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Category: 'Movie'
Ma Vie est un Enfer
A nurse in love with her boss sells her soul to the devil's assistant. In return she gets a make over and becomes a bimbo. French dialogue. Shortly after she sells her soul- She asks the devils assistant (Daniel Auteuil) to make her a beautiful woman. He does.. and Leah becomes Scarlett. A beau ...more
Machete Kills
Gender, Inanimate, Male
Machete Kills features a character called The Chameleon, who is constantly changing appearance from a white guy to Cuba Gooding Jr, to Lady Gaga, to Antonio Banderas. (Spoiler Text)
The Machine
A psychiatrist built a machine to read minds, but during testing, he exchanged body with the case study, a psychopath who murdered 3 women. The psychopath now in the doctor's body, decided to continue his way of murder, starting with the doctor's family.
At the end, the credits say the main character turned state's evidence. The witness protection program turned him into Janet Reno.
Produced by Robert Zemeckis and directed by Tommy O'Haver, 'Magick' will apparently be a mainstream fantasy/comedy adventure movie in which a man and woman switch bodies from the neck down. Plot details are vague at the moment as the whole project is being kept secretive. But so far I gather that th ...more
Maleficent transforms a crow into a man, a wolf, and... other things to aid her.
Man From S.E.X
Mad scientist transforms 'the strongest man in the world' into a beautiful girl. Another scene has the hero about to go to bed with a beautiful girl, only to discover it's a male enemy agent in disguise.
The Man Who Changed His Mind
Seen this once on the abc and the second time the tape stuffed up. A mad scientist steals a rich business man's son's body. He does this to live forever, and to be close to a love he could never have.
The Man Who Lived Again
Plot Details: This reveals major details about the movie's plot. Well-written, well-staged and well-acted Boris Karloff mad scientist film, from the Gaumont-British studios. Karloff's developed a device that will allow him to transfer the minds of two people to each other's bodies. Colleagues laugh ...more
The Man Who Wagged His Tail
Older black and white film. Peter Ustinov as a mean landlord who abuses everyone. Finally, he goes to far with an old woman who tells fairy tales to neighborhood children. She pays him a visit, turns him into a dog. Tells him he spent his entire life mistreating others. He has made himself impossib ...more
Man with the Screaming Brain
Though therre is kind of male transformation as well. Rich American (Bruce cambell) & his blond unhappy middle aged wife come to Russia, a Taxi driver is hired. He sells his crazy & dark hair, sexy gypsy girl friend's ring to the rich american - the gypsy girl ends up murdering all three of them. ...more
The Man With Two Brains
Steve Martin plays a doctor who is in love with a female brain being kept alive in a jar. They communicate telepathicaly. He goes so far as to attatch wax lips to her jar so he can kiss her. When his estranged wife is murdered by a rampaging Merv Griffin, he has his girlfriend's brain implanted i ...more
Hey everyone I saw the trailer for the movie on the web! There is a scene of the the young female scientist, which looks like she is transforming into the mosquito!!! She is in the bathroom when it happens,she ripps off her shirt and is in her underwear and in pain like a scene in An American Werewo ...more
Mao Ijou Bunka Otome
Its a story about a boy named Mao who got struck by lightnig and woke up in a field in a girl's body his age. He goes home trying to convince his parents that he is really Mao, eventually convincing them and they taught him about behaving like one until they solve the problem. 2 months later Mao ...more
Maris the Chojo
Murphy, a fox (male) who is the companion of heroine Maris, can turn himself into nine copies of anything he can think of. Murphy twice turns into nine copies of Maris (changing, the first time, from a handsome heir.)
Marker (2005)
In a small town, some people ("Markers") transform into half-human, half-goat creatures. (Spoiler Text) The transformation is central to the plot and reasonably well developed. Viewed on Vongo (, aka Starz. Directed by John Piazs.
In a VERY Bizarre Japanese film a dollmaker kills his wife and dumps her body into a strange pond, later he finds her body has resurfaced and transformed into wax. He sculps her into a three foot tall big eyed doll called a Marronnier. Later he creates a machine that uses the pond water to turn othe ...more
Mars Attacks
Martians perform a head swap on a pretty reporter and her dog. This entry has been merged with entryid=4260 - and is now marked for deletion - cj 2007apr08
Mars Attacks!
Animal, Size
A US general is shrunk by the Martians and stepped on. Martians perform a head swap on a pretty reporter and her dog.
Master Minds
A mad scientist kidnaps Sach to use him in an intelligence-switching experiment with a monster. A Bowery Boys series film if I recall the name correctly. Haven't seen it in decades so I could be off a little.
Master of Disguise
Opening of movie has Papa Disguisey running out of mansion in sheer dress as Bo Derek then takes body suit off to reveal himself. Also has a bit as Jessica Simpson stealing a lunar shuttle from NASA, other bits include Jesse Ventura, Michael Johnson and the cheif villain played by Brent Spiner. Seve ...more
The Matrix
Early in Neo's training, Morpheous takes him to into a program in which he walks down the street, instructing him in the truth of the Matrix. Neo is distracted by a flirty, sexy woman in red who walks by him. Morpheous then says, "Were you listening to me, or were you watching that woman in red? ...more
Matrix Reloaded
Male, Gender
Agents, who can take over anybody's body in the matrix, do this to several males and one female (Most transformations are onscreen). Also, Agent Smith, who has the properties of a virus, infects several other people (all males) When he does this, they turn into an exact clone of him.
