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Category: 'Male'
L. Ron Hubbard, If I Were You
Female, Male, Gender
Circus midget gets spell to switch bods with the tall ringmaster, but finds himself in a giant sized heap of trouble after the swap.
The Last Days of Foxhound
Gender, Animal, Male
A webcomic written and drawn (in paint) by Chris Doucette on his website Gigaville. It acts as a prequal to the game Metal Gear Solid and portrays the activities of Foxhound (the antagonists of the game), based on cannon material with the author's imagination filling in the gaps. The character ...more
Lazarus Cane book by Jeremy Kline
Age, Gender, Male
Scott Cane is no ordinary serial killer. Most of the people he murders are serial killers themselves. More than 60 years ago, Cane was part of an experiment that gave him healing and shape-shifting abilities. Now he can become another person and possess their abilities (and memories, to a lesser d ...more
Legend of the Seeker - Mirror
Female, Gender, Male
Thieves disguise themselves as Richard and Kahlan to rob townsfolk, then steal the Sword of Truth so they can sell it to the D'Harans. The disguise is an actual transformation using a magic mirror.
Legend of the Seeker, episode "Resurrection", S02E07
Male, Female
The Mord'Sith Denna brings back Khalan's sister in another woman's body and sent her to kill Cara. In the same time Denna killed the Seeker and put the soul of a general in the Seeker's body and used him to claim the throne.
Legend Of The Seeker, Episode "Walter"
A Darken Rahl look-alike was captured by Mord'Sith and intended be used as Darken Rahl's mean of return to the living world. The Seeker and his group of helpers rescued the look-alike, but had to make a deal with Darken Rahl in exchange for a scroll they needed, by killing the look-alike so Darken ...more
Legend of the Seeker, episode Desecrated S02E16
Zed got mummified by mummy bandages and was taken over and became the mummy. Later the duke suffered the same fate when Zed was almost killed by Kara, and the mummy bandages took the duke as the next host.
Legend of the Seeker, Episode Identity, S01E07
Female, Male
An old witch switch body between the seeker and another guy that's going through his wedding. This was done Quantum Leap style, ie we see which character is really whom, but the rest of the people around them didn't see the changes. At the end, the old witch transformed herself into a much young ...more
Legend of Zelda
Male, Female
Marked for deletion: merging data into The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages and The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap. Third item is unknown where it applies to, if any as it is not really a transformation, but the game taking control to show you how to do something. Sara 11/28/07 The spirit of ...more
The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap
Size, Inanimate, Male
Size Throughout the game Link must shrink to Minish size and grow human size to solve many puzzles in the game. As well as defeat some of the bosses. Inanimate At the beginning of this game, the villain Vaati uses his power to turn Princess Zelda into a statue. She remains this way for much ...more
Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
Size, Male, Age
Marked for Deletion after merged into the Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask record. Sara 11/28/07 In this game, a skull kid wearing the Majora's Mask is wrecking havoic on Clock town. One person he has fun with is Kafei. He changes this adult that is about to be married back to his young childish s ...more
Les Emmerdeurs
Male, Gender
French Youtube Originals Synopsis: November 1942: France is divided in two. In the occupied area, a brave resistance fighter is tasked with recovering a revolutionary serum that gives powers that could end the war... If were to fall into the wrong hands.... Transformation aspect: Manu, one ...more
Levi's Ad
Age, Female, Male
This is a new advertisement from Levi's. A couple begins to strip and they take each other's clothes off. They change into different people with different styles of hair and dress as they keep removing articles of clothing.
Lil Abner issue Unknown
In the daily newspaper comic strip in August 1944, puny scientist Heathcliffe McMarvel uses his Reverso-Magneto-Mento-Physiquo-Transversal Machine to trade bodies with the muscular Li'l Abner Yokum. In Abner's body, McMarvel finally gets the glamourous Appassionata Van Climax to agree to marry him. ...more
The Little Mermaid
Male, Female, Mythical
In the movie Ariel and the evil octopus witch turn into humans. King Triton turns into a wormy creature. When Ursula is singing about "poor unfortunate souls" she conjures up a fat woman and a skinny dude that looks kind of stupid. When Ursula sings "and do I help them?" She snaps her fingers an ...more
Lon Camp book The Experiment
A dumb jock and a brainy professor swap bodies and each learn a little about bettering themselves while getting it on with the jock's girlfriend and the Prof's wife! Hey, when in Rome, right?
