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Category: 'Movie'
In order to stop a bomb FBI Agent Sean Archer must take the face and apearence of terrorist Castor Troy who is in a comma. During the mission Castor comes out of the comma andand takes Archer's face and kills everyone one who knows about the switch. Cool movie. Great action.
The Faculty
In this sci-fi/horror film where alien parasites invade and take over the bodies of a high school faculty, we see the queen alien transforming back to her human form as one of the students (naked, no less, but we don't get to see anything). The transformation is rather shadowy. Also, if I recall, ...more
In this movie a cop gets a convict excicuted then after he's killed he moves about from body to body possesing people without their knowing terrorizing the cop who had him executed. Although i haven't seen the whole thing that is what happens. A demon can move from body to body just by touch. Ma ...more
False Lady
Chinese version of "Switch" A man (confusingly named "Ah Man") dies when a woman carelessly knocks a heavy flowerpot off a balcony. His spirit goes to the anteroom to heaven and hell, but they weren't expecting him yet. The demon attendants there are very careless and tell him that he can re-occup ...more
Fam and Ihrie
Ihrie is cursed to turn into a mouse when she uses stong magic
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
It's not really a transformation, but two women magically change clothes before entering a speakeasy. I know some people here like that sort of thing, so I'm mentioning it. Someone changes back and forth between a human and an obscurial, .
Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer
With the arise of the Silver Surfer to planet earth, the Fantastic Four will have to go up against there greatest enemy. In the recent trailer released it shows Johnny and Ben switching powers briefly, so Ben becomes human and can create fire, while Johnny turns into The Thing. guessing there ...more
Fantastic Voyage
A scientist is in an accident and the only way to operate on his brain is from with inside his body. So a team of 5 scientists are miniaturized to a size of a micron. They travel by way of a nuclear powered sub and they only have 60 minutes to do the operation. After 60 minutes is up they will begin ...more
Fatal Games
A killer is eliminating teenage athletes in an athletics college, one by one, by impaling them with a javelin. The revelation comes right at the end, when a badly injured girl reads the truth in a carelessly discarded newspaper cutting ... that the female nurse Diane (Sally Kirkland) who is helping ...more
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Raoul Duke (Johnny Depp) takes the drug adrenochrome and watches as his attorney Dr. Gonzo (Benicio Del Toro) turn into a demon.
Fear No Evil
Satan comes back to earth in the form of a troubled teenager. At one point towards the end of the movie, one of the antagonists is turned into a woman from the neck down, then commits suicide. Good scene where the guy realizes that something strange has happened, and whips open his shirt revealing ...more
Femalien 2
Male and female aliens come to earth to find a missing female alien. Late in the movie its revealed that she has been hiding as a man dressed like one of the men in black.
Early in the movie, a human (Zach) is shrank to the size of a fairy. He wanders the forest in his miniature state until the fairies restore his size at the end.
The Fifth Element
In the spaceport scene, one of the shape-shifting alien Mangalores, who normally appear as buff male warriors, poses as a bald female punk. No actual visual transformation, though. Very brief.
Final Fantasy VII Advent Children
Before I say anything this is an amazing film and a must watch! (Spoiler Text)
Finn on the Fly
Animal, Female, Male
A mad scientist transforms a little boy's dog into a man, later on, toward the end the female scientist falls prey to her own invention and is transformed into a dog. She is then presented in a cage to the board of directors she works for who seem quite happy with the idea of not changing her ba ...more
The First Power
The spirit of an executed serial killer possesses people, including a bag lady, and a nun.
Flight of Dragons
A 20th century bookworm get transported back in time to fight an evil wizard. He is nearly kidnapped, but the spell used to rescue him merges him into the body of a young dragon. He remains this way for most of the movie. I highly recommend this one.
In the movie we see tv screens on the plane showing a person welcoming the passengers to the plane, then the person morphs to another person saying the same thing in a foreign language. A male to female and female to male
The Flinstones in Viva Rock Vegas
When Wilma is invited back home for her Father's Birthday Party, Fred goes out back to chat. Some of the men ask him his job, and he says he's a crane operator. The other guys take it as a joke, and then he repeats his job. They all find out he's serious, and then they burst their heads off. Fred, e ...more
A Florida Enchantment
Flowers for the Chameleon
The protagonist of this simply-made student film (without dialogue) changes into a straight girl, a straight guy, a lesbian and a drag queen in an attempt to find companionship.
Businessman Thomas Johnson (Matthew Modine) dies in a car crash and is reincarnated as a dog who is then named "Fluke." We also learn that Rumbo (voiced by Samuel L. Jackson) was human when he died, and then reincarnated as a dog himself. At the end, we see Rumbo reincarnated as a squirrel.
