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Category: 'Movie'
Candy Stripers
Alien craft crashed near small California town at night, and took over car crash victims when they try to stop to investigate. One female crash victim was taken to nearby hospital, and the aliens inside her, the banana slugs kind, took over the female candy striper that was assigned to look after h ...more
Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter
A Vampire Hunter, his hunch back friend and Caroline Munro (Yummy) are on the trail of a strange type of Vampire that drains the youth from young women, who shortly there after die. The effects are done with a mixture makeup FX and use of similar older actresses. A Man also becomes younger when he l ...more
Captain Mephisto and the Transformation Machine
Roy Barcroft as one of the overseers of Mystery Island ,can transform himself into Captain Mephisto by the use of a transformation machine.Barcroft only appears as Mephisto,his alter ego is played by another actor.The viewer is left to guess which of the overseers is the villian.
Captive Wild Woman
A mad scientist transplants human glands into a gorilla, turning the ape into a beautiful young woman (Acquanetta). However, a severe emotional jolt soon reverts her back into her primitive self with disastrous consequences.
Care Bears - The Nutcracker
On the Christmas movie of the Care Bears, the Evil Vizier has turned the Prince into a Nutcracker and turned the Carebears and the Clown (toy) guy into firewood. After the Sugar Plum Fairy grabbed the Ring and put it on the Nutcracker, the evil spell (turning into firewood) was broken and The Careb ...more
Watched the deleted scenes on cars this morning, found something interesting, amongst the deleted scenes is a nighmare scene when lightning mcqueen is doing comunity service, his engine(mind i suppose) is put in a steam roller while mater (a tow truck) inhabits his chassis (body) was cut but was a ...more
Casper (1995)
In one bit of the movie the three uncles possess the psychologist and he turns into Clint Eastwood, Mel Gibson, Rodney Dangerfield and the crypt keeper. Also he becomes a ghost later in the movie and so does the villainess. Casper becomes a person in one part but goes back to being a ghost afterwa ...more
Casper and Wendy
Near the end an evil warlock zapps the 3 older crone-like witches and one gets a full beard, exclaiming "I'm a man!" She pretty much looked like herself with a beard though. I guess we should take her word for it though :) Also, the third witch becomes a beautiful woman but sees that as becom ...more
Casper meets Wendy
Two boys gets turned into horses near the end of the movie. You don't see the actual transformation though. Clip of the sequence
Cat People
(1982) (**) A woman's discovery that intense desire turns her into a leopard jeopardized her relationship with a zoo-keeper
The Cat With Hands
Short independent film about a cat who slowly becomes human by stealing body parts from people and then consuming the remains. Done principally with stop motion filming. Rather creepy...
The Catalyst
Adam is a down on his luck engineer who meets up with a mad scientist at a bar. He then ends up an unsuspecting guinea pig for the scientists body altering machine. The scientist changes Adam into Eve. This is a short low budget film made by a company that produces custom movies for a fee.
available from Pioneer (DSD, VHS), japanese animation Banipal Witt is a world in another reality inhabited by cat people. Two children are transported there to stop the ravages of their pet dog (that has been transported there earlier by an evil sorceress). Due to the effects of the other rea ...more
The Cave
Mythical, Mythical
A few spoilers if you haven't seen the movie yet. These scientist go down into this huge cave to explore and document it all. When there the are attacked by these bat/human/alien things. They basically look like demons from hell. The then discover that those monsters used to be some explorers an ...more
Caves of Silken Web
Male, Gender, Inanimate
Journey to the East Tale involving the Monk , Wu-Jing, Monkey King and Pigsy. They Run into female Spider Demons who believe they will become immortal by eating the Monks flesh. Multiple shape shifts by several characters. Female Spider Demon into Earth Lord, Monkey into 2 different female demo ...more
CBS library: The Incredible Book Escape (1980)
A classic live-action/animation special about a young girl named P.J., who is locked in a a library reading room when the library closes at night time. Shortly after, four storybook characters come to life and became friends with her. The story relates to P.J.'s experiences as she and the character ...more
It seems to be a japanese freaky friday! Atsuko Asano and child star Yuka Nomura appear as an actress mother and her daughter who hates her mother's work. Struck by lightning, the two are surprised to find they have switched bodies and have to live each other's lives.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Several transformation scenes in Tim Burton's new film of the iconic children's story by Roald Dahl, involving beastly little children getting their comeuppance. For those who have yet to see the new film, the transformations (particularly Violet's) are quite an improvement over the 1971 version. ...more
Chihuahua: The Movie
In this family-friendly straight-to-DVD film, a strict, all-business woman gets her soul transferred into her friendly secretary's pet chihuahua in order to learn what it's like to have fun and be nice to people. While she's trapped in the dog's body, her body is stuck in a comatose state.
