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Category: 'Movie'
Kamen Rider Cho Den-O Trilogy: Episode Yellow
In the third of the Kamen Rider Cho Den-O trilogy films, Episode Yellow, Daiki Kaito breaks out of the Time Police's prison and attempts to flee on DenLiner (a train that can travel through time.) Kurosaki, the agent who arrested him, is waiting inside DenLiner's dining cart, so Daiki disguises ...more
KAMILLIONS is a low-budget fantasy/sex romp flick featuring a creature from another dimension who sneaks into ours disguised as a normal-looking adult male. Actually, "he" is an undisciplined child from the other side who uses his advanced powers to punish people who displease him (just like in Gor ...more
Kasumi Lady Ninja
One of the enemy assassins is a contortionist who is able to use that to disguise himself as a little girl.
Keong Mas
Indonesian movie. During the last half hour a girl is turned into a golden sea shell, but returns to normal soon.
Key | Master key
Old Soviet full-length animated movie about fairies which give a present to the boy - key to the Happy land. In this land all unhappy moments are removed from the life. When boy's grandfather, who is master of metal working, tried to protest, fairies draw frame and change him into picture. They cha ...more
Killer Party
Ghost of male college student possesses female sorority member. She kills most of the cast by the end of the party.
Kim Possible
The villans gain acess to a time machine. They travel back in time to try to rid the future of KP. They use Draken's jouvinator to become preschoolers.
Kimi no na wa
The film's plot follows a high school girl in rural japan named Mitsuha Miyamizu along with a high school boy in Tokyo named Taki Tachibana. For what at first appears to be for no reason, the two begin to switch bodies unexpectedly. The switch happens on completely randomized days, beginning once t ...more
Kingsajz is a name of a world of grown men in opposition to the Drawerland where liliputs live, as in Drawedland everything is miniature and mediocre and outside it everything is king size. Also a green potion that allows a liliput to became "big man" for a certain period of time was called K ...more
Kirikou and the Sorceress
The Kiss
Female, Gender
A new film from Mako Pictures, Coming in 2004. 3 Friends are about to have an encounter that will change one of them forever. Using a low-budget with makeup effects, The Transformation looks incredible. The Trailer is on The website, as is cast and crew bios and other information ...more
Age, Gender, Animal
Kronk's New Groove
After being stuck as a cat in the first movie, Yzma returns with a mostly human body, but cat ears and tail. She even turns herself into a rabbit by accident after drinking a potion.
Krrish 3
Gender, Female
Krrish 3 is the third in a series of Bollywood movies about Krishna Mehra, whose alter ego is the masked Indian super-hero Krrish. In this movie, Krrish must fight an evil genius Kaal (who is also Krishna's brother) and a group of super-powered henchmen (rather similar to the X-Men's Brotherhood o ...more
Ashokan, Kottara Gopalakrishnan Children of a small village in Southern India are changed into dogs by a mysterious holy man in this fetching children's fantasy. One boy is taken in by a young girl from a wealthy family and is ostracized by the other dogs for being a mongrel. The dog-boy makes ...more
Kung Phooey
Towards the end of this straight-to-DVD title, the old master is shown kissing one of the bad guys. Upon further inspection, it's actually the female villain wearing a mask. Brief.
Kung Phooey.
A comedy in which the hero, Art Chew, an apprentice monk of shur-li Temple, must set out to find the "ancient peach", which is a fountain of youth of sorts granting whoever eats it eternal youth. no tf is shown, but the evil owner of a chinese restaurant, helen Hu (who is obsessed with wanting to lo ...more
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A feature-length video or motion picture.

Can be created on film or digital - or made for the silver-screen, television, or direct-to-video release.

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