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Category: 'Movie'
Wallace & Gromit: Curse Of The Were-Rabbit
I'm not going to go into the story, or plot points - I'm just going to explain a bit about the TF below (SPOILERS): A large monster like rabbit terrorizes a small town - and Gromit discovers the monster rabbit is actually his good friend Wallace. Seems Wallace transforms into this rabbit every n ...more
Wallace & Grommit in Curse of the Were-Rabbit
Funniest Wallace & Grommit cartoon ever! Wallace uses one of his inventions to rid his rabbits of all vegetable-related thoughts, but has one of them, whom he affectionately names "Hutch," stuck in the mind alteration machine. So, as the title suggests, by the light of the full moon, Wallace turns ...more
War of the Colossal Beast
This movie is the sequel to "The Amazing Colossal Man". The giant man serves the fall off Boulder Dam and and is captured by the Army. He is chained up in a airplane hanger. The giant then breakes free of his chains and goes on a rampage throughout Los Angeles.
The warlock places an aging spell on Kassandra.
We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story
Midway through this animated flick, the two main kid characters, Louie and Cecilia, find their way to a sinister-looking circus. Once there, they meet up with the main antagonist, Screweyes, and then sign a contract binding them to the circus. Shortly afterwards, the main protagonists, a quartet of ...more
Weapons of Mass Distraction
Mimi Rogers character Ariel (Spoiler Text)
Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior
Young Chinese girl is reincarnation of legnedary warrior who must fight an evil spirit that breaks free from captivity every 90 years. spoiler: The evil spirit is an ancient male wizard who takes over several male bodies before ending up in the girl's chief female rival for homecoming queen t ...more
The Werewolf
Low budget but quite effective sci-fi version of how a man can become a werewolf. An accident victim is used as a guinea pig by two typical mad scientists to test a wolf's blood-based serum which supposedly will speed up healing. It does, but the poor shlub also starts to change into a pretty kick ...more
Werewolf Of London
A botanist is in Tibet to find a rare flower that only blooms by moonlight. He findsit, but also meets up with a werewolf that bites him. The two cursed men end up in London, fighting a duel of wills over the flower, which is the only thing that can prevent the transformation. The botanist must also ...more
The Werewolf of Washington
Another not so hot excursion into lycanthropy. A personal assistant to the president (a parody of Richard Nixon) is bitten while in Europe and comes home to Washington to begin gnawing on politicians and other lowlifes. Tho it has some nicely macabre moments (such as a mad scientist's laboratory i ...more
What Dreams May Come
One of Robin Williams best films, it includes various afterlife age and race transformations. Describing them in detail is too much of a spoiler for the film. Go watch it and see them for yourself :)
Where's My Car? Dude
A bunch of beautiful aliens combine their bodies to form a sexy, fifty-foot-tall woman. The only memorable scene in the movie.
Lonely 10-year-old boy finds magical Egyptian charm and wishes his 10-year-old cat was human so he could have a friend to talk to. His wish comes true but his cat "Whiskers" doesn't become a ten-year-old boy he expected. The cat becomes a 30-year-old man ( which, according to the movie is what 10 ca ...more
White Chicks
This is a new movie coming out in June. It stars two of the Waynes's brothers who are FBI agents in charged of over seeing two teenage girls. When the girls get injured and can't go out in public the Wayne's brothers have to go undercover as the sisters.
White Dwarf
A medical student must serve his internship on a distant planet orbiting a white dwarf star. One of the patients is a young empathic boy suffering from Proteus Syndrome. He twice uncontrollably assumes the identity of the student's deceased wife. Brief.
The White Pony
Warwick Davis (of WILLOW and the LEPRECHAUN movies) has been filming a series of low-budget but rather charming family movies in which he portrays "Lucky the Leprechaun" (height-casting, I guess you'd call it), and in this one he helps young Leah (Carly and Natalie Anderson) to capture and train the ...more
Who is Julia?
A very well-done, low-key treatment of the world's first human to human brain transplant. When her toddler escapes her arms and runs into traffic, a young but unglamorous housewife suffers a cerebral hemmorage. The child is saved by the brave actions of a beautiful model, but in the process the mo ...more
The Wig
Korean horror film. MTF possession and FTM (possibly FTF) transformation. Soo-hyeon is discharged from the hospital after undergoing chemotherapy for an unspecified cancer. The treatment has left her bald and pale and looking generally unhealthy. Her older sister, Ji-hyeon buys her a wig as a ...more
Willie's Magic Wand
In this early silent flick, the son of a magician swipes his old man's magic wand and proceeds to play a variety of tricks on everyone. One trick involves changing himself into a girl.
