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Category: 'Misc'
Gaia's 2006 Halloween Event
In this Role Playing Forum, if a character drinks a Zurg Energy Drink, which is "out of this world" they turn into an alien with green skin, frail bodies, big heads and big black eyes. The only way to change back is by drinking a RedBino Energy Drink. The New NPC, "Ron Bruise" seems to have some ...more
Galaxy High School episode #1 I think.
There is an episode where doyle gets turned into french fries after falling into the school's frier. Taking him to a laboratory they turn him into various aliens to get him back human. Brief, but quite funny.
Garfield episode Unknown
I saw it a long time ago so i may have messed up a bit so please bare with me. In one epesode Jon takes Garfield to a magic shop. Jon leaves Garfield with the wizard's dog alone and then the dog starts chasing Garfield and at one point, they get magic wands. They start transforming each other int ...more
Gargoyles episode Golem
The ailing Halcyon Reynard leaves his body and possesses the form of a large clay statue (golem).
Gargoyles episode Grief
The Emir, a sorcerer working with Xanatos, summons the Egyptian jackal god Anubis. His aim is to gain control over death and resurrect his dead son. Before the god's power can enter him, Jackal (one of Xanatos's henchmen) takes advantage transforming into a man/jackal cyborg. Once he gains the ...more
Gargoyles episode Possession
Puck uses his magic to liberate the souls trapped within the magical cyborg ColdStone into seperate mechanical bodies. To do so, he takes Goliath's form. Xanatos' fey-blooded son Alex accompanies him in the guise of Hudson, and later takes possession of Lexington.
Gargoyles episode Upgrade
The gargoyles' old enemies The Pack return, bigger and badder than before. Now Wolf has been gene-spliced into a large half-canine creature and the siblings Jackal and Hyena have been augmented into deadly cyborgs.
Gatorade commercial Unknown
An attractive female runner runs out of electrolytes or something and crumbles to pieces on the track. Later, the woman who drank gatorade runs over the pieces of the other woman.
New Game Cube game set to be released June 1st. Synopsis: You are John Raimi, a disease-control agent with the federal government, on loan to an elite counterterrorism unit. Your team is sent to investigate the shadowy Volks Corporation. When the operation goes horribly wrong, you are captured ...more
The Girl(Boy) Teaser Trailer
The story: inspired in real life, we are here closely following the life of the typical Jekyll and Hyde character: a little manic-depressive teen girl that snaps from now and then into this agressive character. The twist? the passive character is performed by a girl (Leonora Taylor, 15) and the agre ...more
Gnarls Barkley
This video is... crazy. The video is like one of those Rorschach inkblot tests that they have at a Psychologists use to see what a person can see. There are many different transformation where you see something like Gnarls Barkley's head and it turns into a crow, then into a some bugs, then a bat, ...more
Godzilla vs Biollante
Godzilla has become such a threat to Japan the Japanese military intrusts a scientist, morning over the loss of his daughter, to create a anti nuclear bacteria out of Godzilla's DNA, using the components of it that digests nuclear energy against Godzilla. However the scientist uses the immortal cell ...more
Golden Sun
I have this game so I know it exists. The game centers around Issac and his Firends Garet, Ivan, and Mia. At this point, Issac Garet and Ivan enter the town of Kiloma and find nothing but human shaped trees. The trees are people who have been turned into trees by the Father of the woods Tret the Tre ...more issue Unknown
TF porn updated daily! Archives of the comic are available, but require a subscription.
Greg Bear book Blood Music
A short story that grew into a book, Blood Music deals with a biochemist researcher who is fired, and takes his work with him by injecting it into himself. Bad idea, as these microscopic entities are becoming intelligent and as they spread begin treating and changing human bodies much the same way ...more
Greg Bear book Eon
In the distant future, people can control the shape of their bodies. Many choose utilitarian forms that do not resemble humans.
The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy episode Billy and Mandy Save Christmas
Santa (voiced by Gilbert Gottfried) has been bitten by a vampire-- not by the Head Vampire, but actually by the Head Head Vampire. It's up to Billy, Mandy, and Grim to save Santa before Christmas is ruined! Mandy and Grim team up with Head Vampire Baron Von Ghoulish (voiced by Malcolm McDowell) to s ...more
The Grudge 2
spoiler! at the end of the movie, one of the main characters, Aubrey, who is the sister of the girl from the first movie (played by sarah michele gellar) goes into the haunted house and is actually transported into the place of the dead woman from the first Grudge movie - Aubrey is "superimposed" i ...more
Gunbird 2
Numerious types of transformations.
