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Category: 'Movie'
Dame tu Cuerpo
This is a Mexican movie about a man and a woman that switch bodies. I saw the trailer on TV. I think it is a 'Pon un Hombre en tu Vida' combined with 'Dating the Enemy'.
Damn Yankees
Excellent movie, good cast. Musical Comedy. Middle aged wahington (DC) baseball fan sells his soul to the devil( with an escape clause) to be a young long ball hitter. He is turned into a young man (Tab Hunter) Ray Walston PLays the devil. Gwen Verdon plays the temptrous Lola. At the end the devil b ...more
Dangerous Seductress
The Evil Queen returns to possess an American woman who she orders to go out and claim victims to sate her blood lust. Pretty much possessed the woman through out the film. The film suppose taken place in Los Angles, but shot at Indonesia and Philippines, and can tell by the detective's car with d ...more
Danny Phantom: School's Out / Ghoul's Out
This made for TV movie is the adventure the Danny Phantom and Crew have when summer vacation starts. Freakshow has found the reality gauntlet which allows to to control reality when it is paired with the four gems: The gem of Life, the gem of Form, the Gem of Fantasy, and the Gem of Power. Danny ...more
Incredibly bad movie. A good cast gamely tries to do their best. The USA government deliberty sends Astronaunts where they will be possessed by alien parasites. A good alien possess the EX wife of a miitiary officer & tries to help earth. A SF horror movie plot you name it its included. From the hi ...more
Dark Heart - Care Bears Movie 2
An Evil Boy named "Dark Heart" transforms into any animal he wants and he can even transform himself into anything that is part of the weather (Like Clouds, Tornados, and etc).
Darkest Knight 3-The Ultimate Sword
In this DVD collected from (I think) a TV series and edited into a a two hour movie, there is a brief morphing scene towards the end. Nothing significant, and it only lasts for a few seconds, but it is implied that the people morphed happened earlier and the deception is revealed later. The spoiler ...more
Das Schulgespenst
Carola Huflattich is a tomboy, preferring jeans over skirts. If it wasn't for her friend Willi, she would probably fail all classes except PE. When she one day manages to break her chair in class, she is sent to the janitor to fetch a replacement. Hearing him being called away, she hides and sneaks ...more
Dating the Enemy
A man and woman switch bodies.
Dawn of the Dead
In the movie, most of every human on earth has turned into flesh eating zombies. If a person gets bit, doesnt matter how much, they too turn into a zombie.
Day Watch
In the russian movie Day Watch (Dnevnoy dozor 2006), sequel to Night Watch, the main character Anton must hide from pursuers by forcibly having his body exchanged with a female coworker named Olga. Initially the two have the wrong vocal tonation, but Anton quickly learns from her how to correct t ...more
A fairy takes the form of a human (pretty blond woman) and visits a widowed father and his daugther. Good movie for kids and family.
Dead & Rotting
Old woman transformed into young woman to seduce 3 men that killed her son, so she can "produce" the ghouls to kill the three men. A "B" movie.
Dead Again
Turns out the hero and herione were the opposite sex in thier previous lives. Brief.
Dead and Rotting
Never cross a witch! When three friends accidently kill the son of a witch during a prank, they inadvertently change their own fates. The witch, acting out of anger and revenge, transforms herself into an attractive young woman and seduces the three men. When she bears their children, she uses the o ...more
Dead Silence
(Spoiler Text)
Dead Weekend
Because of a DNA-altering illness, an alien female vacationing on earth changes is constantly changing appearance. Amelia initially appears Asian, but then becomes a lithe black woman, a brunette Frenchwoman, a blonde, and then a redheaded Southern gal. And all of them have sex with Stephen Baldwin ...more
Death Becomes Her
Meryl streeps character's age regresses after drinking a magic potion. I haven't seen it in years but remember that the morphing sequence look pretty cool.
Death Bed
Male spirit (found in bed) possesses beautiful heroine at the end of the movie and seduces and kills an orderly at a mental hospital.
Death Spa
A man is haunted by his dead ex-wife. To haunt him, she takes possession of her twin brother and then transforms him into her. This is revealed near the end of the movie.
In an attempt to kill the hero, the evil wizard transforms a male guard into a duplicate of princess Codille.
Deathstalker 2 - Duel Of The Titans
The princess was cloned and locked up, so the fake princess can control the kingdom. Pretty much a soft porn movie....
