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Category: 'Movie'
Taking Lives
This entry currently marked for deletion - there is no transformation in this material - cj 2007jun01 I saw a poster for this movie tonight, while seeing Lord of the Rings 3(Great by the way!). It's called Taking Lives, here is a synopsis on the movie's site: A top FBI profiler, Special Agen ...more
Tales from the Crapper
The tromantis, a presumably male mantis like alien, takes the form of a stripper (Arban Ornelas) in order to earn money to fix his/its crashed spaceship and kill humans.
Tales of Terror
Three stories based loosely on Poe staring Price. The first one has the transformation. The dead evil wife Morella Possesses her innocent daughter''s body at the end.
Tammy and the T-Rex
An evil scientist implants the brain of Michael, a murdered high school student, in an animatronic Tyrannosaurus. He escapes, wreaks vengeance on his high school tormentors and is reunited with his sweetheart Tammy. Together, the couple try to elude the mad scientist and the police and find a more a ...more
Teen Witch
The main charcter, Louise, turns her little brother into a dog as her first spell.
Teen Wolf (1985)
It's just about a boy in high school named Scott Howard. He's very unpopular and unsocialble until one day he miraculously turns into a werewolf. This guy named Stiles then helps him become a star and Scott learns he can change into a wolf any time. Before the end he learns not to use it to get ...more
Age, Age
(2001) A 49 old cosmetic surgeon finds himself after an occult experiment in the body of a 19 year old guy. He enjoys his new life till to this moment, where his daughter is head over heels in loved to him. I still haven't seen this flick. Link to the flick A frustrated plastic surgeon, w ...more
The Tempest
Houngan (voodoo master) Gideon Prosper appears as his daughter Miranda bathing naked in the bayou. Brief scene shows him turning back into himself, startling "Gator Man", who was going to touch "Miranda" in the water.
Tenacious D in the pick of Destiny
Furry, Mythical
In this one scene Jack Black discovers his real dad is the sasquach and finds himself becoming a sasquach. And in another scene a guy at the coffee hut where the D are playing transforms into the devil.
Two high-school kids take a tumble down some stairs. In the process, their personalities switch bodies.
Tenkôsei: Sayonara anata
About a boy who transfers to a new school but then he swaps bodies with one of his female classmates. Now they have to live their lives in their new bodies until they can switch back!
Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Inanimate, Male, Mechanical, Gender
The T-1000, (Spoiler Text) takes on both male and female shapes. (Spoiler Text)
Terminator 3 : Rise of the Machines
Gender, Mechanical, Female
In this movie, a new terminator arrives in the past. It is a T-X, and has the default form of a young, blond woman (Kristanna Loken). She possess polymemonic abilities, which allow her to copy the form of anyone she touches. The takes the clothing and the car of the first woman it encounters. W ...more
Terror At Orgy Castle
Bill wanders into some kind of freaky cerimony in which the countess transforms herself into a guy.
Terror of MechaGodzilla
Katsura, Dr. Mafune's daughter is electricuted, she is than brought back to life by the black hole aliens. Soon afterwards she takes a fall off a cliff, and is than completely reworked into a cyborg. Though she looks like her self, she now shares her brain with the devious MechaGodzilla. However, on ...more
1986. Alien pet beamed through a family's satellite TV dish, then started to eat/merged with the whole family, taking over the grandpa, swinger parents, their partners, the kids, boyfriend and Elvira. This is a low budget horror anthology flick, and one of the episodes, "One of a Kind", concerns ...more
Tetsuo 2: Bodyhammer
A clerk, pursuing punks who have killed his son, becomes a mechanised being with built in weaponary.
Tetsuo: The Iron Man
After a metal-fetshist is hit by a car, the driver steadily becomes mechanised.