Children of the Corn 2: The Last Sacrifice
The movie is the sequel in the 1983 classic horror flick "Children of the Corn" which is about the children of the town up to 19 years old believe there is a god like thing in the corn feild and makes them believe that anyone over 19 isnt pure, so they kill all of the adults, including their parents ...more
Children of Dune
A Face Dancer, geneticly engineered to be able to assume the forms of other people, lures Mau'dib into Arakeen at night to attempt to kill him by impersonating the daughter of a friend. He is later revealed.
Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Spoiler Warning: After the battle to save the Narnia, the kids become the Kings and Queens of the land. Years pass and they are now adults, they forget about their lives in our world until they find themselves where the portal back to their world is. When they re enter the portal and back to ...more
Chronicles of Narnia: the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
In the movie the ice witch has the ability to turn any thing into stone, many tf's of that in the movie.
Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader
In the next chapter of the Chronicles or Narnia series. Lucy and Edmund, along with their cousin Eustace, are transported back to Narnia thanks to a painting of a boat. They find themselves in water and are picked up by Prince Caspian who is now a few years older and king on his boat the Dawn Tread ...more
Cinderella 2: Dreams come true
This is a sequel to the old Disney movie Cinderella. and here, I thought "Happily ever after" meant "The End" In this movie they are preparing to Cinderella's wedding and Jaq (the mouse) wishes that he could help out Cinderella more, so the fairy godmother makes Jaq into a human. As a human, he ...more
Cinderella III: A Twist in Time
Female, Inanimate
In yet ANOTHER unneeded Disney direct-to-video sequel, Lady Tremaine (the stepmother) uses the Fairy Godmother's wand to turn back time and make the slipper fit on Anastasia. However, Cinderella won't let them get away with it. Later, Anastasia uses the wand to turn herself into Cinderella. Al ...more
Cinderella III: A Twist in Time
Lady Tremaine (the stepmother) uses the Fairy Godmother's wand to turn Lucifer (the cat) into a coachman to drive a horse to take Cinderella in the evil pumpkin like carriage far away in order for Anastasia to marry the prince while disguised as Cinderella.
Cinderella Movie (2015)
When Fairy Godmother is making the carriage, she has transformed the mice into horses, a goose into a coachman, and the two lizards into footmen. When the clock is at 12 at midnight, the spell has been broken and they all transformed back into animals.
Cinderella Movie (2015)
The Fairy God Mother appeared as an old lady and then she used her magic wand/staff to change herself into a young woman to make yourself young and comfortable before she helped Cinderella get ready to go to the ball.
In one scene, frank (the fairygod father) turns the two mice into horses, and prince the dog into a real human prince, but he still has the dog's heart. later on the spell is broken at midnight as prince is changed back into a dog. at the end, elmo asks frank to turn prince the dog back into a hum ...more
Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger IV
The Toxic Avenger transforms himself into Bikini Anchor Samantha Chambers (Carla Pivonski) in order to infiltrate the school held hostage by the Diaper Mafia.
City of Lost Childern
A strange surrealist story about a mad scientist is kidnapping childern for their dreams. Toward the end of the moive there is an interesting age progression and regression sequence.
Cleo Leo
Chuck Vincent low budget film of reincarnation. Plot is much like that of Switch.
Age, Gender
In this movie Adam Sandler fast forwards to when he gets his promotion to find that his secretary has had a sex change and now works in accounting. Well, I only saw the teaser trailer of this movie starring Adam Sandler. The premise is that a workaholic architect, Michael Newman (Sandler), has ...more
Click (Theatre Trailer)
This is a duplicate entry, and is marked for deletion - 2007 jul 10 - cj Movie coming out soon with Adam Sandler as the star, involving a universal remote that affects time in the real world. In the trailer shown in movie theatres, they mention towards the end that the Adam Sandler character abu ...more
Click: Secrets Revealed
This entry elaborates on a previous entry for this movie. The protagonist (Dr. Fez) is trying to escape from the FBI, CIA who want the "clicker" device. To gain access to a cruise ship, he turns himself into his colleague's "daughter". Good scene where he checks out his new body. He asks for a d ...more
A science corporation creates a watch that can speed up the wearers making time freeze, but a side effect of the watch is if you wear it too long you begin to age rapidly, at the end one of the scientists thinks he can reverse the side effects and he turns into a teenager.
