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Category: 'Misc'
J. J. Cale
The title track to this CD talks about the singer wanting to be verious articles of clothing worn by the subject of the song. It gives a one or two line summary of what it would be like to be said article. Ex: Wish I was a silk shirt Draped across your back Rubbing next to your skin Trying to ma ...more
J.K. Rowling book Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
There is a female character in this one named Tonks, who is a metamorphmagi. It's a rare ability she was born with that enables her to change her appearance at will. You see her change hair color in Chapter 2, entertain people by morphing her nose into amusing shapes, and throughout the book she is ...more
Jack-Jack Attack
Near the end of the movie, baby Jack-Jack transforms into a mad devil and various objects when Syndrome angers him. If you have the double DVD, you can also Jack-Jack transform into other various things in "Jack-Jack Attack" short.
Jackie Chan Adventures episode Mirror Mirror
Jackie accidently releases evil mirror spirits who transform people into what they fear the most about themselves. Jackie's head grows, Jade turns into a mule, and Tohru turns into his mother. This appears to be a duplicate entry for entryid=1868 - now marked for merge. - cj 2007mar07
Jak 3
In addition to the Dark Jak form from Jak II, Jak now gets the ability to become Light Jak. In Light Jak form Jak's entire body turns a luminecent blue, making his eyes glow white as well as making him look like he is made of energy (which is quite possible.) He later gets the ability to sprout wi ...more
Jerome Bixby
This is the short story the Twilight Zone episode was based on, with the child with the transformational powers, and the villiage held hostage, forced to think only happy thoughts. The major differences: The boy is not truly human, but something vague and never described. The town has been t ...more
The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 2: When Nerds Collide episode Unknown
Many transformations in this second crossover between Timmy Turner and Jimmy Neutron. Jimmy and Timmy get turned into snails, Cindy gets turned into a fish, Carl into a half llama, and Prof. Calamitous gets shrunk and turned into Mrs. Neutron.
Just Visiting
Hilarious movie! A very noble French Count & his very crude Surf come to the twenty century. Chicago will never be the same. They accidently time travel because the count while under the unfluence of a evil witches magical potion sees everyone as ugly demon including the beautiful princes that is to ...more
Justice League episode The Brave in the bold part 1.
In this one- The flash goes through several hallucinations in which he turns into the following things: A fat man, a skinny guy, a puppet, and a gorilla.
Justice League episode Secret Origins
Invading Aliens take the forms of the captured Hawkgirl and Superman to fool the rest of the team.
Kameo: Elements of Power
This game features a girl who has the power to transform into various elemental creatures, from golems to living plants. Also, in the end, the girl's sister turns herself and the bad guy to stone. All this info was taken from the Wikipedia site at: ...more
Kameo: Elements of Power
XBOX RPG that features the elven princess, Kameo, who has set out to rescue the Elemental Ancestors and to overthrow the Dark Troll King. She has the gift of transformation that allows her to take on the shape and abilities of any Elemental warrior that she takes as a follower.
Kid turns into bug in Movie Theater commercial Creepy Crawlers (Toymax?)
Back in around 1998, when Creepy Crawlers was probably near the end of its popularity, they aired one more commercial. Opens with a city skyline with CG bugs flying around, one zooming into the camera, cuts to a scene with big green spiders crawling around out of a sewer drain, then people in gre ...more
Kingdom Hearts
Size, Mythical
===Mythical=== When you go to Ariel's world, Atlantica, which is nothing but water, Donald casts a spell that turns Sora into a mer-man, Donald into a squid and Goofy into a turtle. No transformation is seen but when playing you can feel the difference in the movement ===Gallery=== ...more
Lady Sekhmet's Video Clip Collection
A small collection (~250) of TF related video clips that are rotated online for viewing 5 or so at a time as well as a little gallery of misc images and music. Enjoy!
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
Gender, Female
Miscellaneous The raft that Link uses throughout the game, the King of the Red Lions, is actually the King of Hyrule Castle. He changes form when he changes Tetra back to her true form, that of Princess Zelda. Female This is not a true female change, but it is a big change in the plot. (Sp ...more
Leroy and Stitch
A new Lilo and Stitch movie came out called Leroy and Stitch. In it all the experiiments, including babyfied (it turns adults into babies) have been captured and made good by Lilo and Stitch. During the movie Lilo checks up on the experiments and sees one that makes a man look like elvis. The ...more
The Life and Times of Juniper Lee episode I've Got You Under My Skin
June tries to create a body-double when she needs to be in two places at the same time. In this episode, there are several transformations: Ray Ray becomes June's copy Monroe becomes Ray Ray's copy Nobody becomes Monroe's copy. *NOTE: According to TV.Com, the First Air-Date of th ...more
The Life and Times of Juniper Lee episode Oh Brother What Are You
Rei Rei, Junipers little brother, drinks a growth potion in the making and turns into a big dinosaur like creature. In an attempt to change him back they make a clone of him but each clone is different, One is a humanoid dog, another part elephant, and even an adult female version of himself.
The Life and Times of Juniper Lee - Party Monsters
=The Life and Times of Juniper Lee - Party Monsters= *Categories: Misc, Television Episode In this episodes, June's family members come to her Ahmah's birthday party. But a strange orb from a monster starts turning them into monsters. ==Images== Image 1 Image 2 Image 3
Lilo and Stitch episode Frenchfry
Lilo, Stitch and Pleakley fatten up after eating food prepared by a chef-like experiment, as does Gantu. We also learn how Jumba got so fat.
Lilo and Stitch episode Retro
In the episode Lilo and Stitch run into an experiment called Retro who has the ability to revert anything to its primitave state. Elephant into Mamoth, Tiger into Sabortooth Tiger, car into an older modle, etc
Lily's Magic Wand
A young girl, Lily, discovers what she can do when she finds a magic wand in this wacky film. Includes gender, size, animal, and etc. Spoiler: Turns into an older form of herself, male, dark skinned male, stormtrooper, dog, cat, monkey, and then to a cupcake.
Living With Zombies
Two slackers are pleasantly shocked when (apparently) everyone else on Earth suddenly turns into a zombie. Their neighbors, their friends, even girls in the middle of taking a bath - poof, all ugly and undead. There's no obvious reason, but at least it lets them live out their video-game fanta ...more
Looney tunes: Back in Action
I don't remeber the names but theres one part where the hero, the girl, bugs bunny, datfy duck, and the villian are all transported to the villian's base by some transport ray thing. When they get there teres a problem and they all swichted body parts. the ony one i remember was that the girl had du ...more
Loreena McKennitt
I have only seen snippets from the video included on a DVD with my "limited edition" of her CD The Visit. The song is about magic tranformation. The song is on her CD The Mask and the Mirror. It is based on an old folk-tale where a maiden was pushed into river to drown by her jealous older sister ...more
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