"The Long Goodbye" episode of Stargate Atlantis
Male, Female
Dr. Weir was possessed by alien found in a lifepod. Another alien in another lifepod took over Sheppard's body. And they fought to the death due to the 2 aliens were enemies.
Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King
In the beginning of the movie, we see Smeagol, an ordinary Hobbit, slowly corrupted and transformed by the Ring Of Power into the hideous Gollum.
Lorien Legacies series of books
Age, Male, Gender
This series of books contains various transformations. This series is authored by the pseudonymous Pittacus Lore, a character in this universe, who begins with the story "I Am Number Four". Setrakus Ra (Spoiler Text) Ten (Spoiler Text) Eight (Spoiler Text) Five (Spoiler Text) And ...more
Los Protegidos
Age, Male, Gender
Spanish series about a family where the kids have super powers. One of the kids, a teenage boy named Lucas, has the power to shapeshift into other people and has, on a number of occasions, turned into various female characters.
Gender, Monster, Male
The main antagonist for the final season of Lost (and presumably the entire series) has been the smoke monster that has inhabited the island for an untold amount of time. In past seasons, the monster has been able to take the form of the deceased on the island, including Mr Eko's brother Yemi, ...more
Lost Girl Season 2 Episode 9 "Original Skin"
Male, Gender
A night out at the Dal goes awry when an insane trickster spikes the beer with a substance that transfers Bo out of her body resulting in a ripple effect that finds our regulars inhabiting the skin of their friends, lovers and rivals.
Machete Kills
Gender, Inanimate, Male
Machete Kills features a character called The Chameleon, who is constantly changing appearance from a white guy to Cuba Gooding Jr, to Lady Gaga, to Antonio Banderas. (Spoiler Text)
The Machine
A psychiatrist built a machine to read minds, but during testing, he exchanged body with the case study, a psychopath who murdered 3 women. The psychopath now in the doctor's body, decided to continue his way of murder, starting with the doctor's family.
The Man Who Changed His Mind
Seen this once on the abc and the second time the tape stuffed up. A mad scientist steals a rich business man's son's body. He does this to live forever, and to be close to a love he could never have.
The Man Who Lived Again
Plot Details: This reveals major details about the movie's plot. Well-written, well-staged and well-acted Boris Karloff mad scientist film, from the Gaumont-British studios. Karloff's developed a device that will allow him to transfer the minds of two people to each other's bodies. Colleagues laugh ...more
Marvel Ultimate Allience
A highly remarkable game where Marvel heroes must band together to stop a unbeatable army of Supervillains known as The Masters of Evil It's explained at the end of Level 3 that the god of mischief Loki, tranformed himself into another Villian to fool the Superheroes
Marvel's Avengers Assemble, "Head to Head"
Gender, Male
MODOK takes S.H.I.E.L.D. hostage with a mind-controlling stone called the Mind Stone. When trying to destroy the Avengers he causes them to switch bodies. Hulk ends up in Falcon's body, Falcon ends up in Captain America's body, Cap ends up in Iron Man's body, Iron Man ends up in Hawkeye's body, Ha ...more
Mary Shelley
A proud, spenthrift VERY handsome Italian nobleman has been banished by his girl friend's father. He vows revenge, but needs money. He meets a very ugly deformed dwarf, who offers him a chest full of treasure to swap bodies for a week. He hesitates, but his desire for vengence overcomes his repuganc ...more
Mary Shelley's Frankenhole episode "Robert Lewis Stevenson's 'Belushi'"
In this episode Blankett (Michael Jackson's kid) seeks help from Victor Frankenstein on an ressurected John Belushi. Victor who is a huge fan of John's work agrees to do it but warns of Dr Jekyll's potion. John (voiced by David Cross) somehow gets up and drinks the potion, turning into his u ...more
Master Minds
A mad scientist kidnaps Sach to use him in an intelligence-switching experiment with a monster. A Bowery Boys series film if I recall the name correctly. Haven't seen it in decades so I could be off a little.
Matrix Reloaded
Male, Gender
Agents, who can take over anybody's body in the matrix, do this to several males and one female (Most transformations are onscreen). Also, Agent Smith, who has the properties of a virus, infects several other people (all males) When he does this, they turn into an exact clone of him.
