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Category: 'Movie'
Pan's Labyrinth
A very wonderful Spanish film about a girl, a very real war, and a very stark and beautiful fantasy world. Ophelia is visited late at night by a rather large bug. Ophelia asks the bug if it is a fairy. She then pulls out her storybook and shows the bug what a fairy looks like. The bug IS a fa ...more
Mythical, Age, Mechanical, Inanimate
A new device allows people to enter the dreams of others and find the route to there problems, though now it's up to one girl to bring back the device from a thief. She changes forms in alot of the scenes in the trailer. Griffin Mermaid Fairy Tree Robot Animal or Furry too
Just to complete the database. A parallel earth. The technology is powered exclusively by magic Detective Sean Nault investigates a baffling series of murders committed by a means he's never seen before: science. The trailer contain the transformation scene(very short)
In the near future, a team is sent on a dangerous mission to Europa to retrieve and bring water back to a dying Earth. Their operation unexpectedly goes awry, jeopardizing not only the lives of those on board but also on earth, resulting in the possible extinction of the human race. One of the mai ...more
Payton, T. Aaron, "The Constantine Affliction"
Steampunk world. Strange murders near the Whitechapple section of London. A strange venarial disease first noticed in Contantinople in the Turkish Empire in an Englishman named Orlando has been brought to London. One of the effects is that it changes the sex of those affected.
Pepeng Agimat (1973)
Size, Were, Animal
Old Philippine fantasy horror movie that contains werewolves and a witch owning a cage full of shrunken men.
Perfect Blue
Adapted from the same novel (by Yoshikaze Takeuchi), and treating some of the same themes as Satoshi Kon's anime "Perfect Blue", but definitely not the same story as the animated feature. There isn't much to say about the plot that wouldn't be a spoiler. The TG element is strong, but the transfo ...more
Perkawinan Nyi Blorong (1983)
In one of longest TF scenes that has ever been shown in a movie (more than 4 minutes) a man turns slowly into a crocodile. Then he kills a woman and quickly turns back, while the dying woman changes into a crocodile herself.
The character known as the Tall Man kills and reuses corpses. To entice people he appears as "The Lavender Lady". Quite well done. No one knows the connection until the end of the movie. The following link as more details.
The Phantom Planet
An astronaut named Capt. Frank Chapman blasts off from a Lunar Base to find out what has happened to spaceships that have disappeared. His ship is pulled towards an asteroid and he is forced to land on its surface. He then ventures from the ship and sees a band of tiny humans. Chapman then lifts his ...more
The Pig My Brother
Parents leave on a vacation leeving their son and daughter with a Mexican babysitter. The babysitter has her grandmother's voodoo kit with her as she's a practicing Voodoo Priestess. The boy, who is rather slovenly and likes to eat alot, accidentally turns himself into a pig while snooping through t ...more
Pink Floyd The Wall
There are plenty of transformations throughout the movie, the most occur in one of the last scenes called The Trial. During which the prosecutor(a fat grotesque man) morphs into everything from a hammer, jet plane, scorpion, a skinny woman/creature, an older woman, and other things. I would define ...more
On Pleasure Island, kids are given everything they want, then they pay the price when they make "Jackasses" out of themselves and turn into donkeys, including their brain, after which they are sold into beast-of-burden labor. The morality of the situation seems wrong on many levels, but the change ...more
Pirates of the Caribbean
The evil Barboasa and his crew are undead pirates and turn skeletal when hit with moonlight- later on Jack Sparrow becomes one of the undead too.
Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End
Size, Animal, Mythical
Several transformations in this movie: (Spoiler Text) (Spoiler Text) (Spoiler Text)
Pirates of the Carribian: Dead Mans Chest
This film is stunning, for a Disney sequal is amazingly done! Even though it's never really shown there are half fish half men on Davy Jones crew so they've been tranformed at some point, they all look really nicely CG'd lol
Pixels (2015)
At the end of the movie, Q*bert transforms into a beautiful woman from another (fictional) video game and hooks up with one of heroes. They are later shown to be the parents of several baby Q*berts.
