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Category: 'Misc'
Ace Lightning episode Knight's Under Cover
Not to sure about this one, stumbled upon this while flipping through the channels. A blond in a pink dress and denim jacket who's wearing some glasses speaks to a guy dressed in leather and wearing a motorcycle helmet. She says something to the effect of "How do girls wear these things", referring ...more
Adicolor - Addias Ad
Highschool girl chats on telephone while in an all pink room. The pink begins to coat her body and she is slowly transformed into a pink-rhinestoned-studded person and collapses on the floor. it's a little creepy
AfterDark 4.0
There is an old computer program called After Dark 4.0 which lets Windows 95 users have some fun screen savers. One of these screen savers is called "Points of View." It plays music and displays various shapes which morph into new shapes at set intervals of time. Some of these shapes include a vari ...more
Alien Loves Predator
Here's a surprisingly competent photo-comic about an Alien and a Predator actually getting along in New York City. In this particular strip, Prez, the Predator, catches a cab driven by a cabbie who just happens to have a Ring of Power. The cabbie demonstrates this by turning Liv Tyler into a mir ...more
Amazing Stories episode Miscalculations
John Cryer plays a chemistry student who finds a solution that causes magazine pictures to become real. Of course he goes home and tries it on his centerfolds. Things don't go as planned, as he uses too much formula and she becomes a ten foot tall giant. She demands to be kissed, and when he refus ...more
American Idol episode Unknown
In the beginning of American Idol(Themesong), male statue transforms into female statue then back to male statue.
Andreas Brandhorst book Der Metamorph
Der Metamorph The Metamorph Kerberos, a planet at the border of the known part of the galaxy. The best place for secret projects. To creat high adaptable species. But suddenly a machination destroyed some parts of this high-tech lab by New Human Design, and their new creation awakes to live. ...more
Angel episode Smile Time
Angel is transformed into a puppet. Angel, the vampire with a soul, is investigating a children's show that is sucking away children's souls. He is exposed to some of this soul energy which changes him into a muppet-like puppet. Hilarity ensues, such as when he gets into a fight with his rival S ...more
Angel of Darkness III, Live Action
Demon parasite jump body from body through out the film, from student to school nurse, then to a female teacher, then to a student again. Very graphical taken over its new host each time.
Anthropomorphism net fiction Unknown
This is an interesting flash movie which seems to involve a world gradually transmogrifying. Animals and inanimate objects are acquiring human characteristics and changing to reflect fictional stereotypes. Basically, the world's turning into a cartoon. It's somewhat dark, but mostly humorous, a ...more
Arthur C. Clarke book 2001: A Space Odyssey
I'm suprized this isn't here yet, since it's basically a classic. MAJOR SPOILER, BTW. At the end, astronaut David Bowman is changed by mysterious aliens who have transformed themselves into engery beings into a newborn baby version of those creatures. I saw the movie a very long time ago, and whi ...more
Astral Zone 4 net fiction Unknown
Transformation, science-fiction, and fantasy stories by various authors. Some artwork. Updated regularly. Check it out. :)
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes episode Unknown
One of the characters, named Tara used to be a tomato, until Dr Gangrene transformed her into a human being. She only transforms into a tomato when any contact of salt is added to her. To turn her back into a human, just add pepper.
Barbie's Nutcracker
A straight to video computer graphic image staring Barbie in the Nutcracker. It doesn't have enough of the original music, but basically follows the plot of the ballet. The transformations are the eponimous Nutcracker, who used to be a prince before being cursed, and various anthropomorphic animal ...more
BBC 'TV is evolving' commercial Unknown
It starts off with a man explaining about digital tv then rips off a rubber mask (using specal effects)and someone new appears from him and explains about a certain BBC channel. This happens several times and contains many transformations but the mostly gender and age however a large puppet apperars ...more
The Bed Sitting Room
( 1969 ) Set in post-nuclear-holocaust England, where a handful of bizarre characters struggle on with their lives in the ruins, amongst endless heaps of ash, piles of broken crockery and brick, muddy plains, and heaps of dentures and old boots. Long time ago I watched the movie, so I am not 100 ...more
In this Tim Burton oscar winner the two main guys in it are spririts who call on a exorcist named BeetleJuice. Several tfs happen include 1 age progression to which the two grow older and older until they enter a corpse/zombie like form, 1 (i guess you would call it a monster tf) in which the man p ...more
BeetleJuice episode Series
In this cartoon spinoff the 1988 classic BeetleJuice- whenever BeetleJuice says something it happens (E.G "I feel like a kid again" and he turns into a baby, or "You scared the living daylights outta me." and he goes all black and stars start shining on him.)
