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Category: 'Misc'
In the video, Eminem shoves another band member off stage and later they show that member flattened on the floor, still singing.
Danny Phantom: School's Out / Ghoul's Out
This made for TV movie is the adventure the Danny Phantom and Crew have when summer vacation starts. Freakshow has found the reality gauntlet which allows to to control reality when it is paired with the four gems: The gem of Life, the gem of Form, the Gem of Fantasy, and the Gem of Power. Danny ...more
Dante Alighieri book The Inferno (book one of the Divine Comedy)
Several sinners in Hell are transformed in the afterlife. Suicides, for instance, and transformed into trees, while fortune tellers walk around with their heads on backwards.
Incredibly bad movie. A good cast gamely tries to do their best. The USA government deliberty sends Astronaunts where they will be possessed by alien parasites. A good alien possess the EX wife of a miitiary officer & tries to help earth. A SF horror movie plot you name it its included. From the hi ...more
One of the characters, Anakaris, has the abillity to turn his opponents into either their 'baby' form or their prized possession. Example: Lord Raptor becomes a guitar with his head on the neck. PS, if someone knows where any of the images of these forms are please post them, I've been looking li ...more
Dav Pilkey book Super Diaper Baby
A villian tries to steal the super powers of Diaper Baby...but diaper baby has an accident right before, and the villian turns into....lord, that's gross.
Dave the Barbarian episode Unknown
Many different transformations into a wide variety of animals by the wizard uncle, just seen the show so i don't know the specififcs.
David Brin book Kiln
Complicated book in future here people can copy their personalities into clay forms that last 24 hours - then down load what the copy did in that time. People steel plates of famous people so others can copy them. The copies are easily breakable. Some are different sexes. No scenes with anythng like ...more
David Shannon book A Bad Case of Stripes
In this book a girl is very conserned about how other people see her. In fact she won't eat lima beans even though she loves them, because everyone else her age hates them. One day, she wakes up to see that she is striped. Later, she discoveres that she will change according to what other peo ...more
Dawn of the Dead
In the movie, most of every human on earth has turned into flesh eating zombies. If a person gets bit, doesnt matter how much, they too turn into a zombie.
Just saw a preview on the Sci Fi channel for a movie etitled Decoys. The preview contain a scene where a young woman removes her shirt to reveal some sort of alien tentacles that then grow out of her chest. Not sure when it will premeire but thought I would post for those of you who are interested.
The Demon's Baby
A general in Chinese Ching dynasty raided graves and took a golden budda and 5 smaller bowls, which each contained a demon with the budda supressing the 5 demons in the grave. The 5 demons possessed all 4 wives of the general, plus a young maid he was interested with. The demons in human body tried ...more
Detective Comics #471-472
Batman is captured and unmasked by Hugo Strange, a mad scientist whose uses 8-foot tall mute monsters for henchmen. Batman is held prisoner by Strange's sexy assistant, Magda. When Robin comes to save Batman, Magda decides to inject him with Strange's monster serum. However, she gets into a struggl ...more
Diagata Defenders
The bad guy,Namual,needed a body so at first he was about to transfer him mind into the youngest defender but at the end he had to mind transfer a servent. Also one of the Defenders had his body merged with his guardian
Diana Wynne Jones book Ogre Downstairs
Likely male to male bodyswap possibly a gender bodyswap but haven't read the book... Casper, Johnny, and Gwinny are sure they'll never be happy again when their mother marries Jack, who is as mean as an ogre. To make matters worse, two obnoxious stepbrothers, Malcolm and Douglas, move in as well ...more
Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories
Disgaea 2 adds the feature of the Dark World, in which the player can enter the same stage as before though monsters and geo panels have been rearranged to make the stage much more challenging. Another factor is the dark sun which places a random or not so random effect on your characters or the ...more
Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
a.k.a. Netherworld Battle Chronicle: Disgaea in Japan This game follows the adventures of Laharl, the prince of the Netherworld, after the death of his father. Transformations in this game include... Transmigration. The player has the option of changing certain characters' classes, and each ...more
Doctor Who episode Meglos
Meglos, an alien cactus creature, turns itself into a physical duplicate of the fourth Doctor in order to steal a power source for its planet-destroying weapon.
Doctor Who, episode The Eleventh Hour
Animal, Gender
The escaped prisoner zero, a snake like creature, is psychically linked to its victims to shape change to take the victim's form. It's a multiform that will appears as two or more persons or animals. It appeared as repairman and his dog, mother with 2 girls, and the Doctor and his latest companion, ...more
Don't be Afraid
A webcomic with random happenings of tranformations.