Matrix Revolutions
Agent Smith, now with the abilities of a computer virus, is able to copy himself onto other files(anyone in the Matrix). This includes other sentient programs, people still hard-wired in the Matrix, and even freed minds. When he does this, the person he infects instantly morphs into another Smith, t ...more
A ten year old girl pauses by a mausoleum and is possessed by a demon. In later life she is impelled to harm people. When the heroine is about to get nasty, her eyes turn green.
Mauvais Esprit
French comedy about a man named Simon who has his architectual design stolen from him by a man named Porel. To make matters worse, Porel accidentally hits him with his car. But Simon is reincarnated as Porel's baby and does everything in his infant power to make life miserable for Porel. There's ...more
A ghost takes over the body of Jan (played by Glenn Close), from time to time.
Maze The Megaburst Space
A girl named Maze wakes up to find her room a mess. She realizes that she has partially lost her memory and that her room has been teleported to a strange world. She meets a girl named Princess Mill who is on the run from the "Jaina Holy Group"; Maze also soon realizes that at night she becomes a m ...more
Mean Spirit
Mega-powered architect Porel and his duplicitous trophy wife Chrystele are expecting their first child. When Porel is in an auto accident that kills a man the same day that Chrystele gives birth, the victim of the accident is then reborn as Porel's vindictive son. Original title "Mauvais esprit". Fr ...more
Mechtat ne vredno
One guy named Shnek (engl. "Screw") gets drunk. On his way home by bus he talks to old man, who appears to be a wizard. Shnek says that he is a bit jealous of women, cause their life is easier. Next morning he wakes up as a girl.
Meet the Applegates
1991 - USA - Comedy - Rated "R" In an attempt to stop the human caused destruction of their home... and the planet - a previously undiscovered species of insects in South America - that resemble giant praying mantes - appear as humans. Although IMDB lists this as a disguise, I disagree. In th ...more
In this Dreamworks film a blue, bald, supervillain named Megamind finally defeats his arch nemesis Metro Man. One of the tools of villainy he has is a Disguise Generator watch which can scan the image of any person even if they are non exist and he uses this to turn himself into the Warden to es ...more
Mein Bruder ist ein Hund
Marietta's wish (Maria Ehrich) is a dog. But her brother has an animal-allergy. An animal out of question. On her 10th birthday she get's a magic stone, which can grant every wish. And it's true: As Marietta uses the stone the first time, a cutely dog scratches seconds later at her room-door- but ...more
Men in Black 2
The main alien bad guy, Serleena, upon arrived on Earth, who "morphed" into a model she saw in Victoria Secret catalog.
In the 2nd part of the TV Movie, there is a short seen where the Abbot from the Monastery drops her disguise to reveal she is actually Queen Mab
Merlin Le secret de Broceliande
Gender, Inanimate
Merlin creates a potion to protect Arthur from a love elixir created by Morgane by changing his gender. Unfortunately for Lancelot he ends up being the one drinking it by mistake. In the meantime, the sorceress decides to turn Gweneviere into stone to try and force the king's hand.
Messieurs les Enfants
NOTE: This movie is in French with NO ENGLISH SUBTITLES OR DUBBING. On a magical night, a number of children, roughly eight to ten years of age, living in a small French town find themselves engaging in various conflicts with adults. Then, as if to teach everyone involved a lesson about the matte ...more
It is the future, and humans are divided into two groups: the thinkers, who make plans (but don't know how anything works), and the workers, who achieve goals (but don't have the vision). Completely separate, neither group is complete, but together they make a whole. One man from the "thinkers" dare ...more
Mi mujer es la que manda
When a crooked politician, Leopoldo, (Miguel Lizardi) is barred entrance to heaven, his only chance to pass through the pearly gates is to return to earth and live as a poor woman, Julia, (Heidy Marchena) for a full week. Leopoldo agrees -- and soon comes to regret his decision. Faced with a do-not ...more
Michael Jackson's Moonwalker
In one point in the movie Michael's character becomes a giant fighting robot.
Mickey Mouse In Runaway Brain
Mickey gets his brain switched with Julius (Pete) while on a job to get money for his anniversary trip with Minnie.
A Mighty Wind
In the movie,Michael McKean,Harry Shearer,and Christopher Guest play a folk music trio called the Folksmen who participate in a reunion concert. The end of the movie shows what happened to each of the principals after the concert,and the Folksmen are shown as performers at a casino. The big differen ...more
Miguel leaves his hometown in the Philippines to study in the United States; seven years later, he returns as Michelle.
