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Category: 'Misc'
Animal, Furry, Gender
Yiffstar is a huge furry related website. They have pictures,stories, and a few other media types. They are a free site, and most of the material is adult only. The content there spans many more categories, but they would take all year to post using my psp.
Young Avengers
Size, Male
I have only read the first issue but heres whats going on so far Hulking,who was suppost to resemble Hulk,is a shapeshifter and made himself look like young kang in the first issue Also there is a girl who is Ant Man's daughter and have shrinking/growing powers
Yu-Gi-Oh! episode Evil Spirit of the Ring
One of my favorite episodes. Bakura, the foreign exchanged student, has come to Duelist Kingdom with Yugi and his friends. In reality, Bakura holds the Millennium Ring, which allows the evil spirit (Yami) of a thief to take over Bakura's body against his will. In this episode, Yami Bakura challeng ...more
Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series (Episode 7)
Attention Duelists! The ghost of Seto Kaiba Yugi is dueling transforms into some sort of gay clown. Yugi kills him at the end. Meanwhile, Kaiba is busy screwing the rules with his 133t haxor skills.
Zebra Girl net fiction Unknown
This WebComic starts out with a girl that gets transformed into a demon by a magic tome.
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