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Category: 'Misc'
Sabrina the Teenage Witch in Friends Forever
There were a few TFs in this film in the brief period that I watched it, including stone, mermaids and caterpillars.
Sakura Taisen: Hanagumi Taisen Columns 2
Kohran's personality-switching device malfunctioned while Kayama was nearby and Kayama was first in Sakura's body then Sumire, then Orihime, then Kanna, and finally Iris's body. After all that Kohran sneakily switched bodies with Oogami and ran off. so that Sumire, Orihime and Kanna would yell at h ...more
Samurai Jack episode XXVII
Samurai Jack is transformed into a chicken by a cranky old wizard who hates people bumping into him on crowded streets. In his efforts to become himself again, Jack the chicken is caught by a man who pits Jack against various beasts in an "Ultimate Fighting Championship" type arena where the man bec ...more
I played in that game not so long time ago. The main character had a car accident.He wake up in the "Sanitarium" and he didn't rememeber anything from his previous life. In game you will transform into young girl (actually it's a death sister), alien (from comic book) and aztec hero/god. It's ver ...more
Saturday Night Live episode 2005 February 19
In a comedy sketch with guest host Hilary Swank, she and her friends go to a restaurant where the plates are extremely hot. Swank can't resist the urge to touch her plate, and in doing so, her hand gets stuck. In trying to pull it off,she stretches her fingers out really long. Another member of the ...more
Saturday Night Live episode Robert Smiegel cartoon parody
On saturday night live tonight, in a Robert Smiegel cartoon parody, the gang waved their hands around Chuck's stick of a tree and turned it into a superior tree with glitter and gleam! Realizing that the dozen or so kids possessed a strange power as a group, they wander off and change a wreck of ...more
Scary Movie 3
In the movie the girl that is supposed to be the girl from the movie "The ring" hears that Cindy will be her mother and for second turns from a Gholish looking girl to a normal looking girl. In an alternate ending that makes fun of the hulk, George transforms himself into a goofy looking Hulk.
The Sci-Fi Channel episode Commercials
The Sci-Fi channel has various vignettes that regularily appear amongst regular commercials. The vignettes show a Sci-Fi theme, and therfore occasionally show transformation. Vignettes currently running- - A woman is standing on a mountaintop, and a butterfly flies by. She reaches out to touch i ...more
I'm not exactly sure how to catagorize this. This is a game for PC's. There is a game system verison too, but I'm not sure what system it's for. You play D-Tritus, a humanoid robot who comes to a futurist city inhabited by sapient robots. Most are humaniod. Early in the game D-Tritus is given t ...more
Sebastian Blackcat's Magick Shoppe
Inanimate, Animal
This is an unusual fetish art site owned, and operated, by a man who calls himself Sebastian Blackcat. This site features images of men and women being turned into sex toys and animals. It's mostly fan art of various animes, but there's some origional art as well. The site also fetures a guest gall ...more
Seed of Chucky
One TG in which gender confused Glen/glenda (Billy Boyd) goes female, and one female where Tiffany becomes Jennifer Tilly.
Shadow Hearts
The main character, Yuri Hyuga, is a "Harmonixer", that is, someone who can fuse themselves with spirits and transform into them. He gets several different forms throughout the course of the game, about three per element (Fire, Air, Light, Ect), The game also has several other transformations in it ...more
Shin Megami Tensei
After a war between heaven and hell breaks out, you are sent a computer program that allows you to speak to them and make them your minions to fight for you, and you can even fuse 2 or 3 of them together. sometimes, when you try to convince something to join you as a minion, they say they will on ...more
(warning spoiler)During the night Princess Fiona becomes an Orge.