Close Your Eyes (aka Hypnotic)
Inspired by Madison Smartt Bell's book Doctor Sleep Director Nick Willing Stars Goran Visnjic, Paddy Considine, Shirley Henderson, Miranda Otto Rated MA *** SPOILER *** A 16th-century alchemist, Francis Paladine, has unlocked the secret of immortality. Through the use of specialized equip ...more
Club Dread
In the film a murderer stalks the Staff of a Resort Island, one of the staff is a guy named Lars, a chunky guy who has a knowledge of Asian accupressure techniques. As he and his wouldbe girlfriend are chased by the killer they try to crawl under a bed but he is too fat. Suddenly he begins to concen ...more
Cock & Bull
There is a new movie listed on the IMDB web site titled: Cock & Bull for 2006. It stars Sarah Polley as a woman trapped in an unhappy marriage to an alcoholic husband who transforms into a man.
Cold Souls
Gender, Male
In order to escape the emotional turmoil of getting into a difficult role, actor Paul Giamatti (playing himself) undergoes a procedure to have his soul temporarily removed and stored. Unfortunately he is unable to act without his soul. When he wants to have the procedure reversed, he discovers th ...more
The Colossus of New York
A brilliant scientist transplants the brain of his dead son into the towering body of a robot he had built. Robot-son eventually goes insane and begins to kill with dead rays from its eyes.
The Company of Wolves
Based on the work of Angela Carter and -- like most all of her material -- wildly over-praised, this flick is a true mishmosh of retold fairy tales featuring dozens of werewolfian transformations, starting with Red Riding Hood and moving into the ever-darker regions of the psyche. It's supposedly c ...more
Con El Cuerpo Prestado
In this Mexican fantasy/comedy, a beautiful tough girl drowns while saving the life of an equally beautiful but timid and ineffectual woman who has fallen into the ocean. The tough girl, now a ghost, isn't ready to pass on to her reward just yet, while the timid woman is being abused by her crimina ...more
Conan the Destroyer
In this movie, Conan encompanies a princess on her way to get a jewelled key that she later uses to open the way to the tomb of the horn of Daroth, the Sleeping God. When she returnes to the palace, the princess places Daroth's horn in the forehead of his statue. Daroth, who appears to be a handso ...more
In this grimy adaptation of Hellblazer a subtle TG moment featuring the possessions of a Mexican man (the first actor you see in the movie) and then an LA policewoman (at the very end of the movie). It is intended that the man and woman are possessed by the same demon who may or may not be the son o ...more
The Corpse Bride
I finally got to see it. It was an okay movie, but they hype of it all built me up to high. Amazing that they didn't use any CGI for the entire movie. This is a spoiler for those that didn't see it yet At the end of the movie, Emily (the corpse bride) realizes that she can't marry Victor beca ...more
The Craft
One of the witches impersonates a guys girlfriend.
This movie is a horror anthology like Tales From The Crypt, it's directed by George Romero and it's based on stories by Stephen King with special fx by Tom Savini In one segment titled The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill, a dimwitted yokel (played by Stephen King himself) who thinks that a ne ...more
Crimes of the Future
Early avant-garde film by David Cronenberg takes place in a future where a plague has killed off every woman on earth. In the final scene, it appears that Antoine Rouge, the scientist who created the plague, has been reincarnated as a little girl. Brief, at end.
The Crimson Cult
Chris Lee is the direct descendant of evil witch Barbara Steele; at the end, while his house is burning down around him, Lee physically changes into Steele. Not bad.
Critters 2: The Main Course
One of the aliens twice turns into a beautiful woman.
In one of the scene's in the talent show, Allison imagines her boyfriend and all of his friends turning into Cry-Baby clones.
Curse II the Byte
1988 Directed by Fred Goodwin A horror movie. The protagonist and his girlfriend stumble across an abandoned atomic test site, and is bitten by a radioactive snake. Slowly his arm turns into a snake. I remember a scene where he tried to cut the thing off only to have a new one grow in its place. In ...more
Curse II: the Bite
1988 Directed by Fred Goodwin A horror movie. The protagonist and his girlfriend stumble across an abandoned atomic test site, and is bitten by a radioactive snake. Slowly his arm turns into a snake. I remember a scene where he tried to cut the thing off only to have a new one grow in its place. ...more
Curse IV: The Ultimate Sacrifice
Movie involves satan haunting and torturing members of a church. Towards the end, satan possesses the heroin of the film for a while.(Even gets on top of hero kisses him)
Curse of the Wolf
A young woman, Dakota, has finally found a way to "control" her Lycanthrope metamorphosis and desires to try and lead a "normal" life. All might be well if not for dakota's "pack", who want a different life for live in werewolf immortality and hujnt with them forever!!! Dakota attempts ...more
The new Wes Craven werewolf film reteaming him with Scream writer Kevin Williamson and Rick Baker. Here's an early review and description.
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