Ben 10
A show about a kid named Ben who discovers a device which allows him to transform into any one of 10 different alien creatures each with its own powers.
Better, Faster, Stronger Harder
This is the 4th video in a 4 video series where a group of 4 alien rock stars its kidnapped by some evil guy who taps his toes to the music. The aliens are taken to earth and turned into human and their memories are recorded and replaced with "Human" memories. you can download it off KaZaa as well a ...more
Betty Crocker - Fruit Gushers commercial Unknown
Since the 1990s, commercials for Betty Crocker Fruit Gushers snacks have featured in some way or another kids heads turning into giant fruit after eating one. Video Playlist on YouTube
Big Bad Beetleborgs (1997) episode The Good, The Bad and The Scary
The three Beetleborg kids swap bodies with their Magnavore enemies.
Birume Sentai Barayarou
A very strange Japanese beat-em-up game on the SNES made by Virgil Entertainment. It lets you play one person (either one of two guys, or a girl) as you make your way past some odd enemies and bosses all while taking some food. Not exactly a great beat-em-up, but unique in its way. There is a tra ...more
Black. White. episode Unknown
A television show where two families swap races. One white family will become black and one black family will become white. The show uses professional make-up artists to simulate their appearance as the opposite race. The people often interacted with the public to see what they could learn about ...more
Blink 182
The single's cover features 2 of the band members with beautiful female bodies, but their origional heads. . . . . . . .
Bloom County issue Unknown
During the days of apartheid, Oliver invents a machine that turns white people black for a few days. He tries it out on Steve, later Milo uses it. They plan to travel to Washington to zap the South African ambassador, but it doesn't pan out.
BoBo Bo BoBoBo episode Every Episode
The weirdest show known to man or beast. BoBo Bo BoBoBo is an anime about a man who fights for hair. An evil corp. is trying to make everyone bald and it is up to BoBo Bo BoBoBo to fight them off... with nose hair. Thoughout the series BoBo Bo BoBoBo changes alot. One moment he is a cabbage, t ...more
Body Bags
A three-story anthology. The 2nd story, Hair, was about hair transplant that turned out to be something else, alien worms that needed human hosts' brain to grow more alien worms. The poor guy whom thought he was getting a successful hair transplant later became a zombie as the alien worms/hair got i ...more
Boy Genius The Adventures of Barry Ween issue Various TFs
In this comic book there are several transformations. In part one, Barry's father gets regressed into an Ape-like Creature. In the Second part, Barry's friend Jeremy drinks a formula that transforms him into a Dinosaur. Barry tries to clone him some new bodies, which go wrong. They include a Griffen ...more
Bram Stoker's Dracula
In the movie, Dracula changes back and forth into many differnt forms, including a wolf, rats, mist and a bat. He also changes age frequently.
Brothers Grim
In the movie there is a witch who is trying to capture 12 young girls to steal their life away in order to become young again. Spoiler: In the end she does accomplish it but they break the spell. Also a man has the power to turn into a wolf throughout the movie
Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode After Life
This take place soon aftre Buffy is brought back from the dead. A demon has come with her(confusing) it has no solid form. So it possesses, from time to time Anya, Dawn, Xander and takes BUffy's shape. to live it finds out that it must kill BUffy. She slays it when Willow using magic makes it sol ...more
Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode Beer Bad
Xander gets a job at the local student pub as bartender. Buffy, pining over Parker, decides to go to the pub where she meets Riley. Riley tells Buffy about Parker's nasty attitude toward women, making things worse, so Buffy decides to join some friends in a drink of "Black Forest" beer. The "Blac ...more
Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode Go Fish
The Sunnydale High swim team is winning meets and everyone is happy with their success but suspects the team of using steroids. One swimmer (Gage) ends up transforming into a "gill monster" and the truth is clear about how the team was winning.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode Nightmares
In the ep something is making everyones nightmares come to life. One of Buffy's nightmares is being turned into a vampire. and so.....tada....she's a vampire.