Just saw a preview on the Sci Fi channel for a movie etitled Decoys. The preview contain a scene where a young woman removes her shirt to reveal some sort of alien tentacles that then grow out of her chest. Not sure when it will premeire but thought I would post for those of you who are interested.
Decoys: The Second Seduction
3 aliens needs to reproduce their kind, so they disguised as beautiful women in college campus covered in snow in dead of winter, try to find men that are willing to become frozen stiff and carry alien offspring. The aliens can change back and forth to their female human forms, so it looks like ...more
Deep Red
Dr. Newmeyer demonstrates the shapeshifting powers of the organisms known as "reds" late in the movie. In a brief sequence of morphs, he changes from Detective James into Mrs. Rickman. It's also revealed that he posed as Mrs. Rickman earlier in the film.
Defending Your Life
In the afterlife, you can go to the Past Lives Pavilion and see who you once were. Meryl Streep was once a male knight. A tough looking guy was a sweet Victorian era girl. An old lady was a frightening sumo wrestler.
The Demon's Baby
A general in Chinese Ching dynasty raided graves and took a golden budda and 5 smaller bowls, which each contained a demon with the budda supressing the 5 demons in the grave. The 5 demons possessed all 4 wives of the general, plus a young maid he was interested with. The demons in human body tried ...more
Demonic Toys
Toward's the end, there's a scene where the title demon creates the illusion of a little blonde girl in a ruffled party dress of age eight in order to lure a young man out of hiding. . It then changes into a more mature version of the girl - a gorgeous woman in her late teens wearing something a bi ...more
Der Räuber Hotzenplotz
(transl. The robber Hotzenplotz) The robber hOtZenPlotZ is a thief of the very evil grade. And now he has stolen Grandma's coffee mill. What a nasty act of a crime. Can Kasperl and Sepperl bring back the stolen coffee mill? SPOILER: Later, nearly at the end of the movie, Fee ...more
Descendants (Disney)
Maleficent turns into a dragon to attack Auradon, but her daughter, Mal, stops her by using a spell to turn her own mother (Maleficent) into a lizard.
Descendants 2 (Disney)
Size, Mythical
Ursula's daughter, Uma, turns herself into a giant sea monster (half-human/sea witch and half- octopus) to attack the people on the ship. Maleficent's daughter, Mal, turns herself into a dragon to battle uma in order to protect the people on the ship.
Destiny to Order
A strugling writer's computer is struck by lightning and the chararters in his story come to life. The main bad guy, played by Michael Ironside, gets ahold of the floppy disc that contains the story and starts doing some editing on the writers life. Michael Ironside starts changing the writer into ...more
Destroy All Monsters
In this late great film, the enemies of earth are creatures known as Kilacks, who we find out at the end of the film who are hyper evolved slug like parasites that revert from a human like form if they are not kept heated by the proper tempature.
Comedy/Horror/Science Fiction/Teen Romance movie. In one of the film's subplots, cheerleader Ione wants to win a dance contest, but isn't going to be ready for it in two days. Her mom, Sloan (a lush) suggests Ione wish upon a star to swap bodies with her teenage self who could win. Ione doe ...more
Deus é Brasileiro
The Devil Doll
Lavond, a wrongfully convicted man (played by of all people Lionel Barrymore) and a scientist escape from Devil's Island. Lavond decides to get revenge by using an invention of this friend and follow escapee the mad scientist, which turns out to be a shinking machine. The only problem is that it's ...more
The Devil Doll (1936)
Not to be confused with the later British pic of the same title (dealing with a soul swapping ventriloquist), this sci-fi/fantasy effort gives us another somewhat mad scientist who discovers a way to shrink human beings to around six inches in height. A disgruntled colleague uses the process to cre ...more
Devil Doll (1963)
In Britain, the newest entertainment rage is a ventriloquist whose dummy not only speaks but seems to be able to move on its own. Actually the evil ventriloquist has learned an old Indian method of transferring a human soul into a wooden body, and he uses the captive soul of his current dummy to co ...more
Devil's Advocate
During one sex scene the female leads swap from one to another.
Devil's Highway
Gender, Male
Devil swaps bodies with bus passengers on a deserted highway. While traveling through the cursed Old Highway 13 in New Mexico, each passenger of a bus to Las Vegas is attacked by an evil fiend that possesses and destroys their bodies. Devil's Highway (2005) NOT RATED 91 min - Thriller
The Devil's Rain
Female character possessed by evil spirit. Based on the book by the same name.