The Blue-Eyed Horse
This was a TV movie from Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre in 1966. In it Joan Blondell plays the wife of Ernest Borgnine and she has a gambling problem, escpecially when it comes to racing horses. While holding a teapot that is in fact magical, he wishes that the next time she bets and loses ...more
The Borrower
In this sci-fi effort, an alien serial killer is exiled to Earth, which is considered to be the worst place in the universe. It's given a human body, though it loses its head during a last-ditch escape attempt (I think). Since its brain is somewhere in its torso, it manages to survive, but it mus ...more
The Brain Eaters
Aliens from deep inside Earth invade a small town, taking over human hosts by attach themselves at host's neck. This is a 1958 low budget sci-fi movie. But at least one scene that involving alien slowing moving toward the sleeping woman in her room, and took over her. She then walked out of the hou ...more
The Butterscotch (1997) - episode "Power Flower"
Female, Gender
In episode 2 a genie which fullfills wishes like worded transforms gabriella hall into a man and back. some more transformations occur in this series, most female/female. french film, also shown in USA. NOTE: According to our research, this is both a television episode, and a movie.
The Change Up
Dave is a married man with two kids and a loving wife , and Mitch is a single man who is at the prime of his sexual life. One fateful night while Mitch and Dave are peeing in a fountain when lightning strikes and they switch bodies.
The Cobbler
Gender, Male
Anytime Adam Sandler wears someones shoes, he turns into them. Has several MtM and a sort of MtF transformation. No actual transformation, just an illusion that is convincing enough to those around him that he actually is the person whose shoes he's wearing.
The Covenant
One of the Witches of Ipswitch turns himself into mist to spy on a Caleb's girlfriend Sarah in the dorm bathroom. (Spoiler Text) Also, (Spoiler Text)
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
This is a movie about a character named Benjamin Buttons. He was born a child to look like an older man and as years go by when he ages, he grows younger and younger to look like a young man and then dies as an infant (a kid or baby). In others, instead of growing into an old man when he ages, he g ...more
The Devil's Carnival
The Devil's Carnival is a musical and the follow up movie to Repo! The Genetic Opera. They are two different films written and directed by the same people. Three souls, an obssessed father, a gullible teenager, and a thief are cast to Hell after their deaths. They are brought to the Devil's carniva ...more
The Ferryman
(From the Official Site) Out on a dead calm ocean, in a thick fog, a group of tourists on a pleasure craft are about to cross paths with an ancient and terrible evil. Sharing the same ocean, a sick, dying old Greek man drifts alone on a stricken yacht. The Greek (John Rhys-Davies) has been ch ...more
The Gender Card Flip
A woman (Amanda Maxwell) and a man (Bret Johnson) compete in an unusual race for mayor in an alternate reality where gender roles are magically reversed. As each experience life in the other's shoes, they must decide which reality they prefer before they're stuck in the flipped world forever. The f ...more
The Hit Girl
Age, Gender
THE HIT GIRL tells the story of a hit man named Bill, who while on a mission encounters a magical statue that transforms him into a teenage girl. Renamed Jessica by his timid, movie quoting niece Suzy, 'she' must now rely on Suzy's help in dealing with both the problems that come with being a teena ...more
The Host
Human bodies are being possessed and controlled by alien beings.
The Laidley Worm of Spindleston Heugh
A film project shot in 2009 by the Chagsford Filmmaking Group using volunteers and experts who donated their time and skills Currently in the post-production phase and scheduled for a April 2010 debut
The Land of Many Perfumes (1968)
Asian fantasy movie featuring the famous Monkey King. Furry: A monkey man and a pig man (who is later turned into a turtle man) Animal TF: A snake and a giant scorpion-beetle turn into women and at the end back. A woman turns herself into a parrot, and another woman is turned into a parrot and c ...more
The Last Witch Hunter
Gender, Age
The protagonist enters a decrepit cellar covered in runes where he finds a disheveled and scared young girl begging him not to come near her. As he approach she turns her back to him and pulls out a dagger. She suddenly spin around trying to slash him while changing back into her real form, that of ...more
The Magic Flute (1994) Cartoon
An evil queen uses her magic to transform herself into a two-headed dragon when facing against the prince. (To start from the very beginning of the movie) (From when the Queen transforms into a two-headed dragon) ...more