McDonald's Happy Meal - Megamind
Animal, Gender, Male
This is a commerical for the Megamind movie tie-in toys that McDonalds had in their happy meals to commerate the release of Dreamworks feature Megamind. We see Megamind and Minion outside Mcdonalds where something seems to be causing fun, Minion explains that it's the power of the red box. M ...more
Medium episode "Being Joey Carmichael"
Murdered criminal possesses the body of his badly injured Twin brother to avenge them both on a drug dealer, who killed him and had his innocent brother shot. (The brother still has a bullet in the brain and is mentally and physically handicapped).
Mega Man X: Command Mission
Animal, Male, Gender, Mechanical
An RPG set in the Mega Man X universe. One of the party members is Axl, a Reploid with the ability to transform into other Reploids. His character-specific move allows him to transform into some defeated bosses and unleash an attack. These bosses vary in form and most are animal-based males, how ...more
In this Dreamworks film a blue, bald, supervillain named Megamind finally defeats his arch nemesis Metro Man. One of the tools of villainy he has is a Disguise Generator watch which can scan the image of any person even if they are non exist and he uses this to turn himself into the Warden to es ...more
A young, skinny male trying to become strong eats Mentos and changes into a muscular male.
Mythical, Male
Episode 2x01, 'The Curse of Cornelious Sigan' - con artist Cedric is posessed by the most powerful wizard in the world, Cornelious Sigan. Sigan then attempts to take over Merlin's body. Episode 2x09, 'The Lady Of The Lake' - Freya, the druid girl Merlin is sheltering, turns out to be cursed so t ...more
Merlin BBC
Male, Mythical
In episode 1x07, 'The Gates of Avaoln', Merlin discovers that two visitors to Camelot, Aulfric and Sophia, are actually Sidhe (ie. fairies) who were forced to become human and live a mortal life after Aulfric killed another Sidhe. In episode 1x11, 'The Labyrinth of Geldof', a young man Arthur i ...more
A site dealing with stories, art, and photomanips of male transformation. It has.muscle, growth/shrinking, stone, muscle breast, enlarged or multiple genitals, centaur/furry, and other transformations.
"Michael" episode of Stargate Atlantis
Hard to categorize this one since there isn't a category for it, but I guess "Male" is close enough. Not a bad episode but then I usually enjoy watching shows that explore the psycological aspects of a TF. This is a major spoiler so if you haven't seen it yet then read no further!! I mean it! ...more
Michael Beck book Shifter
Gender, Male
Nineteen-year-old Aussie Jaime Race is the world's first shape-shifter, and he has been on the run from the government scientists who have created him. He was born a boy, and has only been able to shift into male forms since he was 12. At the beginning of the book, however, Jaime finds himself in ...more
Mickey Mouse comic Topolino e l'anello di...
Gender, Male
From Italian comic book Topolino 188 (1958). Goofy wears a magic ring that can change its owner's shape. He first becomes the copy of an actress, than swaps body with Mickey Mouse.
Mickey Mouse In Runaway Brain
Mickey gets his brain switched with Julius (Pete) while on a job to get money for his anniversary trip with Minnie.
Mickey Mouse, episode "New Shoes"
After an encounter with Pegleg Pete, who gives them a huge wallop, Mickey, Donald and Goofy switch bodies, with Mickey in Goofy's body, Donald in Mickey's body, and Goofy in Donald's body.
The Mighty Hercules episode None known
The evil wizard Daedalos uses a Pod of Transformation to make himself look like Hercules. He is later changed back by the use of the earth that the pod grew in.
Female, Gender, Male
Set in 2031 Mindjack sees players assume the role of a Mind Hacker, getting into the minds of enemies to control them and turn the tide of battle. But whilst you're busy hacking, everyone else will be out to hack you. Players can slowly alter their gaming universe or have it altered by other online ...more
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
Animal, Gender, Male
Mr. Barron transforms himself into various men and women as a disguise. Miss Peregrine and others can transform themselves into birds.
Molotov: "Yofo"
Gender, Male
In the video, a smoke cloud enters the body of a man, and when he touches another it passes through, then the now possessed man touches a woman and the possession passes on, and then.