Shrek 2
(warning spoiler) In the movie there are a lot of transformations. Shrek and Donkey drink a potion which turns donkey into a Stallon(horse), Fiona back into her human form, Shrek(the spoiler) into a human) at the end they turn back after midnight. Also the Fairy Godmother turns into bubbles and the ...more
Silent Hill - The Movie
I just saw a special behind-scenes preview of the new silent hill movie on cable....the movie is based on the hit horror videogames and is about a woman searching for her daughter in a deserted town thats trapped in an evil dimension. *minor spoiler* The director reviewed in the preview that many of ...more
Simpsons episode Treehouse of Horror
In the first segment, a gypsy curses Homer, changing his family: Marge becomes covered in blue fur, Bart's neck becomes elastic, Lisa becomes a horse and Maggie turns into a ladybug. In the third segment, a parody of Harry Potter, Mr. Burns turns into a dragon.
The Simpsons episode Treehouse of Horror
Homer sells his soul to the devil (Ned Flanders) for a doughnut. When Marge succeeds in saving his soul, the enranged devil transforms Homer's head into a doughnut. The episode ends with the entire police department, coffee cups in hand, waiting outside the Simpson house. Mr. Burns transplants Ho ...more
The Simpsons episode Treehouse of Horror 16
This is the annual Simpsons Halloween special. This year one of the segments featured a bit where an angry witch showed up at the Springfield Halloween Costume Party and turned everyone into the costume they were wearing, so Homer became a headless monster, Marge turned into the skeleton costume sh ...more
Sky High
Age, Male, Animal
There are a suprising amount of transformations in this movie, and most of these aren't just one shot. Too many to get into, so I'll just list 'em. Most take place first while the testing to see whether the students are heroes or sidekicks is going on. - One student, named Larry, is a stereotypic ...more
On this site, you may submit dreams you've had, and the artist will render them in cartoon form. I've seen every type of transformation on there.
A very weird and complex program-made webcomic, now apparently defunct. I can't describe the nuances of the plot, since I lost track pretty quick. It looks like a pretty adult-oriented comic too, so be warned. Lots of nudity. As best I can tell, it involves a bunch of anthropomorphic folks g ...more
Something is Out there
Not sure what type to put this under. I think this movie inspired the Hidden. A male detective is puzzled when a series of bruta, impossible murders suddenly grip the city. It is being done by an escaped Alien Prisoner form a star prisonn It/he/she escaped & killed all the crew & other prisnors acce ...more
Sony PSP Ad commercial Unknown
A guy is walking down the street morphing into various people and things. His morphs get a little weird at the end.
Sore Loser commercial Remote Control
In an ad for a remote control, the commercial features two guys playing an xbox game. The second guy keeps braggin about how much better he is than the first, laughing and making mean comments. The first guy eventually gets irritated of his friend and uses the remote control to turn the second guy i ...more
South Park episode Cancelled
The boys are abducted onto a space craft, they are approached by what looks to be Stan's father, but it is revealed that it is an alien who has taken that form to better please the boys, he then morphs intohis true self, but the boys don't approve. He then morphs numerous times to various forms inc ...more
Space Pirate Mito episode Call Me Mom
There are many transformations in this series and some bodysuits. Mito is an alien space pirate that looks like a little girl without her bodysuit on( she has quite a few of them).One day her suit gets wrecked in front of her son who knew nothing of what his mom really looked like. Other transformat ...more
Space Rangers In this turn-based role-stratery, you play for one of for four races of Galactic Fed. which is in war with mechanical creatures invasion. TF happens if you choose role of pirate and have very lagre criminal account - so all planets refuses to land your sh ...more
The president, played by Mel Brooks, goes through a transporter and winds up with his lower half on backwards. "Why didn't anyone tell me my ass was so big?"