The Mask
Main plot involves Stanley Ipkiss donning an ancient wooden mask that transforms him into a wacky green-faced cartoon-like character. One visual gag when he goes gaga over the beautiful Tina Carlyle is that his head morphs into a howling toon wolf, and also does a couple of wolf-whistles and bangs ...more
The Mephisto Waltz
Female, Male
Alan Alda's character is a music journalist whose career as a piano player came to an end when his debut concert received undeservedly scathing reviews. Spoilers Duncan Ely is a older, rich man who befriends Myles (Alan Alda). Duncan Ely is a former famous piano player. He has a daughter, Ro ...more
The Monster
Lon Chaney stars in this 1925 classic as a mad scientist who has developed a diabolical ability. (silent film)
The New Mutants (2020 Film)
This horror/super-hero movie is set in the Fox (now 20th Century Studios) Marvel X-Men universe and is based on the comic team of the same name. One character Rahne Sinclair (in comics known as Wolfsbane)(Maisie Williams) is a Scottish mutant (Spoiler Text)
The Outing, aka The Lamp
An ancient genie is released from a lamp when thieves ransack an old woman's house. They are killed and the lamp is moved to a museum to be studied. The curator's daughter is soon possessed by the genie and invites her friends to spend the night at the museum, along with some uninvited guests. The ...more
The Return of Chandu
On the Island of Lemuria, the warlocks plan to resurrect their high priestess, Ossena, by bringing Princess Nadji to the island and forcing her to undergo a ritual by which her soul is transferred back (?) into Ossena's body. Her lover Frank Chandler, aka Chandu the Magician, is forced to go to ...more
The Return of the Shaggy Dog
A young lawyer is in the final days of his bachelor life and about to be married, when low and behold the magic ring that turned him into a shaggy dog as a teenager resurfaces. He desperately tries to stay human and find out who is once again reading the inscription that makes shaggy dog fur grow ...more
The Sex Files 2: A Dark XXX Parody
Female, Gender
Be warned. This is a XXX hardcore porno parody of The X Files. Mulder & Scully travel to Eastern Virginia to investigate a series of murders that they think may be connected to the 'Black Oil'. A male to female possession and female to female possession by way of the black oil, plus a lot of hardco ...more
The Sex Trip
Age, Gender
A shallow womanizer Eddie Greenleaf (Marc Crumptom) refuses advances from a old witch's request (Eve Sigall) for a kiss and then wakes up the next morning to discover that he's now been changed into a woman, and calls himself Edna Greenleaf (Jade Ramsey). As she learns how to live her life as Ed ...more
The Smurfs 2 (2013)
Gargamel changes Patrick's stepfather into a duck. He also divides a woman into three parts and makes them float around the stage, and turns a man into a frog as part of his magic act.
The Swan Princess
Mythical, Animal
I'm surprised no-one has this up yet. A princess is kidnapped and transformed into a swan using dark magic - but when the moon shines on her, she transforms back into her human form. Only when her true love declares his love for her will the spell be broken. During the princess's kidnapping, a g ...more
The Swap
Disney movie about a hockey player and rhythm dancer swapping bodies. Based on the book, "The Swap", by Megan Shull.
The Tale of Princess Kaguya
On this Miyazaki Film, "The Tale of Princess Kaguya", the Main character, Princess Kaguya, who is also referred to as "Little Bamboo", grows a lot faster than an ordinary (or average) human does because she grows as fast as bamboo which is why the boys referred to her as "Little Bamboo". She first ...more
The Tomb/Ligeia
Ligeia seduces an engaged man, Jonathan. His fiance, Rowena, finds out and breaks off the engagement. Ligeia cast a spell on Jonathan and he is uncontrollable attracted to her. Ligeia is fatally sick and ends up killing herself. Ligeia then possesses the young girl, Loreli, who lives on her estat ...more
The Twilight Saga: New Moon
In the second Twilight film (and book), it is revealed that Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) is also a (Spoiler Text). This movie also shows many other of these creatures around who all have the goal of stopping Vampires.
The Wicked Within: 8 Films to Die For
Belial/The Devil possesses two women in the film. Satan has secretly been in the form of Maggie all along and has been in control of Bethany, the houseguest everyone thinks is possessed.
The Wolf Children Ame and Yuki
Animal, Mythical
*Original Title: Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki *Release: 07.2012 The hand-drawn feature animation about two werewolf kids.
