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Category: 'Inanimate'
Yahoo Groups
Age, Animal, Female, Furry, Gender, Inanimate, Male, Mythical, Size, Were
Yahoo Groups hosts a large amount of groups, many of which feature transformation as their modus operandi. ===Age=== ===Animal=== Animal Transformation Centre Animal Transformation World/ Male Pig TF Club Men Transformed Into Animals Men Transformed Into Animals - Art Annex Men Transfor ...more
Yellow Submarine
Inanimate, Age
In this 1968 Beatles movie, an army of weird blue people (the blue meanies), who hate music, invade a town called Pepperland and turn everyone into statues. This happens around the beginning of the movie. During their journey to Pepperland, Beatles also change into gray elders and kids when they f ...more
You Can't Do That on Television episode Myths, and Legends Fairy Tales
In one brief sketch, a wooden doll changes into a boy
Yu-Gi-Oh! Enter the Shadow Realm episode Noah's Final Threat
Mythical, Inanimate
As Shinoto, Noah uses his powers to turn Kaiba and Mokuba to stone. Yugi challenges Noah to a duel, but the catch is for every turn that goes by, one of Yugi's freinds will be turned to stone. Noah Bonds himself with his deckmaster Shinato and becomes it. Shinato is a giant stone angel figure.
Zatanna # 8-11 (spoilers)
Oscar Hempel is a puppeteer who has turned into a puppet by Zatanna's father Zatara. He claims to be an innocent victim, so Zatanna takes him back to her father's manor to learn the truth. It turns out he is a cold-blooded killer who deserves his fate. Oscar manages to escape and grabs mystic obje ...more
Zork Zero
Inanimate, Animal
===Animal=== Through use of a pair of special booths, it's possible for the PC (Player Character, not personal computer) to be transformed into a fox, a rooster, a worm, or a flamingo. Simply place one of those animals into one booth, then get into the other booth and push the button. The transf ...more