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Category: 'Japanese'
Sailor Moon
Age, Female
Japanese Anime television series about girls with magical powers.
Reikan Bus Guide Jikenbo (aka Midnight Ghost Tour) episode 2
Bus guide Ai has the sixth sense. Her job is to take people to haunted places and reveal the mystery behind them. The second episode has her helping a girl, played by Maiko Yamada, that has been possessed by the spirit of a boy. She is possessed by him through most of the episode
Gravure idol pinch Deserter Blue Despair
Ryuzaki Ran, an ace of a universal union investigators, was imprisoned for murdering an investigator. She denies it ever happened but her siblings saw her commit the crime. (Spoiler Text)
GoGo Sentai Boukenger episode "The Revived Past"
Dark Shadow Tsukumogami Nendogami is a clay monster that can change its appearance and can alter memories. It takes the form of the yellow Boukenger's (Natsuki Mamiya) fake younger sister when it tries to alter the past.
GoGo Sentai Boukenger episode "The Treasure of Atlantis"
Gender, Inanimate
The Vril is a small, spherical quasi-life form. It scans and extracts information of any object or being with its three eyes and mimics it. Boukengers mistook it for a Precious. Vril assumed the forms of a pen, piggy-bank, chair, and Souta (Boukenger Blue). While the real and fake Souta were fight ...more
Mirai Sentai Timeranger episode "The Fabricated Invitee"
Jewel Thief Rouge has a fondness for jewelry and is able to assume the form of any women she pleases. Pretty good transformation in one scene and the other is not shown.
Mirai Sentai Timeranger episode "The Time Fugitives"
Team Captain Ryuuya reveals himself to be villainess Lila in disguise. Quick transformation.
When Minami-kun finally decides to give a love letter to Yui-chan (played by Yui Matsuno) he is struck by a car. This accident makes him shrink to 10cm. He somehow manages to reach her home anyway. Did I mention this is a porn movie?
"勝手にしやがれ" episode 8 of 夏
While taking a shortcut back to the café, Jun and Hajime fall from the stairs of a shrine and consequently end up in each others body. The situation is complicated by the fact that Hajime does not know that Jun is a girl only dressing up as a boy to work at the café.
A Cheeky Angel
This new anime based off a popular manga series by the same name has just started showing in Japan back on October 5th. A boy was given a magic book by a mysterious old man containing a genie of some kind, and wished to be the manliest man alive, but the evil genie instead changes him to a beautif ...more
The parents are clueless, refusing to believe any attempt to convince them of what happened. They have to live in each other's home and learn to get along with strangers who are now their new parents, all the while learning to cope with living as the opposite gender and trying to blend into new liv ...more
Dragon Ball GT
While Goku is training on Kame's Lookout, Emperor Pilaf finds the black star dragon balls and summons the dragon, and Goku sees Emperor Pilaf and asks him what he is doing. They have a little talk and then Emperor Pilaf accidentally wishes Goku were a kid again. In order for Goku to turn back, he n ...more
Eko Eko Azarak II - Birth of the Wizard
The story of Kuroi Misa, who is being hunted by a demon / possessed woman who wants to take over her. On the way, she / it possesses several bodies, some male and some female.
魔法少女 俺
One day Saki learns that her mother was a magical girl and is asked to become her successor. To transform she has to confess to the one she loves. But although the transformation puts her into a frilly pink dress, she is now a muscular boy. (Spoiler Text) * AniDB entry * Anime at Crunchyroll
Gulliver Boy episode "hasshin ! SHIIRAION"
On this Anime Episode of "Gulliver Boy", A male fairy turns into a female fairy.
Hajime book "Part Time Princess"
This may be out of the scope of this site, since it's a Japanese novel (with illustrations, but still a novel, not a comic book). A Japanese boy suddenly starts switching minds with a princess in some fantasy land every day. The first time is just 10 minutes, the next day 12 minutes, and it soo ...more
Kenitiro Image BBS
A Japanese upload site with a multitude of great tfs. Mostly transformation into food via melting or morphing bodies. Also has some animal tfs.
I can't believe that this isn't in here yet. A common creature in Japanese mythology is Kitsunes. Kitsune means fox. Most of the Kitsunes in the myths have mystical powers and the most common is the ability to transform into anything. A Kitsune's number of tails is a reflection of how powerful ...more
Ore ga Aitsu de Aitsu ga Ore de
A 1980 novel by Yamanaka Hisashi. A boy and girl switch bodies. It has been the basis of the 1982 film Tenkousei (written by Yamanaka), a 2002 TV drama, and a 2007 film Tenkousei: Sayonara Anata.
Ore ga Aitsu de Aitsu ga Ore de
Saito Kazumi is a transfer student from Sapporo. On the first day at her new school, she is almost run over by a car, and would have been hit if she had not been shoved out of the way by Saito Kazuo. She, however, doesn't see him, and mistakes her savior for Yamamoto, for whom she falls almost imme ...more
Ouran High School Host Club
Episode 13:"Haruhi in Wonderland!" (Fushigi no Kuni no Haruhi). Haruhi has a trippy, Alice in Wonderland-esque fantasy dream, with characters from the series in the various roles. In the scene with the caterpillar, Nekozawa, a teen-age boy and Kirimi, his little sister, eat from the mushroom tha ...more
Papa To Musume No Nananokan
Age, Gender
Father and high school daughter swap bodies during an accident and are forced to live each other's lives for one week.
The Badger and the Magic Fan
A sly badger disguised himself as girl to fool the young three "Tengu" kids by having them to close their eyes so he can sneak and steal their magic fan from them.
Tie That Binds Man and Woman's Bodies Changing Places
A series of Japanese adult movies, where a boy ties a piece of red string on, both his finger and a girl. They then trade bodies. The boys then run off with their stolen bodies and have sex, strip etc. There are currently 8 movies in the series . Avalible in the US from http://www.asianscr ...more
TimeSignalMan Upload BBS
A Japanese upload site, which is, similar to Kenitiro, run by a single artist. Mostly comic strip, inanimate tfs dealing with a spoiled little girl and her maids. Tfs include flattening, outright tf into objects, melting, etc...
To Love-Ru Chapter 100-102
From chapter 100-102, Rito Yuuki became a girl due to a rocket Lala made, and had difficulties adjusting to being a girl. Female Rito makes a brief return in chapter 108, where Lala pushes Rito into going on a 'date' with his friend Saruyama, and an even briefer appearance in chapter 138.
Trans Venus
High school rugby player Takehiro climbs a mountain on a dare and encounters a giant spider-like creature preying on young women. He gets saved by a giant naked goddess named Zelda (written Se-ru-da in Japanese kana) who gives him power to hold off the spider. But in return... (Spoiler Text)