about halfway into the movie, Clown(a short, fat man with clown makeup) reveals his true self and transforms into Violator(a tall, grey-skinned, reptilian demon) to do battle with Spawn. He reverts back to his clown form when the fight is over. This is the only time we have an on-screen transformati ...more
In Starcraft one of the major characters, Sarah Kerrigan, gets mutated by an alien species and turns into Infested Kerrigan, aka the "Queen of Blades." Also, if you build a Infested Command Center, whenever you build the unit "Infested Terran," which use noxious gasses to kamakaze their foes, it imp ...more
Static Shock episode Various
Static Shock has quite a few transformations in it To name a few- -In one episode, a bully's ex-girlfriend turns into a monster when she gets angry or randomly, everyone thinks the monster is the bully, so the ex's plan (to frame him) works perfectly, until Static intervenes - There are werew ...more
Stay Tuned
Roy (John Ritter) tries out a free trial offer on a new satellite dish, but he and his wife Helen's (Pam Dawber) lives are turned upside down are sucked into a bizarre TV world with twisted parodies of real television shows. In one TV world they are transformed into animated mice -- comical versi ...more
Stephen King book Dark Tower II: Drawing of the Three
This is the third book of 7 book series called The Dark Tower by Stephen King. It follows a Gunslinger (Cowboy) named Roland on his quest to find the man in black and the dark tower in a mystical world filled with creatures. In the second book he must find three doors which will take him to our ...more
Stephen King's
Stephen King movie about four childhood buddies who befriend a child, Douglas "Duddits" Cavel (who's really an alien) and he gives each one of them powers to defeat an evil alien known as "Mr. Gray". Toward the end of the movie, Duddits changes from his human form into his alien form to kill Mr. Gr ...more
Steve Young book Winchell Mink: The Misadventure Begins
I've just been reading this book to my son. Not finished yet, so this is only a partial list: Winchell Mink is constantly being picked on by the school bully. One day, his life takes a dramatic turn. He exchanges bodies with his pet turtle, then is sent back in time and becomes a brontosaurus ...more
Age, Furry, Gender, Inanimate
A stuck fetish site, but has a Transformation branch. Good for TF and Stuck fans. I really love it, and want to see it get more members.
Still Charmed and Kicking
There were several Changes in this episode. SPOILERS: At the begining, the sisters are all believed dead, but they then reveal they are still hiding. They and Leo morph back from other bodies in the kitchen. The most prevelant change in this episode is that the 3 sisters and Leo use a spell ...more
Stills and clips from a wide of transformation types.
The Suffering
The main character, Torque, transforms into a grotesque but extremely cool and powerful monster once a certain gage is filled in the game. The transformation graphics are very well done and seem well, just conistant enough to make it worth a couple veiws to truely appreaciate it.
Super Mario 64
Size When entering Boo's Mansion stage, Mario will shrink to fit inside, as it is the size of a doll house. Other When Mario gets the Metal Cap switch activated, he can find Metal Caps in some of the blocks. When used, Mario changes into a solid metal mass that is slow, heavy and invincible ...more
Super Mario Brothers
In the movie King Koopa turns the king of the kingdom into a whole bunch of mushroom like creature that is eveywhere. Also Koopa has a de evolving device that turns the president of the US into a chimp, Koopa(which he is human in the movie) into a rapture or small T-Rex and Koopa's henchmen into wal ...more
Super Mario Galaxy
When Mario collects the Ice Mushroom he changes into an ice version of himself. When Mario collects the Boo Mushroom he changes into a boo version of himself. When Mario collects the Bee Mushroom he changes into a bee version of himself.
Super Milk Chan episode Farewell to Mankind
Due to the effects of radiation from a magic shitaki mushroom two of the main characters are transformed: Tesuko (a robot) becomes some sort of robot/cockroach meld and Hanagi becomes a little anime girl (with cats ears and paws). Hanagi is thrilled with the change and exlaims that he will never ...more
Super Smash Bros Melee
If you don't know Pikachu, Pichu, Link and Young Link are in it. In there games Young Link turns into Link and Pichu evolves into Pikachu. Also Zelda is play able and down=B makes her turn into Sheik. And finally if you beat adventure mode fast enough or get to event 51, you fight Giga Bowser, a ...more
Taking Lives
This entry currently marked for deletion - there is no transformation in this material - cj 2007jun01 I saw a poster for this movie tonight, while seeing Lord of the Rings 3(Great by the way!). It's called Taking Lives, here is a synopsis on the movie's site: A top FBI profiler, Special Agen ...more
Tales of Symponia
Mithos possesses Sheena's body. SPOILERS!!! There are several transformations in this game, human to large ogre like beast, human to angel, half-elf too ogre like beast, and even a few possessions (female to female and male to female possessions)
Teen Titans issue Who Wants Pie?
