after the smiling morphing heads sequence, the camera moves across the studio to find a black panther there. The panther leaves the studio, walks down a flight of stairs into a dark and lonely neighbourhood, and morphs instantly into Michael Jackson. This is the most famous and controversal ...more
Molotov: "Yofo"
Gender, Male
In the video, a smoke cloud enters the body of a man, and when he touches another it passes through, then the now possessed man touches a woman and the possession passes on, and then.
Neon Trees, Animal
Music video, Animal, where patrons at an art gallery got knocked out cold and then had their face spray painted that transformed into various animal heads when they woke up. This is the same song used in the new Las Vegas TV commercials in the US.
Nightwish music video "Bye Bye Beautiful"
All male band members change to female versions of themselves. Nightwish is a Finnish symphonic/power metal band that is comprised 5 members, all male with the exception of the lead vocalist who is female. In this video, it cuts back and forth between shots of the male members and a female versi ...more
No More I Love You's
Females transform males to girls.