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Category: 'Movie'
L' (2005) Empire des loups
The new movie of a Black Magic woman steals her new face from her victim.
L'Anima Gemella
This Italian film is about a young woman Teresa who is left at the altar by her fiance, Tonino. Tonino then runs off with his lover, Maddalena. Teresa then has a man (who's family apparently dabbles in witchcraft) kidnap Maddalena and help turn Teresa into Maddalena. She now has Maddalena's body ...more
la mano de satan
Gay Ricardo falls in love with engaged straight man Arturo, and makes a deal with the devil to become a beautiful woman so he can live happily ever after with the man of his dreams. The next thing Ricardo knows, the Devil has answered his prayers, and he's a beautiful woman named Julia. But when Art ...more
An owl flies into Toby's room then changes into David Bowie's character Jareth, same thing happens at the end but with Jareth turning back into a bird.
A good animal transformation film, its compleat transformation, with mo memories or controle once the transformation occourse. (Spoiler Text) IMDB Link
The Last of the Secret Agents?
This obscure Allen and Rossi comedy is playing AMC now and is rather like an extended version of "Get Smart!" At one point aboard a train, the boys are told to expect a visit from another agent, code name "Fred Johnson". "Fred Johnson" knocks on their door and speaks in a very male voice. Whe "he ...more
The Last Piece Standing
The second movie from Mako Pictures (the people behind THE KISS), The Last Piece Standing is a movie set in the future... where a man-made virus is unleashed and is killing the world's population of women. The story revolves around two strangers; who's paths collide and take a very dark turn. Ther ...more
The Last Unicorn
Upon learning that she is the last of her kind, a unicorn goes on a search to find out where the others of her kind have disappeared to.
The Legend of the Boy and the Eagle
This was a Disney movie from the late 60's. In the end the boy leaps off of a cliff and changes into a Golden Eagle.
Legend of the Swordsman
Redubbed version of "The Swordsman 2", in which the main villan slowly changes into a woman in the quest for ultimate power. A few slight changes in the dubbing from the orignal version. First Official US release of the film
Legend of the Troll King
the villain of the story King Simon (played by Simon Cowell) has the abilitiy to morph into a good looking troll with magical powers, as seen in several fight scenes.
Legend of the Mummy
An archaeologist discovers that his daughter is possessed by the spirit of an Egyptian queen. She sleeps with the fiance after the possession before he realizes what happened. This is a remake of The Awakening but it does have its own twists and turns
Leprechaun 2
On his 1000th birthday, the Leprechaun (Warwick Davis) has come to claim his bride - the descendant and spitting image of a girl he was denied centuries before. Near the end of the film, he takes on her form in order to trick her boyfriend Cody into giving up one of the imp's gold shillings which p ...more
Leprechaun 4 in Space
The leprechaun takes the form of a beautiful blonde women to gain access to the princess.
Leprechaun 4: In Space
The Evil Leprechaun (Warwick Davis) is back for one last killing spree. This time, if he succeeds he'll rule the entire Universe! His scheme revolves around an alien princess whose title - along with his gold could make him powerful beyond his wildest dreams. However, the princess was "rescued" from ...more
Leroy and Stitch
A new Lilo and Stitch movie came out called Leroy and Stitch. In it all the experiiments, including babyfied (it turns adults into babies) have been captured and made good by Lilo and Stitch. During the movie Lilo checks up on the experiments and sees one that makes a man look like elvis. The ...more
Lexx - I Worship His Shadow
This cheesy movie, on which the TV Series "Lexx" was based, has several variations of the title, of which the most official is probably "I Worship His Shadow", but I put "Lexx" in there to make it more searchable. Zev (I think that was the original correct spelling) was originally a fat ugly woma ...more
Life in a Day
Directed by: Eleanor lindo A scientific experiment in rapid-cell growth goes awry when a lab assistant steals the developed serum and injects it into his pregnant girl friend. The result is a child that grows through adulthood and will die within days, if a cure cannot be found. Very great Age ...more
An alien from outer space, apparently a human female, and certainly naked, is discovered in suspended animation in a capsule in space. She is brought back to a British laboratory, and all the experts hum and hah over her. When the conference is over, a naughty lustful guard goes back alone and touc ...more
Like father, Like Son
Father and son swap bodies by accident with the help of a strange liquid. the son now has to do his fathers job as a doctor, and the father now has to date girls.
The Little Mermaid
Male, Female, Mythical
In the movie Ariel and the evil octopus witch turn into humans. King Triton turns into a wormy creature. When Ursula is singing about "poor unfortunate souls" she conjures up a fat woman and a skinny dude that looks kind of stupid. When Ursula sings "and do I help them?" She snaps her fingers an ...more
The Little Mermaid 2
A shark is transformed into a fish.
Little Nicky
For a movie full of TG posibilities there's only one actual scene that fills the bill, and you don't even have to go to the theater to see it as it's being shown as a clip on the talk-show circuit. It involves a magical battle between Nicky and his nasty brother in which a mean gardner comes out an ...more
Looney tunes: Back in Action
I don't remeber the names but theres one part where the hero, the girl, bugs bunny, datfy duck, and the villian are all transported to the villian's base by some transport ray thing. When they get there teres a problem and they all swichted body parts. the ony one i remember was that the girl had du ...more
Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King
In the beginning of the movie, we see Smeagol, an ordinary Hobbit, slowly corrupted and transformed by the Ring Of Power into the hideous Gollum.
The Lost Continent Atlantis
Not one of George Pal's best films, but a fun one, nevertheless. It takes place in the mythical Atlantis, of course, where a valiant Greek fisherman who has saved the Princess' life is rewarded by being sentenced to slavery and then becoming a gladiator. Apparently, there are a lot more people on ...more
The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra
In a campy take-off on 1950's and 1960's sci-fi movies, an earth husband and wife, an alien husband and wife and a skeleton seek the radioactive element "Atmosphereum". A mad scientist takes the aliens' Transmutatron device (a caulking gun with a can on the end) and converts four animals of the for ...more
Lubov Morkov 2
The is the sequel to the movie Lubov Morkov. In part 2 the kids and the adults switch bodies and have to live each other lives.
Married couple switches bodies after asking a doctor to help with their family problems. Here is a film review I translated and edited to make some sense to English language readers. I haven't seen more than the trailers and the music video but the following seems to match what I have seen. ...more
The Luck of the Irish
At the beginning of the movie Kyle Johnson is seen shrunken on a stage. We see him calling up at a girl who is calling out his name over a microphone. Then we see a close up of the girl's foot which then lifts out of view showing Kyle standing there. Kyle then looks up and then we see her foot comin ...more
Lupin III: Legend of the Gold of Babylon
Age, Gender
Lupin takes the guise of his beautiful arch enemy Fujiko in order to infiltrate a wealthy entrepreneur's secret liar. Lupin is taking photographs of some secret scrolls when the entrepreneur catches "her." When stabbed, the body suit "blows up" and it is revealed that the beautiful woman was reall ...more
In the movie there is Dr.Jekle. If you don't know Dr.Jekle is the one who made the formula to turn himself into Mr.Hyde, and in the movie he is huge.
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