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Category: 'Misc'
Vampire Princess Miyu episode Series
It's a tv series about a vampire "girl" Miyu. Like other vampires she drinks human blood but she also gives them some kind of a sweat dream state. In every episode she fight with a Shinma (demons?spirits?) and brings them to their dark-world. That creatures always try to trick humans and almost alwa ...more
Venture Brothers episode Showdown at Cremation Creek Part II
The thilling second part of the two part ending of the season of Venture Brothers. The Monarch is getting married to Dr. Girlfriend, but not if Phantom Limb as anything to say about it. With special guest star David Bowie, whom turns out is Dr. Girlfriend's father. It all ends with an epic showdo ...more
Virtual Bart
In this game you play as Bart Simpson and throughout the game you get to do cool stuff (E.G you are a pig in one level, a dinosaur in another, and a baby in another)
Sonic fanart, and some growing pics, but not in the way you would think, also a sonic/knuckles/tails tg in the art section.
"Vol. 1" issue of Bakeru-kun
The introductory volume of Fujiko F Fujio's amazing children's comic of a boy who is given the gift of being able to transform himself into just about anything by a friendly alien, has scores of changes to appeal to most fans of the genre. A pre-teen boy named Kawaru is forced to recover a lost to ...more
"Vol. 2" issue of Bakeru-kun
Fujiko F. Fujio's second volume of stories begin with Kawaru once again having his consciousness placed in Bakeru's entire family. Trouble begins when his real mother comes looking for the missing boy and he realizes he's displaced his body-in-doll form. Wondering how best to search for it he sor ...more
"Vol. 3" issue of Bakeru-kun
The third volume of Fujiko F. Fujio's work has Bakeru/Kawaru invite some friends of his over to his house to enjoy a swim in the pool. One of his classmates clearly tells some lies about him so to get revenge he decides to scare him by transforming into a strange turtle creature, a whale and even ...more
Wallace & Grommit in Curse of the Were-Rabbit
Funniest Wallace & Grommit cartoon ever! Wallace uses one of his inventions to rid his rabbits of all vegetable-related thoughts, but has one of them, whom he affectionately names "Hutch," stuck in the mind alteration machine. So, as the title suggests, by the light of the full moon, Wallace turns ...more
WarCraft III
In the Blizzard Game WarCraft III, female Banshees have the ability to possess enemy units, regarless of gender. They can not take over hero units.
Warp My Mind
Weird And Sexy
Acces this site, select your fetish or fantasy on the links on the left and search from webpages to Yahoo and Smart Groups ENJOY
What Dreams May Come
One of Robin Williams best films, it includes various afterlife age and race transformations. Describing them in detail is too much of a spoiler for the film. Go watch it and see them for yourself :)
The Wheel of Time
Aran'gar One of the stronger villains is reincarnated by his dark god into a beautiful woman. This character is introduced in the sixth book, Lord of Chaos, and makes appearances throughout the rest of the series. This is an interesting change, because magic is divided into two halves; male and ...more
Wild ARMs 2nd Ignition
The main character gains the ability to turn into a Black armored moster called Knight Blazer.
Witch Girls Tales I can't find a direct link to the online comic but there is a click here on the news section. The online comic is about 20 pages long. It has two stories the first one deals with the evil witch girl annabelle trying to help a friend in her own e ...more
Witch Girls Tales issue 1
Witch-Girls net fiction Unknown
A novel in the writing with a new chapter every 2 to 3 days tells the story of a little girl who discovers she's a sorceress. When her aunt comes to to train her she learns lots of spells and uses theses spells like a kid really would. to get revenge on people, have fun. She shrinks people, turns ...more
Witchgirl 1 net fiction Unknown
Claudia, a young Sorceress living alone is harrased by Child protective services officers. She teaches them a lesson but using her magic to transform (if you want to know what into read the story)
Wolf's Eyebrow
A japanese collection blog for transformation stuff, much like but in another langauge. Almost all the entries have pictures with them. Thanks to Inry for finding it.
Word Up
X-Men Evolution episode Self Possesed
Rogue is having trouble with her powers. Every person she's ever absorbed is fighting to take control of her. Among others, she morphs into Sabretooth, Magneto, Cyclops, Mystique.
X-Men: The Last Stand
Toward the middle of the film Mystique is shot with a dart of a substance that litterally strips her of her mutant powers, she falls to the floor convulsing and her blue skin disolves away leaving her naked and human on the floor. As she pleads up for help Magnito coldly tells her that "' ...more
Xiaolin Showdown episode Enter the Dragon
Dojo, the comedic dragon who helps the Xiaolin Apprentices find Shen-Gong-Wu, normally only changes size. In this episode, however, he changes shapes a few times in one sequence in order to trick Omi into releasing him from a cage when he goes temporarily insane. He first changes into Master Fung, ...more
Xiaolin Showdown episode Screams of the Siren
The Shen Gong Wu "Gills of Hamachi"(Hamachi means yellowtail in Japanese, it's a type of fish) is a collar that turns the user into a mini version of the Creature from the Black Lagoon and allows them to breathe underwater(but at the same time, you cannot breathe out of it).
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