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Category: 'Marked For Deletion'
Ace Ventura: Pet Detective
The police Lt. turned out to be a former football kicker that determined to get revenge on Miami Dolphin's quarterback Dan Marino before Super Bowl.
This entry marked for deletion - the information is incorrect, there is no transformation - 2007aug06 cj served Apollo as a girl.
Alias episode "Resurrection"
sydney (jennifer garner) disguise herself as lauren (melissa george) This entry marked for deletion, unless there is an actual transformation.
All That episode Unknown
Halloween Episode: opens with a guy dressed in a tutu and then discovering that the rest of his fellow cast members are dressed up as one another. Done using voice-over work.
Batman issue 626
This entry is marked for deletion - no transformation. This disguise is not passed-off as anything but a disguise, no characters would think that this was a transformation - cj 2007nov15 Robin (Tim Drake) has to sneak into a morgue to get tissue samples of a corpse. The best way to do so is po ...more
Bleach Episode 41
Animal, Gender
This is a duplicate entry, has been merged, and is now Marked for Deletion - cj 2007aug08 Yoruichi the cat tells ichigo that he rescue him after the battle. Ichigo asks how could a cat lift me and carry me all the way to a hidden room under the mountain. Yoruichi tells him I have never shown my ...more
Breath of Fire Two
This is already on the list as the correct name, Breath of Fire II or Breath of Fire 2 - Marked for deletion by Sara on 11/27/2007 The queen of... Tunlan I think, is obese. You are shrunk down and sent inside her to destroy the fat and make her thin. OK, not really a transformation then. You ...more
Chameleons - Not The Sequel
This duplicate entry is now MARKED FOR DELETION (entryid=6082) - cj 2016 feb 24 The title is verbatim; but still another arty affair, similar to The Chameleon. The story centers on two jaded, world weary shape-shifters who may or may not be related to the Chameleons in The Chameleon (with Tor ...more
Click (Theatre Trailer)
This is a duplicate entry, and is marked for deletion - 2007 jul 10 - cj Movie coming out soon with Adam Sandler as the star, involving a universal remote that affects time in the real world. In the trailer shown in movie theatres, they mention towards the end that the Adam Sandler character abu ...more
Coors Extra Gold Birthday Commercial
This is a duplicate entry and is now marked for deletion - cj 2007oct08 A Coors commercial from the late 1980s or the early 1990s. Birthday boy makes a wish and turns all his buddies into beautiful women in swimsuits. Except one.
David Peterson book Reflection
This entry is now marked for deletion - after nearly eight years of being unverified, I am still unable to find any trace that this book ever existed - 2015nov28 cj I am unable to find any verification that this book ever existed, it is now marked as "Unverified" - cj 2007dec02 This entry is ...more
David White book Reflection
This entry is now marked for deletion - after nearly eight years of being unverified, I am still unable to find any trace that this book ever existed - 2015nov28 cj I am unable to find any verification that this book ever existed, it is now marked as "Unverified" - cj 2007dec02 This entry is ...more
Dick for a Day
Several (more than twenty) female writers and poets were asked to imagine what it would be like to have a penis for a single day. Some of the stories and poems are *interesting*. Trade paperback, seen in a bookstore in Britain.
Dino Squad
This is a duplicate entry and is now marked for deletion - cj 2008jan30 A group of teenager's DNA is changed by some "gooey ooze" and now have the ability to turn into a dinosaur. They use this power to fight the bad guy's plan to turn the human race into to dinosaurs.
