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Category: 'Movie'
At the end of the movie, Philo, the mad engineer, tells Weird Al he must return to his home planet. Al laughs, but when Philo walks off he turns into an alien and vanishes.
The Ultimate Attraction
Female, Gender
A couple working at a health club discover a device which can increase sexual arousal AND change bodies/body parts. In a scene toward the end of the film the device is caught in an electrical outlet and at one point a man who walks into a tanning both walks out changed into a female body builder. ...more
Ultimate Spider-Man: "The Spider-Verse"
Spider-man travels to another dimension where everyone's genders are swapped. Goblin uses Electro to power up the siege perilous to collect the DNA of other Spider-Men. Spider-Man follows Goblin and boosts the confidence of Spider-Man 2099 and helps Spider-Girl to defeat Norma Osborn.
Ultraman Mebius and the Ultra Brothers
Alien Zarab has the ability to shapeshift and disguises himself as a female to poison one of the heroes
Una Senora Llamada Andres
Cupid switches bodies of quarreling lovers.
The Uncanny
A writer (Christopher Lee) believes that cats are evil creatures bent on taking over the world. He tells a publisher three tales to illustrate this. In the second story, young Lucy is sent to live with relatives when her parents die. Her teenaged cousin Angela takes special delight in bullying th ...more
Undercover Kitty
A cat who turns into a young woman helps a journalist with his career. AKA Minoes (original title) AKA Die geheimnisvolle Minusch AKA Miss Minoes
In this movie we find two guys who hate their lives almost wishing for a second chance. They get it when they wake up in their new bodies. This is the website for a good review of this movie. I saw this movie at a film festival so I don't know if this is relevant to this website.
The Understudy: Graveyard Shift II
The filming of a new movie awakens the vampire Baisez (from the first movie). Unfortunately for him, he is just a spirit - he needs a new body before he can start feeding again. He seduces the leading lady, Camilla, who allows him to borrow her body.
(Spoilers) Michael Corvin (Scott Speedman) is bitten by the werewolf Lucian (Michael Sheen), and at the sight of the full moon, he begins to change into a Lycan. Later on at the behest of Lucian, Selene (Kate Beckinsale), a vampire, bites Corvin who then transforms into a hybrid vampire-werewolf.
Underworld - Evolution
Sequel to the film "Underworld", the war between Lycans and Vampires continues with Selene and Michael working together to stop Marcus, the first Vampire, from creating a new and virtually unstoppable species. Trailer may be found here: ...more
Unico, Adventures of Unico
First movie contain animal TF (cat into girl), AP (unico into adult unicorn) and monster (vampire TF). I have seen that movie. In the second, there are inanimate TFs. == from: == Kukuruku builds a castle using dolls transformed from men as build ...more
Uribyeol ilhowa ulrookso
Inanimate, Furry
A Korean movie about a satellite who turns into a girl to find the musician which music she loves. But that musician is changed into anthropomorphic cow.
Urusei Yatsura
Some anime that I haven't had the priviage to watch. Ataru eats some of Lum's home cooking and is slowly transformed into a wolf.
It's really strange film about some small town Kurouzu cursed by obsession on whirlpools (uzumaki). In the film there are lots of unnatural transformation into a "spiral clouds" or other vortex-objects. In my opinion the most interesting is a transformation of some boy and two other people into snai ...more
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A feature-length video or motion picture.

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