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Category: 'Movie'
O Lucky Man!
In this 1973 movie, Malcolm McDowell is a volunteer at an experimental hospital. At night he wanders into another patient's room. When he pulls the covers off the man, he's horrified to see he has the body of a pig.
Ogenki Clinic
On video (seen in Dutch cult video rental shop). Released on the Doki-Doki label, no. 005. The text on the box is in Italian, and promises Italian subtitles, but the episode description matches the TG/bodyswap Ogenki Clinic episode. Not viewed personally.
Oh! Yes Sir!!
Assassin known as Nine Face Fox disguises himself as a blonde female criminal (who attempts to kill Nine Face Fox) in order to assassinate a crime boss. Interesting masking scene similar to Darkman.
Okay Toots!
Charlie and his wife exchange bodies.
Omega Doom
Its a world full of droids and robots. The TF is this: A male teacher drone is constantly being beheaded, and so has to have a new body provided each time. He attaches his head to this body and uses it as his own. The leader of a group of goodlooking female killer androids gets head head whacked ...more
Once Upon a Spy
Ted Danson starred in this made for TV movie as computer nerd Jack Chenault working for the government who is called to active duty as a secret agent against his will by gorgeous operative Paige Tannehill (Mary Louise Weller). It seems that a master criminal of the James Bond variety, Marcus Valori ...more
One and the Same
A troubled young woman finds out about a secret lab that is doing research into reincarnation. She discovers she is the reincarnation of a murdered boy and seeks revenge.
One Shinohou Jou (?)
Iga ninja has the power of transformation through the use of a transformation powder and the act of sucking the essence out of his victim. He uses the power to transform first into the enemy leader's consort (as an example) and then later to transform into a maiden (to enter the heroine's military ...more
Operacja Koza
This is classical body swap comedy. Chemist created serum who can swap personalities, when 2 people drink that and have sex:) He change with Russian agent, beauty blond woman. At the end, they swap back. There is also minor plot, where alcoholic grave-digger swap with female goat... Film is rat ...more
Ore ga Aitsu de Aitsu ga Ore de
Saito Kazumi is a transfer student from Sapporo. On the first day at her new school, she is almost run over by a car, and would have been hit if she had not been shoved out of the way by Saito Kazuo. She, however, doesn't see him, and mistakes her savior for Yamamoto, for whom she falls almost imme ...more
Film of Virginia Woolf's 1928 novel in which the main character becomes a woman, and lives for centuries.
Orochi the Eight-Headed Dragon
There is a very brief sceen where the evil wizard changes back from pretending to be the hero's mother.
The Others
A hideous old woman possesses the body of a little girl.
Our Little Science Story
The past wed 1/11/06 in Starz Kids and Fantasy channel A lab accident results in the spirit of a young chemist possessing a girl's body. Good movie
Out There
A pulitzer prize winning photographer takes a picture of a ufo and winds up running in to all of these ufo freaks, in one scene, the photographer is waiting to talk to a tabloid guy, while he is waiting he talks to a marylin monroe dressed girl, the girl says all the aliens are drag queens because t ...more
Explanation of the category 'Movie'

A feature-length video or motion picture.

Can be created on film or digital - or made for the silver-screen, television, or direct-to-video release.

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