Guyver issue Unknown
The Guyver is a manga, and anime that has been around for a while. It features a plot in which aliens created mankind as the ultimate weapon, then upgraded by creating creatures known as "Zoanoids". Which, are human, until whatever reason, they morph into powerful beastial creatures that sometimes t ...more
"Gwen 10" episode of Ben 10
In this non-cannon episode, Ben wakes up in the past the day before he got the watch and when it comes round to him getting the watch Gwen gets it instead and starts transforming like Ben use to. Later on Gwen loses the watch and grandpa puts it on and he turns into Upgrade
H. G. Wells book The Invisible Man
Mad scientist makes himself invisible. Then he can't change back, making it hard to get served at hotels.
Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows
Male, Gender, Female
(Spoiler Text) (Spoiler Text) (Spoiler Text) (Spoiler Text) (Spoiler Text)
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Were, Animal
Late in the movie Professor Lupin stares at the full moon and transforms into a werewolf. Very nice transformation scene. Also Sirius Black transforms into a dog/wolf to fight Lupin in his transformed state. Off screen transformation. Professor Lupin is bathed in the moonlight and becomes a were ...more
A Spanish/English web about all kind of transformations, AR TG TF... the images are not so bad.
The Hitchhickers Giude to the Galaxy
Just went to see this film at the cinima it was good but thay did not stick to the book at the end and made it into another "its all better at the end film" Anyway to the transformations. Most of the transformations occour due to the improbability drive on one of the spaceships "it generates a ...more
HitchHiker's Guide to the Galaxy
In Episode 6 of the radio series, Arthur, Ford, Zaphod, Trillian, and Marvin have accidentally stowed away aboard the flagship of the Haggunenon Admiral. The Haggunenons are a super-evolutionary lifeform with 'the most impatient chromosomes' of any lifeform in the known universe -- they are known to ...more
Holy Dragons, Holy Unicorns
This webpage contains many tales, and at leasr three of them have high TF component. "The Epidemic" - about mutagenic disease, which turn hands into paws ( "Stones of Howtown" ( - town wher ...more
Hoppity Hooper episode The Traffic Zone
In a parody of the Twilight Zone, Fillmore the bear stumbles into another dimension where he is turned into a giant anthropomorphic turnip. The other two characters eventually return with him in hopes of restoring him to normal. But they all end up trapped in the traffic zone and change into giant ...more
Howard the Duck
The same laser beam that took Howard the Duck from his world and sent him to Earth, was been used to transport demon like beings from another world to Earth. The first demon being took over the body of the scientist in the later half of the movie.
the site has many weight gain screenshots of people mostly girls
Hulkus Pokus
The next episode of Charmed,titled "Hulkus Pokus" scheduled to air 11/20/05 will involve the Charmed ones turning into muscle bound "She-Hulk-like" creatures. From the promo ad it looks like they don't get much bigger in height but there seems to be some clothes ripping. For more info on the show c ...more
Inner Child commercial McDonald's
A woman is working in an office, but while she is working, she freezes. A hatch opens on her, and a child version of her pops out. Meanwhile this is happening to just about every other adult, and the children all head to McDonald's. After they have got some form of food, they go back to the adults, ...more
Inspector Gadget episode The Amazon
In this one, Inspector Gadget is in the Amazon jungle looking for the man who had given him his bionic powers. The man is being held prisoner by Dr. Claw at the MAD Amazon Jungle base so he can produce a series of deadly robots based on Inspector Gadget (and they are - they look just like the inspe ...more
Instant Teen issue Vol 2
In one of the chapters, Natsumi switches bodies with her friend due to some body switching nuts, then her friend in her body turns into her teen form, then switches bodies with a bear.
It Came from Outer Space
Giant bug eyed aliens crash land in the desert outside of a small town. To repair their ship they kidnap men and women and transform themselves into look alikes so they can move in and out of town without arousing suspicion. Cheesy transformation effects but a classic scifi for the era. Origina ...more
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