"Moon of Three Rings" by Andre Norton
Male, Animal
An earth-man is captured by enemies. After his body is injured he is body swapped with an alien, wolverine-like creature. This is on a world where the native race regularly swapped bodies with their familiars who are animals. Finally, he was captured and swapped into the brain-dead body of a young ...more
Mork And Mindy episode Metamorphosis- the TV Show
A short circuit switches Mork's mind with Mearth's. I think at the end Mork swapped back and somehow Mork swapped with Mindy's dad (Conrad Janis) Then he (in the father's body) suggested to mindy that they would swap bodies later after the swap with her father wore off. It's been a long time si ...more
Mortal Kombat
When the sorcerer Shang Tsung (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa) steals the soul from a victim, he is able to assume their form at will. At one point he takes the form of Liu Kang's brother.
Mortal Kombat 2011
Age, Gender, Male, Mechanical, Size, Were
In the new MK game, Raiden sends a mental message to his past self in order to prevent the events of Mortal Kombat Armageddon. The game contains various transformations. Age: Babalities, a finishing move where you turn your opponent into a baby, make a return. (Spoiler Text) Size: One of ...more
Mortal Kombat I, II, III
Gender, Male
Shang Tsung, sometimes playable, sometimes the main villain, can turn into any of the other fighters in the game, including any of the female characters.
Mortal Kombat Trilogy
Gender, Male, Animal
This game is a collection of the three prior games, and included many elements from past games. ===Animal=== One of those items is the Animality, that allows a fighter to change into a beast as a finishing move. These are the animals that each fighter would change into: Noob Saibot: Antea ...more
Mortal Kombat: Conquest episode "Flawed Victory"
Gender, Male, Female
===Male/Gender=== In a clever double deception, Shang Tsung impersonates Quan Chi - posing as Sora, one of Quan Chi's sexy undead assassins - in a deliberately failed attempt to kill Emperor Shao Kahn. ===Male/Female=== Taja (Kristanna Loken) and Siro (Daniel Bernhardt) are impersonated by M ...more
Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance
When you beat the game with Quan Chi, the little story that follows afterward says that Quan Chi employs Kano to assassinate Shang Seung. After Kano cuts Shang Seung open, Quan Chi kills him, but one of the souls that escapes from Shang Seung's body enters Kano's. That soul is Liu Kang's. Nothing h ...more
Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance (GBA)
Gender, Male
Shang Tsung, our favorite shape shifter returns with new female morphs in this surprising game. He can become once again the sexy Kitana, Sonya Blade and two more female warriors : Frost, from the Lin-Kuei clan, and a new Chinese beauty called Li Mei. ===Morphs=== Kenshi: D, B, CS Frost: D, D, ...more
Mortal Kombat: Deception
Age, Male, Gender
===Gender/Male=== The game includes a mode called "Konquest" in which you play the life of a "warrior" named Shujinko. It is a series of level mode where you practice, do missions, and free roam everywhere like GTA. (It's suppose to be a game but plays more like a long tutorial with side ...more
Mortal Kombat: Tournament Edition
Gender, Male, Mechanical, Male
The evil wizard Shang Tsung is able to morph into every character in the game, so that means he can become a woman one more time. In this game there are two female characters to morph into: Sareena, a demon disguised as a hot brunette and Nitara, a gorgeous vampire. He also can become other Male ...more
Mountain Dew commercial Casey
Two guys are at a gas station. One guy gets a drink from the foutain inside the gas station, and the other guy goes to the moutain dew machine. After he presses the botton, the words "bonus" flash on that botton. The guy moutain dew presses the unlock botton on his car keys and his car transforms in ...more
The Mummy 1 & 2
In the Brendom Fraizer movies the Mummy is a shriveled up husk. When he kills and absorbes the life force of the men who opened a curse chest he gradually gets more and more of his orginal body back. When he kills the last one he is fully restored. One other thing when he kisses Rachel Wesaz his u ...more
My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, episode To Where and Back Again
Male, Gender
When Starlight Glimmer returns to Ponyville, she notices the Mane Six and Spike acting a little off. Later in a dream, Princess Luna warns her that the changelings have returned and have replaced the Mane Six and Spike. Thorax, a reformed changeling, briefly impersonates Twilight Sparkle to prov ...more
Mystery in Space #22
In this memorable DC comic, an interstellar troubleshooter for the Interplanetary Insurance firm goes to sell life insurance on a planetoid inhabited by a race of people who are immortal and change from a human form to a butterfly-like form at some point in their life cycle, which forces the I.I.I. ...more