Beast Boy, Cyborg, Starfire, and Bumblebee attend a special game show called "Who wants Pie?" and Bumblebee notes that the male host is using special pies to make Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Starfire under mind control to play the game. When Robin and Raven bust the game after Bumblebee reports the st ...more
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fast Forward episode Invasion of the Body Jacker
The evil Phantoms (the villians of the show) have a new technology their leader possesses that can take over people's bodies. We open the story where he has body-hopped into a young female's body to get to the mall, and approach a sales-clerk standing outside his store, and then this orb comes out ...more
Tekken Tag
After unlocking a fighter Kazuya Mishima and Devil, put them together. The if you notice only one of them will show up. But once you switch, he'll turn either into Devil, if your using the man, or the man, if your using Devil.
Terminal Invasion
Female, Male
Low budget TV movie with Bruce Campbell playing an escaped murder. Sort of like The Thing set in a very small out of the way Air Port Terminal. Alien invaders have taken on the shape of various human beings there, including a woman, a man, etc. Campbell gives his usual good performance. The Mov ...more
1986. Alien pet beamed through a family's satellite TV dish, then started to eat/merged with the whole family, taking over the grandpa, swinger parents, their partners, the kids, boyfriend and Elvira. This is a low budget horror anthology flick, and one of the episodes, "One of a Kind", concerns ...more
TF Board
A discussion forum for TFs
TF Seeker's Sightings
A website with dozens of links to other furry and transformation-themed websites, along with the "Furcyclopedia Transformica", a dictionary of furry and transformation terms.
This is a choose/write your own adventure-style site. It has all kinds of transformations, and of course you can contribute your own.
The Legend And The Hero, episode 2 part 4
Thousand years old female fox spirit/demon sucked the soul and then possessed the body of a beautiful woman that was requested by the imperial court for the Chinese emperor's royal harem. The thousand years old fox intend to seduce the emperor to the point that he won't care about other things but ...more
My yahoo group about transformations of any kind but u guys need to send me some files for it, and other people can access them.
The Thing Below
Creature has the ability to appear as a person's desires. Appears as three females in the movie. In the first scene, the creature appears as a crewman's favorite porn star in order to tempt him. Proceeds to do a lengthy striptease dance before it kills him. Then creature appears as another crewm ...more
Thinner is a movie based on Stephen King's book thats about an overweight lawyer that accidently kills an elderly gypsy by his car hitting her. Later, her extremly old father puts a curse on him where he rapidly looses weight everyday. In the end he finds the only way to break the curse is to mak ...more
Threads of Fate
This game features two playable characters with different storylines. The male main character, Rue/Ryu, has the ability to transform into most of the monsters that he encounters, gaining their movement, attacks, and other features. Such creatures include gargoyles, tigers, skeletons, and many un ...more
Timon and Pumba episode Be More Pacific
In theis episode Pumba finds a beratone whale washed on shore of a beach. He helps the whale back into the water and the whale then reveals that he is magical and will grant him three wishes. Pumba doesn't want anything so he doesn't wish for anything. Timon hears of this and tells Pumba to go ...more
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
This 1980's music video shows Alice's adventures in Wonderland, Tom Petty playing the Mad Hatter. There is several different transformations in this video (just like the in the book) there a transformation of a baby into a pig and shrinking and growing. Just a trippy video from a trippy period ...more
Tom Terrific episode Unknown
Tool- Schism
A surreal video with two lanky contortionists. At the end of the video, they combine into a single, deformed, enitity. Also, earlier in the video, one of the people pulls something out of the other's neck, places it on the floor, and it turns into a claymation person with a mouth where his eyes shou ...more
Torchwood episode Day One
A Gas which escapes from a meteor posses a young woman. (Spoiler Text)
Torchwood episode Greeks Bearing Gifts
One of the characters meets a woman who gives her a rock necklace that allows her to listen to peoples thoughts, but is this woman to be trusted? at the end you find out that the woman is an alien who possesed a body a long long time ago and has been ripping out peoples hearts to survive. c ...more
Totally Spies episode Pasion Patties
In this episode people become addicted to a cookie and become very fat there are a few images at but you would need to see all of it to get the full story line I wasn't quiet sure were to put this if it was Miscellaneous or size so I went with Miscellaneous
Transformation Card Man issue Unknown
A boy with a superhero obsession collides with an alien in disguise and picks up what he thinks is a free calling card. Using a phone booth he trys to call his classmate/girlfriend and ends up transforming into an exact duplicate of her. Then, while walking over to her place, he's mistaken for her ...more
Transformation Graphics Archive
The first big collection of transformation art on the internet. It is now shut down.