The Fly (1986)
A wonderful thriller about Seth Brundle (Jeff Golblum)attempting to change the world using a teleportation device he manufactured. However things get complicated when a fly sneaks into the telepod, and Seth's first human subject is merged with the fly... HIMSELF. Now hes slowly transforming into som ...more
The Fly 2
Not nearly as good as the tragic story that was the first, this movie introduces us to Martin Brundle, Seth Brundle's hybrid son. Who, was born with the dna that ended his father's life. He grows up into a adult male in just 5 years, never sleeps... and now it seems hes transforming into something.. ...more
The Fog
The movie is about a fog carrying a whole bunch of ghost who were murdered over a 100 years ago coming back to town to kill the decendents of their killers. Throughout the movie they look dead looking (skelition look) then at the end when the got some of their revenge their look becomes more human.
Food of the Gods part 2
This is a Canadian made sequel in which a scientist at a college resercher tries to find an antidote for a growth hormone that has made a young boy 20 feet tall and psychotic, the hormone gets feed to rats and they get loose on campus. In one scene the researcher seems to inject himself with the ...more
Forbidden City Cop
In the second half of the movie, the bumbling detective determines that the King's new concubine is the male assassin known as "No Face." The movie can temporarily be seen online at
Forest Warrior
John McKenna is a spiritual being who is able to transform into bear, wolf or eagle. He lives in the forests of Tanglewood and has dedicated his life to protect them. One day a gang of evil lumberjacks led by Travis Thorne arrive Tanglewood to chop the forest down. McKenna cannot let this happen, a ...more
Four Rooms
First of several short stories, a coven of modern day witches gather at a Los Angeles hotel to perform a ceremony intended to release their goddess from a stone into which she has been trapped. It doesn't go entirely as planned... A Quentin Tarantino film so it has some adult themes, mild nudity ...more
A man, Jeffrey (James Lorinz) works at the electricity generation station but his hobby is medicine and surgery. When his girlfriend Elizabeth (Patty Mullen) is run over by a lawn mower, he sets to, to work out how to reconstruct her. He needs some more body bits, and he enlists the help of some ho ...more
Frankenstein Conquers the World
A daikaiju film in where, during World War 2 the heart of frankenstein is sent from the germans to a Japanese research plant in Hirashima for safe keeping. However, hirashima is nuked and the few survivors ramble around the city eating anything they can to stay alive. (pets, rats, anything) When a y ...more
Frankenstein Created Woman
Frankenstein (Peter Cushing), revives a dead girl, Christina (Susan Denberg) and then puts the soul of an innocent man who has been guillotined into her body. She, or is it he, is then driven to avenge him. She speaks with his voice when the deed is complete, holding up the severed head of the tran ...more
A mad scientist is turned into a woman with monsterious legs. Brief, at end.
A high school student Millie Kessler (Kathryn Newton) unintentionally switches bodies with a serial killer known as the Blissfield Butcher (Vince Vaughn) due to a mystical curse associated with his signature dagger. The film itself is a twist on Freaky Friday combined with Friday the 13th.
Freaky F***ing Friday
Description from DVD: Japanese girl switches bodies with black guy. Japanese, but one of the narrators is speaking English with Japanese subtitles.
Freaky Friday (1976)
Age, Female
Mother and daugther switch bodies. Mother and daughter swap bodies on a friday, 13th and have to live the other live for a whole day.
Freaky Friday (1995)
Age, Female
Mother and daughter switch bodies.
Freaky Friday (2003)
Female, Age
Very funny and basically well done - a much better last thrid than the others. The girl does a better job than Jaime Lee but both are good. The son is excellent. Very funny scenes in the chinese restaurent between the chinese mother & daughter there - which intiates the swap! Some good scenes are w ...more
Freddy v. Jason
In the movie that had the razor clawed Freddy Kuger (Nightmare on Elm Street movies) take on the hokey Mask wearing Jason (Friday the 13th) to have bragging rights of who was the best. In a battles that took place in Jason's dream (Freddy kills people in their dreams). Freddy uses Jason's fear of wa ...more
Freddy vs. Jason
Gender, Male
Freddy posseses a male Pothead in order to get rid of the hypnocil and put Jason to sleep which then leads to the first fight sequence. Freddy tricks Jason into a killing spree on elm street by being Jason's mom.
An independent film currently in preproduction, Freeborn looks to be the be the werewolf movie that asks the question - if you were given the choice by someone you love, would you become one? The teaser looks fantastic - I love the feel to it. It's the kind of high end work you just love to see ...more
Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhatton
In the 8th movie of the friday the 13th series. Jason follows a whole bunch of teens on a cruise headed for New York. After killing most of everyone on board, the survivors finally land in New York and Jason is still following them. In the end the surviving teens have a final battle with him in the ...more
Fright Night
Animal, Were
Charlie Brewster is convinced that his new neighbor Jerry Dandridge (Chris Sarandon) is a vampire, so he enlists the help of horror show host Peter Vincent. At first no one believes him, until Peter catches a glimpse and sees that Jerry's reflection isn't there in the mirror. Charlie's best ...more
In the film, Princess Anna goes to find her sister, Elsa, who ran away from her coronation as Queen after accidentally revealing that she has ice powers. Upon finding her and then confronting her, Elsa accidentally strikes Anna in the heart with a "frozen heart" curse. The curse begins to slowly tu ...more
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