DonTF games
Downloadable tf games using Sakura sprites (from Naruto) Everything goes - try to get to the end of the lv without getting tfed, input all passwords to get home. Evil Lab - put chemicals on the conveyor to put into shots to tf 2 sprites. (ALT + F4 to quit) ...more
Doraemon book Vol. 28
Numerous transformations take place within this collection of the adventures of Nobita and his futuristic robot-cat Doraemon. In the very first story Doraemon surprises Nobita by transforming from an ordinary cat to a miniature concord jet, then back to himself, all with the use of a special trasfo ...more
Doraemon issue Unknown
A very good item doraemon has. I hope someone send the pages here. In one of the issues Doraemon has an iten called 'Human-disguises-cloth camera' (I'm note sure of the translation). It's more like a unitard but it's fully completed. When you wear it, no matter what size you are, you have the same h ...more
Doraemon issue Unknown
Read this long time ago when I was a kid, so memory is kind of faded. 2 issues came to mind. One was about a body swapping baton that will swap body between the two people. Several swap took place, started with a female child pop star swap with Nobita, ending with Doraemon inside the child pop st ...more
Doraemon issue Vol. 9
In a rare crossover in the fujiko Fujioverse, Kawaru/Bakeru asks for Nobita and Doraemons help in deciphering a mystery of a photograph taken in medieval Japan (predictably, they're the ones in it). During the adventure Kawaru turns into all the members of Bakeru's family. Splitting his consciousn ...more
Doraemon issue Volume 34
Another item Doraemon has is the 'Changing Potion'. Nobita transform into a horse but was a bit too late to transform. So he drank all the potions in the box. Now he change by thinking or automatically. He transform into a rabbit,an elephant, a lion, a black panther, a gorilla, a cat, a crocodile, a ...more
Dr. Mario Video Game commercial Witch Doctor
It tells the tale of a youth whom called the witch doctor and he told him what to do: "Oh Ee Oh Ah Ah Ting Tang Walla Walla Bing Bang" (that means play Dr. Mario for the GameBoy and the NES). He beat the witch doctor and this is what he said: "Oh Ee Oh Ah Ah Ting Tang Walla Walla Bing Bang" and the ...more
Dracadder net fiction Unknown
In one scene edmund gets turned into a vampire.
Drawn Together episode A Tale of Two Cows
Toot is invited to her 10th year reuinion at Camp Realy Fat David and since she wasnt the fatest she was unpopular and to show off, she asks if one of her male roomates would go with her and pretend to be doctor husband, of course everyone leaves. Later Toot finds a Legend of Xander cheat book. She ...more
Drawn Together episode Terms of Endearment
Foxxy devolves into a racist '30s cartoon after getting a brain tumor from Captain Hero's X-ray vision and is whisked away to a cartoon erasement camp. Later in this episode, we see that everyone except Hero is made up entirely of breasts.
Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2th Century episode K-9 Kaddy / Pig of Action
It's the second half of the half hour show. Porky Pig finds a strange glowing rock on a planet, and when he puts it in his pocket, he turns into a heavily muscled version of himself, referring to himself as Pork Piggler. ...more
Dungeon Siege II
In Dungeon Siege II, you get to create a hero. You can be a female human, male human, female elf, male elf, Male half-giant, or a female Dryad (they are healers and can harvest health and mana potions). One of the quests takes you to the Exile colony and to the fort where you are to locate some su ...more
Dynomutt episode The Injustice League of America
Funny show has the Blue Falcon and Dynomutt attempting to break up the Injustice League of America by impersonating them and sowing seeds of conflict amongst them. At one point Dynomutt impersonates the shapely Queen Hornet. A very funny segment as, although Dynomutt looks exactly like QH, he stil ...more
A classic RPG for the SNES. In it, you play Ness (default name), a boy with psychokinetic abilities who is destined to save the world from evil aliens. There are a few transformations in this game. One of the party members, Poo (default name), has the ability to transform into certain enemies ...more
Echo (and Narcissus)
As the legend goes, Echo, who was good friends with Aphrodite, witnessed Zeus cheating on Hera (again). Hera showed up some time afterward and Echo covered for him. Zeus rewarded her with a special ring of the gods. Hera shows up again, sees the ring, discovers the deception, and punishes her by tak ...more
El Loco Bruja's Bruja-ha-ha
Abigail Soto is the artist and writer of growing fame on Digital Arts and beyond. Her DA site is full of hundreds of TF pictures where her magical characters lay to waste everyone from the average Joe to comic book superheroes. Most famous of her characters is a nigh-omnipotent sadistic and bra ...more
Enterprise episode The Crossing
I'm not sure where to put this. BUt the Enterprise is captured by a ship that is filled with sexless uncorpal beings who start changing places with the crew taking over their bodies and then the crew is a uncorpal. The doctor is the only one inititally totally immune. They claim to be benevolent but ...more
Episode II, Attack of the Clones Star Wars
