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Category: 'Misc'
Madame Hexxina
Website wit lots of TF content. reminds me of Naga's site
Magic Cereal
This short amateur video features a magical cereal box in which the owner can use to change his outfit. Fun ensues with all the odd ideas he tries out, sometimes not going his way. Clothing TF in general.
Mahou Sentai Magiranger episode many episodes
Man with the Screaming Brain
Though therre is kind of male transformation as well. Rich American (Bruce cambell) & his blond unhappy middle aged wife come to Russia, a Taxi driver is hired. He sells his crazy & dark hair, sexy gypsy girl friend's ring to the rich american - the gypsy girl ends up murdering all three of them. ...more
Mario and Lugi: Superstar Saga
One of the enemies you face, the Tangomba has a morph attack. It will change itself into a copy of Mario or Lugi and then attack with their hammer attack.
Marvel Zombies issue Unknown
The weirdest comic ever! Spider-man, Luke Cage, and the Hulk are Zombies, as well as most of the Marvel characters (Wolverine, Daredevil, Wasp, Giant Man, and The Fantastic Four). A resistance group led by the Alcolytes (Magneto's followers) and Black Panther have captured a zombie version of Jane ...more
Meet the Applegates
1991 - USA - Comedy - Rated "R" In an attempt to stop the human caused destruction of their home... and the planet - a previously undiscovered species of insects in South America - that resemble giant praying mantes - appear as humans. Although IMDB lists this as a disguise, I disagree. In th ...more
MegaMan: NT Warrior episode The Incredible Rush!
In this episode Mega Man, Roll, and everyone else in the cyber world has been turned into cat-people and they keep turning more and more into cats throughout the episode due to a cat-virus that has been released. Also, the cat-virus travels to the real world along with Rush. Both, the cat and Rush ...more
Men in Black 2
The main alien bad guy, Serleena, upon arrived on Earth, who "morphed" into a model she saw in Victoria Secret catalog.
Mermaids Tail
A website with general transformation pics. Also has transformation comics.
Metal Slug Series
In the Metal Slug Series your characture can be turned into a mummy, a zombie, a snow man, a monkey, and even a pile of gold coins
For completeness I have included this site in its own catalog. A website deciated to cataloging published works that deal with transformations.
Metroid Fusion
A species of parasitic organisms named X, after the death of it's host, will mimick the form, abilities and even memories of it's host. The most dangerous of the X is the SA-X, an X imitating Samus Aran....
Mickey Mouse episode Unknown
A few years ago, i saw a Mickey Mouse cartoon were mickey makes a special potion which will turn anything living into a super hero. in it he spays a fly, a mouse, a cat, and a dog.
Midori No Hibi episode Unknown
In this anime a highschool student named Sawamura Seiji awakens one day and finds his hand is gone. In its place is the top half of a girl named Midori. They dont explain how any of this occours (yet anyway). As for her original body--they only indicate she is in a coma like state. Froth-Bit ...more
Mighty Math- Calculating Crew
This is a game which teaches kids about various mathematical subjects in interesting ways. A notable tf in this game is in the activity that teaches kids about 3-D shapes. The woman who teaches the kids uses a machine to tf herself into the shapes, and every part of her is integrates into the shape ...more
Mindgames or Brain, Brain Go Away
One for the records. Some guy has written a play which is available for purchase and performing- Here is the summary from the website- "It is a dark and stormy night on the private island of Professor Brian Brainiac. As the storm rages outside, the Professor, aided the lovely Dr. Wynonia Whadda ...more
In this web comic, Minus is a little girl with astonishing magical powers. She's like Mr. Mxyzptlk or that Twilight Zone kid, except she's innocent and not particularly mean-spirited. She wanders around toying with her omnipotence, and often changing herself and other people at whim.
Mork and Mindy episode The Night They Raided Mind-Ski's
The KKK is tormenting Mindy because of her Polish heritage. Mork retaliates by changing all the Klan members into blacks, Asians, and Hispanics. The grand dragon ends up striped like a barber pole.
My Favorite Martian
AKA: My Favourite Martian Perhaps my favourite part of the movie, Lizzie (Daryl Hannah) chews on a piece of gum and transforms into a giant green slobbering alien. After a while in the form, she takes out the gum and transforms back to normal. Alien Uncle Martin attempted to ruin reporter Bra ...more
N.N. Bode book Anibodyes
Nancy Krulik book Switcheroo series Katie Kazoo
Since every book has a body change, here is an alphabetical list of the 18 books so far, with animal, female and gender takeovers! Anyone But Me Katie can't stand George, the class bully. He constantly picks on everyone, but he really torments Katie. One day, she can't stand it anymore, and she ...more
Web Comic about a mad scientist Helen Narbon and her assistants. Many story lines are center around transformations.
Nemesis: A perfect world
I was at a convention and I saw this table top Roleplaying game and had a chance to see a Demo played (great game). The book itself has over a dozen TF pictures ranging from Animal and object TF to Were-crearures. The Art work is great, a lot of it Done by Mark and Steph Heike known for their great ...more
The Next issue 1 (of 6)
The Next are trans-dimensional beings on the run from a corrupt government. Their true forms appear to be amorphous, vaguely humanoid. When they arrive in our universe on Earth, they first appear as four former U.S. presidents... the four on Mount Rushmore: Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Teddy ...more
Nick Arcade, Clickamajig, Chemistry set
In chemistry set, you choose potions to mix and depending on which combination you choose, you mutate him in some way. This can range from giving him an extra set of arms, turning him into a dog, a copy of the Mona Lisa, or even a hot female version of himself!
Nine Lives
A horror flick about a bunch of college kids who go to a fancy mansion. But its haunted by the spirit of a Ghost who possesses their bodies. When someone kills the body the ghost is in, he moves right into the body who killed him. And it goes on like this
Ninja High School issue Pocket Full of Neptonite/Shock&Roll
Containing probably nearly every type of transformation in two issues. In #76 warlocks attempt to capture Henrietta Porter, Mimi's new apprentice. When Tomorrow Girl interferes they use Neptonite on her(her weakness), but Henrietta blasts it with magic and it transforms people(one panel at the end ...more
Nutty Professor
In the movie a fat professor invents a formula to turns him into a skinny swinger.
This is an amazing multiplayer game where a bunch of kids get locked in the school after hours and try to find there missing friend from the previous night, when they soon start to relise they are not alone in the school and some mysterious creatures start to attack them. you soon find out that ...more
The Outer Limits episode The architects of fear
Taken from the description on the video: Grimly concluding that a common enemy, not love, is the only hope in unifying the warring nations of Earth, a group of scientists set out to secretly create the ultimate, global threat - an all-powerful alien monster. But can fear save the world? Ro ...more
The Outer Limits episode The Chameleon
Taken from the description on the video: Academy Award winning actor Robert Duvall stars as Louis Mace, a CIA hired assassin - as could-blooded and lethal as his name. His assignment: infiltrate an alien spacecraft and kill its bizarre-looking inhabitants. His disguise: a genetic operation th ...more
Outer limits episode 2nd soul
Semi corperal Aliens need freshly dead human bodies and are trading techology with earth for them. The earth offical's best friend's wife dies and her body is given to an alien. The former husband starts stalking her.
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