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Category: 'Movie'
Naked Lunch
At the end of the movie, Fadela (Monique Mercure) rips open first her shirt, then her breasts apart revealing that it is actually a bodysuit. After splitting the bodysuit in half, we find that inside Fadela was Dr. Benway (Roy Scheider).
Naruto Shippuden the 1 Movie "The Death of Naruto"
In The middle of the Movie there's a transformation on which one of the guards "Taruho" of the priestess "Shion" turns himself into a duplicate of her to save her life. This Jutsu is special because the transformation due to the fact that once you transform in the person you want there is no g ...more
National Lampoon's Christmas Vaction
The SNL and National Lampoon's Vacation star Chevy Chase begins to look out his kitchen window and begins to imagine what his would be swimming pool would look like, first he imagines his happy family enjoying it, then his rude relative (Randy Quaid) turns up, as he waves to Chevy Chase whilst on th ...more
Natural City
This korean movie is very remincent of Bladerunner. It's about a police officer, named "R", who falls in love with a "Doll". Human like cyborg with a built in service expiration date. In order to keep her past this time he makes a deal with a mad scientist to implant her mind in a real human's body. ...more
Neko no Ongaeshi
An excellent anime production from Studio Ghibli. Haru is a young japanese girl who finds herself being taken by force into the kingdom of cats to be married to the prince. She politely explains that since she is not a cat she cannot possibly marry the prince, who is also a cat. The king laughs a ...more
Never Ending Story 3
Near the end of it- the main boy gets turned into a karate expert in order to battle Jack Black's bully gang.
The New Adventures of Pinocchio
A new angle on the classic tale... and that's no lie! Starring Martin Landau as Geppetto and Jonathan Taylor Thomas as the voice of Pinocchio.
Night Life of the Gods
MAJOR SPOILER INCLUDED!!! This light fantasy film, long thought to be lost, has, in fact, survived in the archives of UCLA, and bootlegged copies of it are now making the rounds of collectors. Alan Mowbray portrays a wealthy and very eccentric inventor who devises a method of changing living flesh ...more
Night of the Living Babes
A brothel madam threatens to turn two men into babes (doesn't). Later she turns a sex change ray on herself and becomes a man. Brief, at end.
Night of the Demons 3 / Demon House
Furry, Mythical
Night of the Demons 3 (1997) by Paramount Pictures Some teenagers on Halloween end up at a haunted house and become the costumes they are wearing at the end of the climax. A girl wearing a cat costume becomes a cat girl one of the guys face becomes a devil sort mirroring the mask he wore t ...more
Night Watch
Russian film (originally released as Nohcnoi Dozor) about the battle of the "Dark Forces" against the super human "Others" of the Night Watch. At one point, a female member of the Night Watch transforms into a tiger during a battle scene. Reasonably good transformation effect but the film itsel ...more
Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors
Gender, Male
Freddy tricks Nancy by appearing as her father(whom Freddy recently killed), then stabs her with his glove when she walks into his arms. While a band of gifted young teenagers discover their newfound abilities inside the Dream Dimension, Freddie attempts to "divide and conquer" their little group s ...more
Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors
The scene starts with Freddy Krueger becoming a puppet handing on the wall. He then cuts the strings that are holding him up and lands on the floor. He then walks over to a bed and grows to his normal size. Later in the scene we see Freddy Krueger towering over the building as a giant.
A Nightmare on Elm Street 4, The Dream Master
During one nightmare Freddy lures a already changing tough girl, who had earlier stepped on a roach, into a giant roach motel. She becomes stuck in the sticky goo and she falls face first, as she pulls away from it, her face comes off and it reveals a cockroach head and body. Her transformation is s ...more
Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master
Freddy appears as a beautiful woman swimming inside a waterbed to distract one of his victems
A Nightmare on Elm Street V: The Dream Child
Freddy mutates one of his victems into a half-man, half-motorcycle and makes him crash.
Nightmare on Elm Street, IV
Freddy turns a pretty teenage bodybuilder into a roach with human legs. He then sticks her into a roach motel.
A Supernatural serial killer turns himself into Elizabeth Hurley to seduce the hero.
Nine Lives
A horror flick about a bunch of college kids who go to a fancy mansion. But its haunted by the spirit of a Ghost who possesses their bodies. When someone kills the body the ghost is in, he moves right into the body who killed him. And it goes on like this
Ninja 3, The Domination
A recently slain ninja possess the body of a woman to seek revenge on his killers.
No Side
A sociologist/photograper who has recently returned to the U.S.A from an extended feild trip in Africa,studying nomadic tribes,becomes restless and starts to follow and photgraph a group of urban nomads(Who are biker types)He becomes obbsesed with the similaritys between the urban and the african n ...more
Nostril Picker
A very unlikable character learns how to change shape, at one point he becomes a high school girl.
Not Like Us
Two aliens needs to kill and skin humans to hide their real, hideous appearance and to live among human in a little town. Including both male and female skin/bodysuit.
Nothing But The Night
As with a number of entries, this flick could be comfortably placed in more than one category. Briefly, the plot involves a remote orphanage somewhere in England and the nefarious plot to give aging rich folks "new youth" by medically transferring their minds/personalities/souls into the bodies of ...more
Nutty Professor
In the movie a fat professor invents a formula to turns him into a skinny swinger.
Nutty Professor II: The Klumps
Buddy Love (Eddie Murphy) is turned into a toddler near the end of the movie.
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