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Category: 'Music Video'
Adicolor - Addias Ad
Highschool girl chats on telephone while in an all pink room. The pink begins to coat her body and she is slowly transformed into a pink-rhinestoned-studded person and collapses on the floor. it's a little creepy
AFI song "Girl's not Grey"
In the video, a girl is transported into a weird grass field when she enters the guitarist. Her face becomes the one of a doll. Almost at the end of the video she disintegrates into a bunch of petals.
A woman is assembled together, like a machine, in an abstract manner. The sequence is interspersed between montages of switches flicking etc. so you will need to watch for a while to get to the action.
AM Radio
The video features a whole slew of "body swaps" where the band's faces a placed on other people's bodies via cgi. Pretty good effects. The tg effect enters where they show three musicians' heads on the bodies of dancing girls. Very well done. There are about 5 quick cuts where they are shown through ...more
Aphex Twin - Windowlicker
Two girls reject two homies (guys) trying to pick them up (goes for about the first five minutes). Suddenly, a white limousine crashes the black guy's car, then a pimped-out version of Aphex Twin gets out of the car and does a dance sequence. At some point during the sequence, the girls' faces morp ...more
Armand Van Helden
A play on the classic John Carpenter sci fi movie "They Live". But, instead of putting on the sunglasses and seeing people as aliens the glasses makes most men look like hot bikini-clad girls. In the end the main character takes a long look at himself in the mirror with the sunglasses on.
AWOLNATION Music Video - Burn It Down
Male, Mythical, Gender
Lead Singer is in court and apparently has the magical ability to transform people around him at will. Initially changes security officer into man in spacesuit and female court transcriber into mermaid. Eventually he changes his male lawyer into a blonde women (who appears satisfied with results). ...more
B-52's song "Debbie"
An older video - but singers switch singing lead... Also bodies switch heads, torsos, and legs between genders briefly like tumblers in a slot machine. VERY BRIEF
Backstreet Boys song "The Call"
In this video, All of the guys are after this one girl. Near the end, she disguises herself as Howie using a body suit. Brief change.
Backstreet Boys: As Long as You Love Me
Male, Female
There are lots of transformations in this video. The girls in this video are video directors and they use a remote to change the boys into different versions of themselves. The female transformation part comes in towards the middle of the video. The boys take the remote from the girls hands and tu ...more
Basement Jaxx- Where's your head at
Contains the faces of the band members superimposed on the bodies of monkeys and a dog.
Behind Blue Eyes
Toward the end of the video, he is locked in a plexi-glass cell. The impression is that he is in a mental ward. A pretty black woman doctor enters the cell and the door locks. They kiss. During the kiss her body transforms into his and his transforms into hers. He is now a she in gown and she is now ...more
Better, Faster, Stronger Harder
This is the 4th video in a 4 video series where a group of 4 alien rock stars its kidnapped by some evil guy who taps his toes to the music. The aliens are taken to earth and turned into human and their memories are recorded and replaced with "Human" memories. you can download it off KaZaa as well a ...more
This is one of Bjork's lesser-known videos. In it, it shows her (bald and nude), singing and gradually transforming into a polar bear. The bear is computer animated, and it looks somewhat crystaline... also, she makes it appear as if she's trying to hold back the transformation. She is completely ...more
Black and White
The end of the video is about a minutes worth of face morphing. Most of the morphs are across gender.
Bob Sinclar - "What I Want"
New clip of the French DJ Bob sinclar, several rather ugly girls or very badly equipped arrive in full desert for the need for the clip. Fireball locks up them in a caravan with a behaviour and presses on button HOT. A few seconds after after word READY appeared, the girls come out, all from it bec ...more
Bones by The Killers
The music video from The Killers is directed by Tim Burton and features a trademark of Burtons: Skeletons. Scenes from the films Lolita, Creature from the Black Lagoon, and Jason and the Argonauts, more specifically the scenes with Ray Harryhausen's skeleton-men, are shown behind the band. There i ...more
Break Me
Gender, Female, Age
Jewel morphs into a male soldier and an old black man. The men sing with Jewel's voice.