Buzz Lightyear of Star Command episode Devolutionaries
Warp Darkmatter goes to the distant planet of Binipinardia to nab a naturally occurring de-evolving gas, guarded for eons by the local Binipinardians, in a plot to devolve the galaxy so he can more easily conquer it. Buzz and team attempt to stop him but get "devolved" themselves - Mira becomes a ...more
In the 'Freak Show' level, you have to fight a monster which is composed of the top halves of two men, sewn together at the waist. According to the docs, they were two acrobats who were kidnapped by a mad scientist, altered, and lobotomized. The last monster in the 'Freak Show' level is Junior, a ...more
Casper (1995)
In one bit of the movie the three uncles possess the psychologist and he turns into Clint Eastwood, Mel Gibson, Rodney Dangerfield and the crypt keeper. Also he becomes a ghost later in the movie and so does the villainess. Casper becomes a person in one part but goes back to being a ghost afterwa ...more
Celebrity Deathmatch episode Episode 82
One episode's main event featured Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen v. Jack and Jelly Ozborn. Mary Kate killed Jack and when Kelly was all alone she threw a cupcake to distract Mary Kate since she is the one with the eating disorder. She fight with herself whether or not she should eat it like Gulem in Lor ...more
Charby the Vampirate
A cute gothy webcomic, though rather obviously influenced by Jhonen Vasquez's work. Most of the cast is made up of little monster kids, sort of like Satan's Muppet Babies. Quite a few of the main characters have shape-shifting powers, often transforming into huge monsters to slaughter their en ...more
Charles Sheffield book Proteus Series
In the future they use feedback machines to change themselves into other forms. The main character works for the Office of Form control and is the foremost expert in his field. They can change other creatures as well so they developed a test that would tell them if the form started out as human or s ...more
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Several transformation scenes in Tim Burton's new film of the iconic children's story by Roald Dahl, involving beastly little children getting their comeuppance. For those who have yet to see the new film, the transformations (particularly Violet's) are quite an improvement over the 1971 version. ...more
Chlor-Mint commercial Elevator
In this Indian mint ad, a pretty woman is in an elevator which collapses and plunges down the shaft. She slides from under the doors, now flattened as a poster, and winds up as an ad on the side of a building.
Choose Your Own Change
Lots of TF stories of all kinds
Christopher Whyte book The Warlock of Strathearn
The title character of this British novel, a Scotsman born in the 17th Century, learns how to change shape early in the book. He turns into a variety of animals in several chapters, including birds and fish. But he turns himself into a woman for about two chapters in order to seduce another woman ...more
ClearWay Minnesota: "Involuntary"
A sexy female bartender is turned into cigarette smoke in an ad for second hand smoke in minnesota. it's the ad called "involuntary"
Coca Cola Commercials commercial Coca Cola
Old commercials in a vein similar to the Capri-Sun commercials. When 2 little kids leave the house their young mother transforms into a superhero made entirely of ice cold Coca Cola, and she would fly into the city doing superhero actions, and return just before her kids got home.
Coca-Cola commercial Birdman
Furry, Race
A plain guy has a Coke bottle with two straws in it and shares it with everyone he sees. However, after he has done so, he receives one of their features until he is no longer recognizable. This is a list of what he receives. Gothic Girl - Hair/Boots Black Gangsta - Dark skin/T-Shirt Mexican ...more
Coco Man Cereal commercial Unknown
Children eat this Jamaican themed cereal and turn black. This is an Israeli product.
Coming Full Circe
I found a new web comic that I think is worthy of our support. "Coming Full Circe" Its just on page 7 but it's full of great Tf's I will not spoil them for you but its a really good start The Story so far is Circe is living as a book store owner in modern times and it seems someone is tryin ...more
Conan O'Brien episode Spring Desk Drive
On this episode of Conan, he takes a "desk drive" with a lady from the audience and they get run over by a steamroller.
Conjoined Dreams
A site with images of 2 or more women (well, most of the pics have women) conjoined together.
Website with some cute photo manipulations.
Curse II: the Bite
1988 Directed by Fred Goodwin A horror movie. The protagonist and his girlfriend stumble across an abandoned atomic test site, and is bitten by a radioactive snake. Slowly his arm turns into a snake. I remember a scene where he tried to cut the thing off only to have a new one grow in its place. ...more
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