Transformation Picture Bulletin Board
This is a site that proves that I need to learn Japanese. It is a upload site for all transformation artwork. There is some great stuff on here, but it is mostly animal transformations. I highly suggest it.
Transformation Stories List
This is a old abandoned website. It has still functional interactive stories, and alot of good stories having to do with transformation. Also there is an extensive list of transformation stories, books, movies, comics and tv shows.
Transformation Story Archive
Probably the oldest transformation story archive on the internet. Has not been update in a while.
Flynn, a computer-programmer and user, divided in his atoms by the technic of a laser-device, is transformed in to the digital world of the evil MCP(Master Control Program). In the real world he was also a gamer, but from now on he is in that game. A race of death or life begins. The movie itse ...more
TSAT is a netzine devoted to *all* kinds of TF fiction -- furry, inanimate, TG, lycanthropic, etc. You name it, we've been presenting the best of it since our first issue, back in 1998. Every issue also has some some pretty darn good columns -- by Phil Geusz, Jeffrey Mahr, and Oren the Otter -- and ...more
Twilight Zone episode The Masks
A dying rich man invites his cruel family over for Mardi Gras, forcing them to don grotesque masks. He agrees to leave them his fortune if they don't remove them till midnight. The man dies as midnight, but when his family removes the masks, their faces have been transformed into the hideous masks ...more
The Twilight Zone episode Something In the Walls
In this episode of the updated series, an apparently mentally disturbed young woman is convinced that patterns in wallpaper or wood grain are actually living -- and evil -- entities which can do terrible things to unsuspecting human beings. For her peace of mind, she is confined to a room with enti ...more
This is a vaguely manga-esque webcomic involving a trio of female aliens who travel the universe conquering planets and draining people of their "funk." Their leader has a stolen weapon which allows her to transform people - so far we've seen her change a scientist into an anthropomorphic pig and t ...more
Ultraman episode Unknown
Ultraman has been a long running series in Japan, in which usually the theme is a human transforms into a giant warrior and fights daikaiju (monsters). THERE ARE SEVERAL movies and TV shows based on this. Even a female ultraman, whom transforms into a male looking warrior.
Under the Skin
In this game you play as an alien named Cosmi who needs to prank as many people on earth as possible in order to return to his home planet. The concept of the game is to scan a human, then turn into them so that you wont be chased down. Many of the people you can turn into are women. One of which is ...more
Unknown Heroes
New website with a few stories and comics. Based around several characters with special powers and transformations. BIG SPOILERS DO NOT READ IF YOU WANT TO BE SURPRISED Coming soon a story with miscellaneous transformations and another with a gender change.
Utada Hikaru
This video is off Utada's english DVD and has a variety of transformations on it including some odd human/machine combinations, a rendering of a skinless "Adam" rising up from some sort of goo, removing one of his ribs, and an involved transformation of that rib into an "Eve" (Utada). The music i ...more
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