Britney Spears music video "Toxic"
One of the music channels (VH1?) has been showing the video to Britney Spears' song "Toxic", where Spears plays a sort of spy like on the TV series "Alias". Disguised as a sexy stewardess, she unmasks a bumbling middle-aged passenger to reveal a suave man (Matt Felker) beneath.
It's pretty strange video clip with oriental elements.In the middle of video Gavin transform into yellow cloud and then he transform into two girls,women and other people from that mystical island.The transformation is short but nice done.
A Change Will Do You Good
Has alot of people switching places.
Charlotte Church
In her newest video she changes her clothes all the time but at times she changes age and right at the end she changes gender for a brief second but the man also changes age and his head becomes a pig head lol
The Chicken in Black
In one of Johnny Cash's lesser known videos, he tells the supposedly autobiographical story of his body outliving his brain. His doctor performs a transplant, but unluckily the donor was a bank robber who had been killed by police the night before. All goes well until Johnny goes to the back and h ...more
The Cooper Temple Clause
Music video has a guy going drinking with his buddies, for a wild night night becoming the greek mythological creature "Pan" then a finally a goat. A little dark but you'll get the idea. Watch it here:
Courtney Love
In the video, Courtney goes to a supermarket and starts busting stuff up....when security arrives, she sprays this guy that's shopping with some stuff and he turns into her. Brief.
This Godley and Creme video features dozens of facial morphs between genders and among races. It's well-done and is an obvious inspiration for Jackson's "Black and White", which it predates and surpasses.
In the video, Eminem shoves another band member off stage and later they show that member flattened on the floor, still singing.
Danni Minogue
Can't remember the name of it,but a few of the scenes have Her spinning around on a giant record player.(either that or Danni has just been shrunk)
Dj Suketu
A guy morphs into his girlfriend at the end.
For the new Dave Mathews Band Video "Dreamgirl" The Pretty Woman herself is in a dream like story where she is pursued by a man with a shadow face, (kinda neat effect), the landscape around her constantly shifting as she runs from shadow man, at one point reality shifts around her again and she find ...more
Dude Looks Like a Lady
In the video, you see several parts where guys are dressed as girls. But one part is really funny. Two seperate times Steve Tyler looks like a lady wearing a pink shirt and sporting breasts. It is pretty funny.
A weird video ,in which Annie Lennox,pretending to be a bored housewife in the beginning,is gradually being transformed into a clad-dressed 'drunken' woman,with a funny blond wig and a lot of makeup,who later on starts making a mess in her house...Directed by Sophie Muller.
Fatboy Slim
In the halfway through the Fatboy Slim music video to "Wonderful Night", Fatboy Slim transforms into a werewolf. He remains in this state for the rest of the video. As of August 18, 2005, the video was available on the Rhapsody music service.
Fei-Fei - Flying Daggers
Age, Race, Gender
A music video that starts with a (rather attractive) woman creating some kind of potion in her apartment, then using a squirt-gun to douse a group of elderly women at a bus stop, causing them to change into hot young Asian girls, armed with similar squirt guns. The remainder of the video follows t ...more
Filatov & Karas - Satellite (Official Video)
Video begins with a woman clad only in a man's shirt. We found out how she got that way. Video
Gnarls Barkley
This video is... crazy. The video is like one of those Rorschach inkblot tests that they have at a Psychologists use to see what a person can see. There are many different transformation where you see something like Gnarls Barkley's head and it turns into a crow, then into a some bugs, then a bat, ...more
Greedy Fly
It is a very "freaky" video clip with transformation elements. In the begining a man transforms into an angel (fallen angel?) then he is killed by other men. Next is a very strange transformation into half-fly and half-human.
Gwen Stefani