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Category: 'Male'
UEFA 'Respect' TV Ad- Evaline 'There There'
Female, Gender, Male
The TV ad spot for the UEFA 'Swap your Jersey - show Respect' campaign, with 'There There' by Evaline as the soundtrack, running over the EURO 2012 Football Tournament through June - July 2012 in Poland and Ukraine.
Ugly Americans episode So you want to Be a Vampire?
Gender, Male
Frank and dozens of other people are afflicted witha new disease called "Mad Larry" which turns them, including women and children, into duplicates of Larry King.
Ultimate Spider-Man #66
In this issue both Wolverine and Peter Parker wake up to find themselves in each others bodies. Neither of them know how or why this has happened.
Under a Killing Moon
Male, Gender
It is revealed that the Countess Renier, who sends Tex Murphy on the main mystery of the game, is really a male shapeshifting Native American agent/assassin called the Chameleon. The Chameleon also takes a few other male guises, including a mob hitman and Tex himself.
In this movie we find two guys who hate their lives almost wishing for a second chance. They get it when they wake up in their new bodies. This is the website for a good review of this movie. I saw this movie at a film festival so I don't know if this is relevant to this website.
Unending BE Addventure
Age, Animal, Female, Male, Mythical, Size, Gender
This site features an unending story with characters who often find themselves being transformed in many ways. The most common stories feature men becoming women in awkward situations. All of the stories are written by people who visit the site. I'm afraid my description doesn't do this site any ...more
Union of Heroes / Union der Helden - Episode 8
Inanimate, Male
"Unknown" episode of Quantum Leap
Our hero possesses the bodies of numerous men in various time periods from the 1950s to the 1990s throughout the 5 years worth of episodes and most of the novels and fan-fic on the net! some episodes occasionally featured non- m/m possessions instead. Worth noting is that while Sam is in the ...more
Urusei Yatsura Episode 134
Furry, Male, Gender
In "Return of the Pure-Hearted Fox", Shinobu's little fox-friend briefly disguises himself as fox-versions of Shinobu, Lum, and Ataru. Later, after consuming some gingko nuts, everyone in town grows fox ears and a tail and becomes half-fox for one night.