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Category: 'Movie'
J.K. Rowling book Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Male, Furry
Harry and Ronald use a potion to change into two other boys at their school. Harry's friend, Hermione, makes an error in mixing up a polyjuice potion with some cat hairs and ends up with cat fur, whiskers, and a tail.
Jack is a ten year old boy who grows four times faster than a normal person. He has the body of a middle-aged man and the mind of a kid.
Jack the Giant Killer
In this Harryhausen-esque filmed fairy tale, the valiant country boy Jack battles the giants of the title, wizards, skeletons, and dragons, all for the love of the beautiful princess. About mid-way through, the evil wizard changes a friendly Viking into a dog and Jack\'s cabinboy into a chimpanzee, ...more
Jack-Jack Attack
Near the end of the movie, baby Jack-Jack transforms into a mad devil and various objects when Syndrome angers him. If you have the double DVD, you can also Jack-Jack transform into other various things in "Jack-Jack Attack" short.
Jacqueline Hyde
Gender, Female
Jacqueline works in telephone sales, but she is not very successful at that, or in her love life. When a rich grandfather dies and leaves her a mansion, she moves in and discovers that he was working on an experimental potion. When she drinks some, she discovers that she can reshape her body at wil ...more
Jason and the Argonauts
Jason is seen standig outside next to some Roman ruins when the greek god Hermes appears before him and grows into a giant then disappears. Then we see Jason shrunken in size and standing on Herme's hand. Hermes then lowers his hand on top of a table and Jason walks off Herme's hand onto the table. ...more
Jason Goes to Hell
After his body has been killed like a thousand times, Jason begins stealing the bodies of others.
In Part One of CBS's epic movie "Jesus", Satan appears before Jesus Christ in the desert as a beautiful woman in a red flowing robe. He switches back and forth between this form and that of an older gentleman in a black suit throughout the scene while tempting the Son of God with promises of power i ...more
Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean Come Back to the 5 & Dime
A reunion of female members of a James Dean fan club includes one who used to be a guy.
John Carter
Gender, Male
Leader of the villains disguises himself as numerous people including the hero and heroine
Johnny English
In one scene , the fake archbisop is seen taking off his mask, revealing it's reallly another man. also in one scene johnny gets shot with a truth dart making him act even more stupid than he already is. When his sidekick asks him if he is fine, johnny goes crazy and starts to muck up the party.
Johnny Mysto: Boy Wizard
A boy who dreams of being a great magician is given Merlin's magic ring. He uses it to accidentally make his sister disappear, and then to transform his buddy into her form to cover for him while he goes back in time to help Merlin. Also a small transformation of a girl into a male soldier.
Ju-On :The Grudge
It's really good, strange and mystical horror about cursed home and cursed family. The one of the "restless soul" of young boy with black eyes (demon? personification of curse? ghost?) changed into a black cat. But in that film the ghost of the murdered woman which changes into a black, shadow-li ...more
Furry, Age
Towards the end of the movie, two adults are regressed to grade school children. The boy grows monkey fur and a tail for attempting to cheat.
Jumanji: The Next Level
Animal, Female, Male, Race, Gender
A few years after the events of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, everyone has gone their separate ways. While home for Christmas break from college, Spencer gets overwhelmed and decides to try and rebuild the console, but it is not working quite right. The others (Becky, Martha and Fridge) go to ...more
Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle
Female, Gender, Male
In this sequel (reboot? remake?) of the 1995 Robin Williams film, Jumanji is updated from a board game to an 8-bit video game where the players transform into the avatars they choose. So the nerd becomes the muscular Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, the jock becomes the short Kevin Hart, the shy bookworm ...more
Jupiter Ascending
One of the older royal women fully immerses herself in what appears to be a large bath basin. Some lightning like effects later and she emerges with a younger, and different looking body. (Spoiler Text)
Jurassic Fart
A red T-Rex terrorizes a small green dinosaur. Right before he eats him, the T-Rex's stomach gurgles, and he lets off a huge fart, spreading green gas across the screen. When the gas clears the T-Rex is now the size of the green dinosaur. The green dinosaur runs off. Huge rumbling shake the little T ...more
Just Follow Law
Lim Deng Zui (starred by Gurmit Singh) is the subordinate of Tanya Chew (starred by Fann Wong) who holds a high-ranking position in a government statutory board. A car accident causes them to swap body with each other. This movie will open in Singapore theatres at the next Chinese New Year, tha ...more
Just Like Heaven
Reese Witherspoon is a recently deceased doctor who haunts her former home. In the preview of the upcoming film I caught, she clearly possesses the new, and male current occupant of her home at a bar, making his body do things like throw a drink at a woman for example.
Just Visiting
Hilarious movie! A very noble French Count & his very crude Surf come to the twenty century. Chicago will never be the same. They accidently time travel because the count while under the unfluence of a evil witches magical potion sees everyone as ugly demon including the beautiful princes that is to ...more
Justice League: Doom
During the animated movie there is a scene where Martian Manhunter's opponent, Ma'alefa'ak, poses as an attractive blonde woman in a bar where "John" is with his co-workers. This alien is presented previously as a male alien and eventually reveals himself, though only to J'onn's Martian vision. ...more
Justice League of America Pilot
The unsold live action pilot of the DC Comics book has the Martian Manhunter transformed into Fire for one scene. This was done in order to confuse a male that had accidentally stumbled onto her secret identity (he then saw "Fire" and Bea together, thought he was wrong...).
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