Die Another Day
For the 20th Bond film, this is the first time DNA replacement therapy has been introduced. The mastermind villan is rogue North Korean, Colonel Moon who is involved in the smuggling of African conflict diamonds and illegal weapons trading which will be used in the invasion of South Korea and other ...more
Different For Girls
A man meets his old high school buddy Karl years later. Karl is now Kim! Can they be friends again? Can they be more?
Digimon: the movie
Yeah, I know....... I know ......... what were you doing watching this sh*t, but it had to be done. At around the end of the movie the 12 year old children become like 4 or 5 years old. I am not sure because it happened so fast. but it last for a long while.
Dirty Work
Gender, Age
A Laurel & Hardy comedy short. Stan and Ollie are chimney sweeps hired to work at the home of the mad Prof. Noodle, who has just perfected a rejuvenation formula that works by immersion in a tank. Noodle first uses the formula to reduce a duck to a duckling. Then he shows Stan and Ollie his using th ...more
District 9
Movie is about this fictional compound in South Africa where mysterious space aliens (who resemble prawns) have landed and sought refuge. The people and government eventually grow tired of said aliens. Movie is shot in a pseudo-documentary-like format with the main character trying to force thes ...more
An Emirati couple return home from a trip and discover that their new apartment has been built on a site that is home to some malevolent beings. Titular Djinn transforms into marriage counselor near beginning of a movie, and then into main character s mom in the middle of the movie. There is a ...more
Do You Keep a Lion at Home?
Entertaining, Czech-made children's film with a number of fantasy elements, including an evil magician who turns the two boy heroes into dogs for awhile.
Dobol Dribol
I got this movie from It's a cheap version of switch basicly with a basketball theme I would grade it about a D. P.S. the movie wasn't translated or subtitled so there may be some refrences I missed.
Doctor Death
Dr. Death can put a living person's soul into a recently dead body. He becomes many persons through the ages, some female.
Doctor of Doom
Wild and wooly Mexican 'Wrestling Women' adventure/sci-fi/horror flick that sort of qualifies for this listing. A mad scientist transplants a male gorilla's brain into an adult human male, who quickly mutates into hybrid monster called 'Gomar'. Gomar is tough and vicious, but he can't stand up aga ...more
Doctor Who, The Movie
The Master, the nemesis of The Doctor, had died and his remain was cremated and escorted by The Doctor to return to Gallifrey. But the Master managed to liquidified his remain and hi-jacked the TARDIS to travel to Earth, just before the New Year of 2000. There Master's liquid form took over and pos ...more
In the beginning, the "Average Joes" (Vince Vaughn's team) go up against "Troop 417" (a girl scout team of girls about 13-14 years old) to qualify for the professional league. The "Average Joes" get beaten and "Troop 417" wins the qualifying rounds, but it's discovered that one of them tested postiv ...more
Dog Soldiers 2002
In the begining of the film some army squad was sent into forest in Scotland where they found something strange that killed another squad except for one person. All the film is about "uneven" fight between 6 people and hords of werewolfs and it's a lot of transformations. http://www.dogsoldiers. ...more
Dog Star (Doggu Sutaa)
Shiro is a seeing-eye dog whose dying master's spirit grants him one wish. He wishes to become human and find Haruka, the girl who raised him as a puppy. Haruka (Haruka Igawa) now teaches kindergarten; Shiro (Etsushi Toyokawa) awkwardly adapts to being human, and wins her heart. Japanese, 20 ...more
God (played by Alanis Morrisette) comes down and puts on the form of an old man to play skee-ball on earth, and is trapped in that form when He/She is assaulted by demonic hockey-playing children. God Herself is released/revealed when the old man's form dies. (A very minor but important part of the ...more
A man is hit by lightning while walking his dog and they switch bodies. They are able to communicate with each other, and they teach each other how to act in the body thery're in. At the end of the movie, the woman that the man-in-dog's-body had his eye on and the dog that the dog-in-a-man's-body ha ...more
Inanimate, Inanimate
The movie is about a man, his daughter and his new wife are on vacation and get caught in a storm and seek shelter in an old house where the old couple who lives there allows them to stay along with a driver and 2 hitchhikers. The male owner seems to have a hobby of making dolls and toys. But what t ...more
Don't Look Back
Jeanne (Sophie Marceau) transforms into another woman (Monica Bellucci). Visible transformation. 'Don't Look Back' is the English title (and the entry on IMDPro) Orignal title is: Ne te retourne pas
Don't Look Under the Bed
This reruns on the Disney channel once in a while Don't Look Under the Bed 95 min. Frances McCausland, a teenage girl, (Erin Chambers) enlists the help of an imaginary friend named Larry Houdini to deal with a prank-playing bogeyman, who's framing her for his dastardly deeds. Larry: Eric Ty Hodg ...more
Don't Tempt Me
Penelope Cruz stars as an agent of hell named Carmen, who is sent to earth to make sure a boxer fights and dies of a brain hemorage. But when she was still alive, she was actually a male gangster.
Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land
I know that this is really odd but I did find a gender change in a math video. When the sprit of adventure starts to talk about Chess as a game of math, he refers to the Book "Alice through the looking glass" Donald turns into alice, or somthing close enough.
The Donor
DNA wielding Dr makes rapid maturing clone double then gives self a sex change operation to become his mate.
*Spoilers abound* In this movie, the scientist are attacked by monsters on Mars and they send "the Rock" and his team to save them. Turns out that the monsters (or demons as they are called) are actually the scientist infected with some virus. Some of the rescue team members get infected, includi ...more
Doppelganger (1993)
Drew Barrymore is haunted by her doppelganger wherever she goes. However, it turns out that many of these sightings are really her ex-shrink in disguise (wearing an incredibly life-like mask). He is infatuated with her and seeks to ruin her relationships by making her believe that she's losing he ...more
Holly Gooding (Drew Barrymore) moves in with a writer who has a room for rent. An affair beings between the two but pretty soon Holly starts exhibiting multiple personalities. It's unclear if she's schizophrenic or there is a doppleganger involved as she claims - until the end. SPOILER ALERT: ...more
Dot and Keeto
Dot is an Australian girl who loves all animals regardless of size. She has discovered that eating a magical green root will allow her to communicate with animals and understand their speech. But when she eats a magical red root by mistake, she momentarily grows to about 50 feet, then shrinks to ab ...more
Double Dragon
The movie based on the video game. In the movie, the villain has a kind of amulet that allows him to take shadow form, and in this form, he can possess other people. Near the beginning, he possesses an attractive Asian woman for a short time. I don't think that any other transgender possessions ...more
Down to Earth
dying before his time, an aspiring comic gets a second shot at life by being reincarnated as a wealthy but un-liked businessman. Chris Rock portrayed three roles, Lance Barton, Charles Wellington, III (as the reincarnated comic saw himself), & Joe Guy Brian Rhodes was the actor portraying Charle ...more
Dr. Caligari
Includes a weird sort of brain transfer injection.
Dr. Cyclops
In this classic sci-fi/horror flick, a somewhat mad scientist discovers an element in the Amazon jungles which can reduce the sizes of living organisms. He tests this on a visiting party of scientists (plus local guide) and zaps them down to under a foot in height. The shrinkees face many obstacle ...more
Dr. Heckyl And Mr. Hype
A Jeckyl and Hyde spoof, with many transformations, including one gender reversal.
Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde
The original Dr.'s great-grandson turns into the villainous Helen Hyde.
Dr. Jekyll And Sister Hyde
The Dr's latest brew turns him into a woman with muder on her mind. Nicely done, with a plot that involves Jack the Ripper, Burke and Hare, and more.
Dragon Ball:The movie
This movie is based in the original manga.We can find a shapeshifter(Oolom)that turns into two women in order to demonstrate his abilities.Later,he becomes Bulma(played by a beautiful japanese girl)in order to fool Mutenroshi
Dragon Heart Two
Griffin transforms from his human form into his true form, the evil dragon Griffin when he gets ahold of his dragon heart.
Dragon War
Gender, Male
Some characters are reincarnations of people from "ancient" Korea. The character Jack can change shapes and assumes several disguises.
Dream a little Dream
Old man ( Jason Robars) is experiementing with mental discplines and talks his wife(Piper Laurie) into joining him. Two teens Corey Feldmen & Meredith Salenger bump into them & all four are knocked unconscious. Somehow the two older people's minds merge into the younger one's bodies, but their old ...more
A man takes over a woman's body. brief at end
The Dybbuck
Yeshiva student dabbles in cabalistic arts, dies, takes over the body of the girl he loved.
Dying to Live
Jonanthan Frakes plays the guardian angel of a high school girl. When the girl dies at the pool from an accident caused by the school's resident popular lunatic girl. She is allowed to return and expose the lunatic girl for what she really is by possessing her best friend's body. (Spoiler Tex ...more
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