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Category: 'Movie'
X Men 3
This may be a spoiler to some who haven't seen the film yet. Mystique, under custody impersonates Magneto, then directly transforms into her interrogating officer before headbutting him and transforming quickly back to her blue form. Video here: ...more
X, Y
Based on the novel by Michael Blumlein. A stripper and customer both faint and swith places. Shown at the Slamdance 2004 Film Festival.
Gender, Female, Inanimate
Mystique appears to briefly take on the shape of a scale model of the Statue of Liberty. It's not a full on-screen tranformation, however - you only see the statue's eyes turn yellow. Mystique tries to fool Wolverine by impersonating Storm. Female shapeshifter Mystique takes on several male shapes ...more
X-Men 2
Mystique becomes many women in this sequel. (She also impersonates a few men) . Sultry blonde barfly with GREAT legs . Impersonates jean grey in order to have sex with wolverine. Wolverine figures it out and she then impersonates several women in a row, asking him "who do you want me to be"? ...more
X-Men 2 : X2
Mystique starts the movie still as U.S. Senator Robert Kelly. But after a conversation with Stryker(a Cruel Anti-Muntant Guy) does some spying as Stryker's Assistant Yuriko, however is disturbed and leaves as a male cleaner. Then in order for Magneto to escape she seduces one of the guards in a b ...more
X-Men: The Last Stand
Toward the middle of the film Mystique is shot with a dart of a substance that litterally strips her of her mutant powers, she falls to the floor convulsing and her blue skin disolves away leaving her naked and human on the floor. As she pleads up for help Magnito coldly tells her that "' ...more
Male, Gender
In the future people can travel quickly by exchanging bodies with a person at the destination point. In the movie the main character has his body stolen so he is now in the body of a clone. A woman he believes can help him wants to have sex with him as the clone. She also states that her friends hav ...more
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A feature-length video or motion picture.

Can be created on film or digital - or made for the silver-screen, television, or direct-to-video release.

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