They Were Eleven
In this animated movie, eleven aliens strive to complete a comando training course alone on an abandoned spaceship. One alien is sexless, it must soon choose its gender. Its parents will force it to become female and marry a rich man if it fails the course; its desire is to become male. When it s ...more
Thief of Bagdad
An old movie from the 1940's in wonderous technicolor. It is a middle eastern romp through the lands of the sands as Ahmed, the king of Bagdad, is betrayed by his vizier Jaffer*. Ahmed teams up with Abu, a common theif "The lowest of the low". Along the way, Ahmed mets (and falls in love with a ...more
The Thing Below
Creature has the ability to appear as a person's desires. Appears as three females in the movie. In the first scene, the creature appears as a crewman's favorite porn star in order to tempt him. Proceeds to do a lengthy striptease dance before it kills him. Then creature appears as another crewm ...more
The Thing on the Doorstep
A short film based on the famous HP Lovecraft short story. A wife plots to steal her husband's body. From time to time a witch-like but beautiful woman trades bodies with her husband. Eventually she plans on it being a permanent swap. The actress playing the wife is beautiful & does a good j ...more
Thinner is a movie based on Stephen King's book thats about an overweight lawyer that accidently kills an elderly gypsy by his car hitting her. Later, her extremly old father puts a curse on him where he rapidly looses weight everyday. In the end he finds the only way to break the curse is to mak ...more
The Thirteenth Year
Cody Griffin, a teenage boy hits puberty in his thirteenth birthday. His "teen changes" begin when he starts to become more like a merman and realizes that there may be more to his past than he thought. It's a nice movie with some nice transformations. It's worth seeing but it's not worth spending ...more
Thor: The Dark World
Gender, Male
In Thor: The Dark World, there is a scene where Thor is speaking with Loki where Loki uses his powers to make himself look like an Asgardian solider. He then (Spoiler Text) After which, he also (Spoiler Text).
A doctor, and entomologist, and the military try to eradicate alien DNA "seeds" brought down by the shuttle that causes people to mutate into insects.
Time of their Lives (1946)
Funny Bud Abbott and Lou Costello movie. Lou & beautiful Actress are ghosts who are cursed to haunt an estate since the revolutionary war. In one scene during a sceance the girls fiance possesses the female medium's body and gives everyone a clue to the letter which will break the curse. Then an amu ...more
Tin Man
Female, Inanimate, Mythical, Animal
This three-part mini-series is a creative adaptation of Baum's "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz". There are a few different transformations that appear in the movie. ===Animal=== (Spoiler Text) from the 1939 movie "The Wizard of Oz". ===Inanimate and Mythical=== There are tatoos on Azkadellia ...more
Tiresia (2003) Notes - The leas Tiresia is played by both a male and female actor in the film, they swap into the role over the transformation IMDB link - "Tiresia is at the same time woman and man, according to Greek Mythology. Here, Tiresia is a Brazilia ...more
At the end of the film Rose, an old woman, returns to the Titanic and to her love Jack as she was in her youth. This is a minor age transformation, perhaps only a dream, or perhaps it's upon her death. Whatever the cause it makes me cry everytime I see it :)
Tom and Jerry - Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse
It's already in the database. Remove my entry, please :-)
The Tomorrow Man
Android Ken travels back in time to save the humanity. He is an android with shapeshifter powers so he change into a dog first and then into his friend's girl. Brief.
Gender, Age
Art LaFleur plays McNulty, a rough and tough trooper (cop) from the year 2247 who doesn't get along with the movie's hero, Jack Deth. Jack is sent back in time to stop a criminal (Whistler) from killing the ancestors of a group of council members who lead the future society, effectively erasing the ...more
Trancers 2
Gender, Female, Age
This sequel to the movie Trancers takes place six year later and brings back the original cast members. Art LaFleur once again portrays the gruff older (male) cop, and Alyson Croft reprises her role of McNulty in 1991 Los Angeles -- but this time she's all grown up into a healthy young teenage girl. ...more
Trancers 6
Jack Deth is sent back in time and possesses the body of his daughter.