The Minion
This isn't a great movie, but in the interest of being a completist I'll include it. "The Minion" of the title is a male spirit working for the Anti-Christ, who has been locked in a special cell in Israel for two thousand years. The spirit moves from body to body much in the manner of the alien in ...more
Miraculous Ladybug 19
In Miraculous Ladybug, a main villain named Hawkmoth uses Akuma to turn ordinary people into villains. He preys on people with hurt feelings or a desire for revenge. In this episode there was a girl named Juleka who was upset because she never gets to be in her school photos, due to various circu ...more
Misadventures of Fanny Starr: Case of the Two Fanny Starrs
Fanny Starr (Clancey McCauley) is hired by Vanessa Krueger (Deana) to guard the lab of Vanessa’s late father, but it turns out to be a trap by the hit woman. Using her father’s equipment, Vanessa is able to switch bodies with Fanny in order fulfill a “hit” and have the blame ...more
Gender, Age
This is a movie based off of the Misfile webcomic, about a teenage boy that accidentally gets misfiled in heaven as a teenage girl. There is also a minor age change with one of the other characters.
Miss Change (Miseu Cheinji)
A man finds a woman unconscious on the side of the road and brings her home. After accidentally kissing her on the lips, he finds he can swap into her body--leaving his body unconscious
Miss Hanafi
A sexist man receives an accidental sex change operation on his wedding night in this 1954 Egyptian film.
Miss Mystic
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
Animal, Gender, Male
Mr. Barron transforms himself into various men and women as a disguise. Miss Peregrine and others can transform themselves into birds.
The Monster and the Girl
This may be the quintessential sci-fi/crime flick of all time. A man comes to the Big City to rescue his sister, who has been recruited into a life of prostitution by the evil local thugs. Instead, he's framed for murder, tried, convicted, and executed, all in about ten minutes (the law didn't foo ...more
Monster by Mistake
Warren turns into a 7-foot-tall blue monster whenever he sneezes.
Monster Dog
This 1984 horror film (also known as the Bite and Leviatan) stars Alice Cooper as a rockstar named Vince Raven who goes to his old childhood home to shoot a music video for his latest song, while at a party he is interrupted when he hears strange noises, he goes outside to find a family of wi ...more
Monster Squad
The title pretty much speaks for itself a group of kids are forced to take on the likes of the werewolf, dracula, frankensteins monster, mummy and the creature from the black lagoon not much in the way of a plot but has some great werewolf transformations.
Monsters Vs Aliens
Animal, Size
Susan Murphy (Reese Witherspoon) is hit by a radioactive meteor on the day of her wedding to weatherman Derek Dietl (Paul Rudd), absorbing a substance called quantonium and growing into a giantess. (Spoiler Text)
Mortal Kombat
When the sorcerer Shang Tsung (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa) steals the soul from a victim, he is able to assume their form at will. At one point he takes the form of Liu Kang's brother.
Mortal Kombat Annihilation
In the big battle between Liu Kang and Emperor Shao Khan, both do their "Animality" power. Liu Kang transforms into a huge dragon and gains the advantage, but Shao Khan quickly regains the upper hand by transforming into a Hydra.
Mosquito Man
In this movie a deadly Virus which is brought from Mosquitos (like Malaria)kills many people. A scientist is working on DNA-changed Mosquitos that are unabel to aquire the virus. The last testing sequence is the test on a human. A serial-killer is brought to the lab were he overpowered the guards an ...more
Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium
Described as a cross between Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and Big, this sees Portman play the manager of a toy store that seems to come alive when infused by the spirit of its eccentric owner. When his health begins to fail, he wants to turn the store over to her, but her depression has tur ...more
Mr. Ya Miss
¡Mucha Lucha!: The Return of El Maléfico
Gender, Inanimate
In this really odd movie based on the Cartoon Network Cartoon, when Malifico gets released he turns all the young wresters into animals and objects like Bowling Pins and Coins ect In the movie when the three kids are going to enter a volcano casino in Las vegas, A mage swap their torso and legs ...more
The Mummy 1 & 2
In the Brendom Fraizer movies the Mummy is a shriveled up husk. When he kills and absorbes the life force of the men who opened a curse chest he gradually gets more and more of his orginal body back. When he kills the last one he is fully restored. One other thing when he kisses Rachel Wesaz his u ...more
My Body Your Soul
Man and woman switch bodies.
My Favorite Martian
AKA: My Favourite Martian Perhaps my favourite part of the movie, Lizzie (Daryl Hannah) chews on a piece of gum and transforms into a giant green slobbering alien. After a while in the form, she takes out the gum and transforms back to normal. Alien Uncle Martin attempted to ruin reporter Bra ...more
My Mom's a Werewolf
"A bored suburban housewife with a workaholic husband accepts a date with a mysterious stranger whose love nibbles start a weird transformation. With only a fortune-teller to guide her, it's up to her teenage daughter to stop her mom from becoming a suburban werewife." I barely remember seeing a ...more
My Pet Monster
This movie is based on the popular toy of the 1980's, in it a young boy is zapped by an ancient mystical statue while on a museum field trip and is turned into a monster, he changes into monster form whenever he is hungry or if the baddies are near. There's also a part at the end of the movie ...more
Myra Brekenridge
Rex Reed gets a sex change and turns into Raquel Welch, then is turned back again.
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