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Category: 'Mind Control'
Nifty Archive Stories
Gender, Size
A website with a large collection of transformation stories.
Mastermind's Mutants
Animal, Female, Furry, Monster
A time-traveling super hero, shape-shifting actress, and telekinetic friend use a magical crystal to open portals to other worlds -- searching for a way to stop a mind-controlling super villain from turning everyone on Earth into mutant slaves. Along the way, they discover an ancient alien secre ...more
Cool 1980 David Cronenberg scifi movie about conflicting groups of telepaths that were created accidentally by a pharmaceutical company. In the final telepathic battle the hero can only win by letting the villain destroy his body, but at the last moment transfers his mind to the villain's body. The ...more
Sym-Bionic Titan: "The Demon Within"
(Spoiler Text)
The Hunger episode Replacements
All the women in the town are slowly put under mind control by a small creature. Each woman that encounters one of these small creatures gets their maternal instinct triggered to protect the small creature, even breast feeding it, and would attack their husband or other males in the town and drive ...more
The Intern
A college intern working for an evil genius mad scientist gets more than he bargained for. Includes mind control and gender transformation. Written as a screenplay.
Explanation of the category 'Mind Control'

Remote control of another another being while NOT using possession.

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