Female, Male, Race, Age
Movie about an elderly German couple that transfers (hence the title) their minds into two young African bodies. Not only has the couple to cope with going from white to black, but they are also not in full control of these new bodies. Because each night when they go to sleep, the minds of the orig ...more
Belgian/French film about a transsexual who is accused of murdering other transsexuals, and so turns detective to clear her name. (Haven't seen it, but I understand it is making the rounds in some Art House theaters).
Gender, Age
Siren Tales is now in the making of the most Elaborate Feature to date. "Transformed" a suspenseful Action Sci-fi, with humor, advanced level Martial arts, Sexy women and of course Transformations. Old to Young, Male to Female...and many other surprises. From the folks who brought you "The Catal ...more
Age, Gender
This entry is now marked for deletion. It is a duplicate entry. The original entry is entryid=2021, Siren Productions Siren Tales is now in the making of the most Elaborate Feature to date. "Transformed" a suspenseful Action Sci-fi, with humor, advanced level Martial arts, Sexy women and of ...more
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
Alice (Isabel Lucas) is a student at East Coast College were she is very interested in Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf). She follows him into his room one night, and tries to download his mind. (Spoiler Text)
Trick 'r Treat
Movie with four interwoven stories all happening on Halloween night. One story involves a group of girls going to a party in the woods. (Spoiler Text)
Trilogy of Terror
Gender, Inanimate
A made for TV movie. The same actress(Karen Black) played all three segments of the movie. The 3rd segment, Amelia, is about the Zuni doll that scare viewers to death, welding a knife and did all the killing around her apartment. In the end, she put the Zuni doll in the oven and baked it. But, s ...more
Trilogy of Terror 2
Gender, Inanimate
Sequel to the origial 1975 TV movie, where the same actress played all 3 segments of the movie. In the segment "He Who Kill", which the famous and feared Zuni doll returned with the sharp knife. The charred doll from the first movie was found in an oven, which the police send off to the museum for ...more
Troll 2
Age, Mythical, Inanimate
Contains a lot of transformations. Goblins are horrible man-eating vegetarian monsters. In order to eat, they disguise themselves as humans in the city of Nilbog and then feed people poisonous food which turns them into green goo or trees or whatever. Also, a character transforms from an older woma ...more
Troll in Central Park
This children's classic is about a troll who refuses to be evil. All trolls live on another planet and have the power to turn things to stone by touching it with their thumb. This troll however has a green thumb and can make plants grow by touching anything. So as a punishment they send him to "a ...more
Flynn, a computer-programmer and user, divided in his atoms by the technic of a laser-device, is transformed in to the digital world of the evil MCP(Master Control Program). In the real world he was also a gamer, but from now on he is in that game. A race of death or life begins. The movie itse ...more
Tsubakiyama Kacho no Nanokakan
When middle-aged salary man Tsubakiyama (Toshiyuki Nishida) suddenly dies, he leaves his family high and dry. But suddenly he's given another chance: a few days in which to return to Earth and straighten things out. The thing is, he's come back in the form of a strikingly beautiful young woman (Mis ...more
Film version of Thorne Smith novel. Man and wife switch bodies with help of a magic statue.
Reese, an up and coming DJ, has an eye for the ladies who, in turn, seem to be drawn to him because of his growing celebrity. Never mind the fact that his rich girlfriend will be moving in with him soon. Reese fully intends to take full advantage of her cash and still get as much outside action as h ...more
The upcoming 2014 movie about a mad sugreon who captures a boy and changes him into a walrus. * Director: Kevin Smith
Twas The Night
A boy and his uncle see Santa Clause and he tries to get away. Santa runs over toward the fireplace and trips over a coal shovel. He hits his head on the fireplace and gets knocked out. Then Danny and his uncle go over to Santa and get on their knees next to him. Danny picks up a round gold ball lik ...more
Twilight Zone
One of the shorts is a remake of the TV series episode 'Kick the Can'. Although the remake differs in that we see want happens after the adults become children.
The Twin Effect II
A young Queen has the Love of her life seduced by her twin sister, whom she magically inprisons with in a stone wall. Hating men and even the thought of love she creates an Amazon Society. She uses dark magic on her enemies, one man she turns into a half man/half woman, he has the head of a man and ...more
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