Doctor Who Episode: New Earth
Gender, Female
The villain tries to posses the doctors companion. When the doctor finds out, he tells the villain to get out of her body, so she possesses him. Later in the program, she possesses another woman. It was brief but amusing. This is a duplicate entry, it has been merged and is now marked for deleti ...more
Dollhouse episode "Belle Chose"
Marked for Deletion by Sara on 10/12/09 - Reason: Already in DB as Entry: 8381. Merged this information into original Entry. In the episode a killer who has kidnapped 5 women has been hit by a car and is in a coma. His rich uncle wants the dollhouse to help solve where the women are before they ...more
Doom Patrol issue Unknown
Marked for deletion by Sara 1/15/08 - Coagula did not go through any transformation using powers. She is a Male to female transexual that gains her powers after the surgery after having sex with Rebis while Coagula was a prostitute. There is no transformation due to powers. Coagula uses his o ...more
Dragon Warrior VII
Marked for Deletion by Sara. Information is now merged in with second Dragon Warrior VII record. There are three instances in this game that contain bits of transformation goodness. 1. When you are playing the quest to get your stolen abilities back from the fake Dharma Temple priest, th ...more
Drop Dead Gorgeous (DDG)
This is a duplicate entry and is now marked for deletion - cj 2007sep01 A donation comic from the artist who writes the webcomic Sins. This comic is about a competition TV show that is hosted by a where the contestants are dead. a recently dead man who is dead runs away from the host after he fi ...more
Duplicate Entry
This duplicate entry currently marked for deletion - 2007jun05 original entry This was a episode from a TV series hosted by Shirley Temple, in the 1950s. The series consisted of fairy-tale type stories, portrayed by actors. In this episode, a beautiful princess, who has lost her kingdom, is t ...more
Fairy Tail Episode 222 Transform
This entry marked for deletion - duplicate entry - 2015feb28 cj Lucy walks into fairy tail and decides she wants to learn new magic for herself so she decides to ask Mira to teach her transformation magic. Mira agrees to teach her and as usually Natsu and happy want to join in on the fun. So Mir ...more
Family Guy "Peter's Daughter"
There is no transformation, this entry is now marked for deletion - cj 2007nov27 In the new episode of Family Guy, Peter sends Meg to get his case of beer during a flash flud and she "takes a nap" in the water. She is in a coma and Peter promises that when she wakes up he will be the best fathe ...more
Family Guy episode Lethal Weapons
Peter Griffin tries to take advantage of his wife Lois' fighting abilities by challenging people to fight her. Lois objects by saying that she is not a sideshow least not anymore. We then see a flashback of a midget-sized Lois jumping on a trampoline saying "Me likey bouncy ... me l ...more
Marked for deletion by Sara - 2/22/09. Not an actual transformation. For the record, the item in question is the movie Serentity, which followed the Firefly TV series. Brief but / A rogue broadcaster is killed by a special government agent and as he is dying places his dying thoughts into his ...more
Genderbender by magic
This entry marked for deletion - it already exists under its correct name - Wingin It, episode "i Carlie" - 2014dec17 cj Found this video on YouTube. Typical story line, boy gets turned into a girl till he understands girls.
Guilty Gear X2
Bridget is the 'daughter' of an aristocratic family. Born to parents that see twins as a bad omen, they decide to raise him as a girl instead of killing him. Bridget duels in GGX2 with large yoyos and is impossible to tell on screen 'her' true sex. Not an actual transformation - marked for del ...more
Hopscotch book by Kevin J. Anderson
This entry marked for deletion - Duplicate - cj 2007oct22 Tale of a future in which evolution has enabled humans to swap bodies.
Hot Chick
This entry now marked for deletion - duplicate entry - cj 2008 aug 07 Young adults' film about a group of college girls; they are very competitive, to the point of being somewhat catty. An ancient charm causes one of them to swap bodies with a male small-time thief. The two are Jessica and Clive ...more
This entry marked for deletion - no transformation, only an illusion - cj 2007aug22 Someone uses a disguise/illusion to hide from the hero. (Spoiler Text)
If You Were a Woman (and I Was a Man) - Bonnie Tyler
This entry marked for deletion - it is a duplicate of entryid 6048 In this 1986 video, the setting is early 21st century in a war-torn country. Bonnie performs the song at a night club. About two minutes in, a Rambo-like soldier swings in on a rope and lands on the stage. Bonnie, and the people ...more