Plötzlich fett
A boss of a fitness center and an overweight woman change their form. The boss becomes overweight and the woman becomes slender. The transformation happens over night.
Pokemon The Movie 3
The Uknowns create a wish-granting Entei for a 5-year-old girl, and the girl wishes to be able to challenge Ash and the others to a pokemon battle in her mansion, so the Uknowns send a double of her to fight them. The double decides she's not old enough, so Entei makes her about 10 years older(looki ...more
Pokemon Movie 13
In the 13th pokemon movie they introduce Zoroark and Zoroa, the masters of illusion. They are both shapeshifters. Zoroa enjoys turning into anyone he spends time around. He turns into Dawn often, but Dawn finds this annoying. When Zoroa takes Dawns form Dawn prime will pull his tail to make him ...more
Pokemon Movie 5: Heroes
During the movie we discover that the female legendary pokemon has the ability to transform into anything though she only changes into a human girl, good tranformation
Pokemon Movie 9
This Movie introduces a new pokemon, which can, when activated its powers, swap peoples bodies. So where Jesse, James and Mewth.
Alien parasite can took over recently dead human bodies. A couple of male and female host bodies.
Pom Poko
An unusual animated movie about mischievous magical Japanese Tanuki (racoon dogs) that are capable of transforming themselves in to just about anything. When by themselves they bear a strong resemblance to "Care bears", even wearing some articles of clothing, but they look like traditional racoons ...more
Pon Un Hombre En Tu Vida
I've seen most of the m2f bodyswap movies and I must say that this one ranks as #1 on my list. In this film, a very macho male soccer coach (Juan Antonio) switches bodies with a very demure female singer (Belinda). The lead characters are both VERY attractive. Especially the female lead. In my ...more
Practical Magic
Evil Male villain possesses Nicole Kidman near the end.
Predator Island
Alien possesses male and female throughout movie. Possesses two male characters before possessing cute female character for an extended period of time.
Prelude To A Kiss
Nervous bride Meg Ryan swaps bodies with an old man on her wedding day.
Pretty Cool!
A guy accidentally gets the power to control other peoples actions. Somewhere in the movie according to the trailer that I have watched, he some how takes over his teachers body. There are more possessions of other people in the movie. I highly recomend it. Even though I have only watched the trail ...more
Prince of Darkness
Produced 1987. With a unclear message sent from the future, warning about anti-God will be returning to Earth in the future, a researcher, couple of priests and a group of students try to prevent that to be happening, but they were the one set the wheel in motion, by accidential unleashed Satan o ...more
Professor Creeps
A real rarity, this black-cast fantasy/comedy stars the great Mantan Moreland and deals with magic spells which turn various characters into animals. Watch for it.
Professor Popper's Problem
An eccentric instructor at a British school, Professor Popper, has invented a shrinking pill. He and a couple of his boy students test the pill, and sure enough, they shrink to just a few inches in height. (And their clothes shrink with them... the miracles of modern science!!) But growing back to n ...more
The Prophecy: Uprising
Male demon Belial swaps bodies throughout the movie a la the Hidden. Stays in the form of a female nurse for a period of time.
This so-so horror flick revolves around a bioengineering team's attempts to create the "ultimate adaptable lifeform". The result is nicknamed "Charlie" - an immensely-large creature whose native form resembles a nightmarish cross between a shark and a giant squid. However, it evolves by "absorbing" ...more
The Psammead
In this Britsh children's fairy tale, four children are granted wishes from a magical gnome. One of the wishes (a wish to be beautiful) results in a transformation that leaves them unrecognizable to their parents. Fortunatly for them, the wishes disappear at sundown.
When her son is killed in an accident, a woman uses occult powers to bring him back from the grave. Unfortunately, he returns as a murderous and now invulnerable zombie and soon his entire motorcycle gang joins him. Repentant of her selfish actions and unable to bear the fact that her son is now k ...more
Pumpkin Head
SPOILERS!!!! One of the best horror films ever made, around the time when films were gold (1980s). Ed Harley's son is killed by careless teens, so Ed takes it upon himself to exact revenge. He deploys the help of an old hag in the middle of the woods, who, summons the great Vengeance to wreak havoc ...more
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