An evil sorceress, Bavmorda, changes an attacking army into pigs. Also Raziel changes into several different animals.
Willy the Sparrow
A 10-year old boy named Willy enjoys pretending to shoot birds with a BB gun until he is turned into a Sparrow by the Sparrow Guardian. Willy becomes lost outside without knowing how to fly, and he is taken in by a sparrow named Cipur; Cipur teaches Willy how to fly in exchange for Willy teachin ...more
Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory
Near the end of the movie a boy named Mike gets turned into a million peaces and travels across the room. He then ends up on a tv set shrunken in size. Then his mother picks him up between two of her fingers and puts him into her handbag.
Willy/Milly (a.k.a. I Was a Teenage Boy/Something Special)
Milly Niceman (Pamela Segall Adlon), a 14-year-old girl who has grown frustrated with her mother's attempts to curtail her tomboyish nature. Her mother, Doris believes that Milly's actions are inappropriate for a girl and that she be better off showing more interest in dances and dresses. When her ...more
Winkle in Time
A lady changed into a flying Horse in the middle of movie
Wish Upon a Star
Young teenage girl wishes she could be her older sister. Next morning they wake up and have switched bodies.
The Wishmaster
The wishmaster takes the form of an elderly women to trick a young women into making a wish.
Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies
Early in the movie, a robbery at a museum is botched and one of the robbers is hit by gunfire. One of the bullets also frees the evil genie, who offers to take away the man's pain. The man says, "I wish I'd never been born," at which the genie says, "Your wish is granted." The man rapidly regres ...more
Wishmaster 4: The Prophecy Fulfilled
Brief, at end. Wishmaster turns himself into Lisa, clad in lingerie, to test the mettle of her boyfriend Sam. I saw the European release of this movie.
Witch Bitch
A very nasty lady loses her life. She comes back sporadically to inhabit the body of her twin brother.
Witch Girls Trailer and Clip
Manga Graphix it seems is doing a witch girls movie. It has a clip and a trailer up with some TF's up. go to Manga Film at the type and downloads
The evil spirit of male axe murderer takes over a lush female body
Witchboard 2
A murdered woman came back to seek her revenge and possessed another woman to do the job.
Witchcraft XI, Sisters in Blood
Three female college drama students revived three witches which waited their turn to possess the 3 students, and the witches want to open a gate to hell.
The Witches
Animal, Inanimate, Animal
A boy called Luke lives whith his grandmother after his parents are killed in a car crash. Thay go to the seaside and Luke sees the Grand High witch holding the witches meeting there. The Grand High witch forces Luke to drink a liquid called formula 86 after finding him. It turns him into a mous ...more
Witches Brew
Near the end of the movie, the old witch swaps bodies with a young witch.
Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie
Near the end of the movie, a woman is transformed into a parrot.
Jack Nicholson plays a copy editor who, after hitting a dog with his car and being subsequently bitten, slowly begins to transform into a wolf. A surprisingly poor quality film considering the star power they had (Jack Nicholson, Michelle Pfeiffer, and James Spader). The transformation effects w ...more
Wolf Girl
Tara Talbot(Victoria Sanchez) is a girl in a freak show(she puts on fake fangs and claws to play a "wolf girl) afflicted with Hypertrichosis(excessive body hair, which is what real-life "werewolves/wolf boys/girls" are believed to suffer from) She meets up with a boy who turns out to be the son of s ...more
The Wolf Man
The classic werewolf movie. Lon Chaney Jr. plays Lawrence Talbot, a man who returns to his ancestrial home. He tries to protect a woman from a wolf, only to be bitten. The wolf is really a gypsy werewolf and that bite has spread the curse to Talbot,who becomes the Wolf Man! The Wolf Man is killed at ...more
Michael Jackson plays Thibault the son of a shoemaker who lives in 17th century france, after being nearly beaten to death by aristocrats, he makes a deal with satan, the devil gives Thibaul the power to harm and destroy anyone who gets in his way, but the more acts of evil he comits, the more he wi ...more
Wonder Woman 1984
Animal, Male
The sequel to Wonder Woman set in 1984, well after World War I from the first film, Wonder Woman stops a group of criminals that robbed a jewelry store in a shopping mall, which in fact was a front for antiquities. One item that is recovered is the Dreamstone. Reading the Latin inscription, ...more
Orignally a BBC TV series. Based on a book by Allan Ahkberg. Boy finds himself turning into a dog for no apparent reason. He and his friend search for the reason behind his sudden and temporary transformations. Followed by three sequels. Woof Returns! A Boy's Best Friend Woof! A Girl & Her Dog ...more
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