Bounty Hunter, Zam Wesell is a Clawdite Shapeshifter. The first time we see her, she is a human and don't know yet that she can transform and assume any shape. During the Coruscant speeder chase, Anakin struggles against Zam on her speeder and she briefly does a face transformation and back to the h ...more
Eskimo Bob net fiction Return of the Girl
In Episode 26, Bob and Alfonzo get abducted bby alien with tie and they turn two fish into copies of them. Later in the flash movies, Alfonzo becomes super sayne, the girl becomes magically sailor girl, and bob just burps. Final the aliens fuse the penquin and sams together and they become a pan ...more
Exiles #49
The Impossible Man turned a lot of people into inanimate objects in the issue: the first scene shows that he turned the Avengers (prior to the start of the issue) into three-dimensional paper dolls; he turned four of the Exiles into stuffed dolls and the newest member, Beak, into a bucket of fried ...more
Extreme Ghostbusters episode Be Careful What You Wish For
An ancient Greek entity comes to New York in the guise of a travelling salesman. Along the way, he grants wishes("No currency necessary, no payment do I need, Satisfaction Guaranteed"), but takes the most literal, twisted interpretations. Victims: 1) Subway Station Master("Sometimes, I get sic ...more
F. Gwynplaine MacIntyre
The best stories from "Absolute Magnitude" magazine hardcover include "The Minds That Jumped," by F. Gwynplaine MacIntyre, which uses a jazzy style reminiscent of Frederik Pohl's classic, "Day Million," to tell a humorous tale of revenge, teleportation and body switching.
The Faculty
In this sci-fi/horror film where alien parasites invade and take over the bodies of a high school faculty, we see the queen alien transforming back to her human form as one of the students (naked, no less, but we don't get to see anything). The transformation is rather shadowy. Also, if I recall, ...more
Fairly Odd Parents episode Nectar of the Odds
Timmy's lemonade is granting everyone's wishes, thanks to fairly godparent Cosmo's smelly old socks. After Timmy wishes away the lemonade and all of the wishes it granted, everything transformed back to normal. Among those transformations was a blonde bikini model transforming back to a fat, baldi ...more
Fairy Odd Parents episode Channel Chasers
just saw the last 45 minutes of a hour and half fairy Odd parents tv movie called Channel Chasers. Its like the movie Stay Tuned(people going to every channel on the tv), Timmy along with Wanda, Cosmo and a future version of Timmy(which is stronger version of Timmy than the pilot episode one) have ...more
Family Guy episode Barely Legal
In this episode, all the policemen go away. At one point, a lot of people rip off their skin to reveal black people. Just have a look at the episode, and you'll see why.
Family Guy episode Son and the Holy Fonz The Father
Stewie gets sick from being baptized in tainted holy water. The doctor tells Lois and Peter that he will be okay but he will have to be contained in a germ free bubble like in that movie. Peter askes if they will have to take his face off like in that movie "Face Off". A cutaway to Stewie and Bria ...more
Fat Reducer commercial Subway
Basically, it shows Jared as an obese McDonald's eater and then all this fat starts to come off in solid pieces. Not really good, but it's something.
Flat commercial
A girl is laying on a couch, almost completely flattened, barely moving. Her friend says it's because she started smoking marijuana, and completely lost her drive to do anything.
Flat World commercial Smiths Chips
A man gets a packet of chips. As he eats them, he notices a woman is literally flat, as well as a lot of other people. He takes out a chip (the voiceover says the chip is now in a flat cut), eats it, then becomes a flat man and falls down a grate.
Flatzone commercial Unknown
Intel commercial where the world is populated mostly by flat people. At the end they are inflated into 3D.
The Fog
The movie is about a fog carrying a whole bunch of ghost who were murdered over a 100 years ago coming back to town to kill the decendents of their killers. Throughout the movie they look dead looking (skelition look) then at the end when the got some of their revenge their look becomes more human.
Fraggle Rock episode The Trash Heap Doesn't Live Here Anymore
When the Fraggle's oracle, the Trash Heap, is moved to make room for a gazeebo, she seems alright... but her personality keeps changing! Sometimes has a male voice. Also, in the same episode, traveling Matt mistakes an Elevator for a room that changes people into other people.
Fruit Roll-Ups commercial Unknown
A series of commercials in the early to mid-nineties featured the "Great Rollupo" who would give fruit roll-ups to gathered kids. After biting the snacks, the kid would turn into a fruit roll-up. Later versions had kids transformed into "Fun Shapes" to match the shapes on the roll-up they were eatin ...more
Full House episode My Left and Right Foot
Michelle (Mary-Kate or maybe it was Ashley Olsen) is told that she has big feet and gets nagged by her sisters. That night she has a dream that he feet were huge. Someone said that here feet were getting bigger by the minute and he feet started to grow larger and larger until they filled up the en ...more
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