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Category: 'Inanimate'
J. J. Cale
The title track to this CD talks about the singer wanting to be verious articles of clothing worn by the subject of the song. It gives a one or two line summary of what it would be like to be said article. Ex: Wish I was a silk shirt Draped across your back Rubbing next to your skin Trying to ma ...more
Jackie Vivelo
Brian, the new kid in school, has trouble getting along with the other boys - until he invites them to play a statue-game that might just become permanent.
Japan Video Awards - "Transform" commercial MTV Awards
A montage of machine-themed transformations. A young man wakes up to find a robot integrated into his chest, and from there on several men and women sprout robotic limbs and attachments during their daily activities.
Jeannie aur Juju
Animal, Gender, Inanimate, Size, Age
Modern version of "I Dream of Jeannie" from indian television. Episodes with tiny genie appearances: tiny female genie(s): 7,8,12,15,22,23,26,28,29,31,32,41,55,56,59,60,65handheld,71,73,75,85,86,89, 111,114,115,121,122,124,125,128,130,133,135,136,145,147,148,155,161,164,168,174,184,185,189, ...more
Jigoku Shoujo seasons 1 and 2
Inanimate, Monster, Furry
An anime about a website that can only be accessed at midnight where one can type the name of the person they truly wish to take revenge on and Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl) also known as Enma Ai and her compatriots will make a pact and then carry out the revenge. She and her companions deliver peo ...more
JLA #47
The idea is that myths and legonds are coming true. It all starts when a women get a mysterious book(opposed to some paperback from the library). When she reads the book to her son he turns into Gingerbread(or it could have been wood. hard to tell), and unleashes the power trapped in the book. ...more
Joe Haldeman book Camouflage
Animal, Inanimate, Male, Gender
Two shapeshifters who have spent millions of years on Earth are drawn to the Samoan Islands after a mysterious artifact is found on the ocean floor. The primary shapeshifter, the alien "changeling", can shift into male, female, animal and inanimate shapes, with some effort. The changeling spends ...more
John Brunner book Traveller in Black
The Traveller has the secret power to grant wishes, but not necessarily in the way the wisher desires. There are lots of resulting TFs including two notable inanimate ones: 1) A man wishes to become rich by founding a new religion. The Traveller obligingly gives him the "gift" of perfect silence ...more
Katy Perry - Dark Horse
Animal, Inanimate
Katy Perry plays an Egyptian Queen who is dealing with an endless line of suitors (Spoiler Text)
Kenitiro Image BBS
A Japanese upload site with a multitude of great tfs. Mostly transformation into food via melting or morphing bodies. Also has some animal tfs.
Keong Mas
Indonesian movie. During the last half hour a girl is turned into a golden sea shell, but returns to normal soon.
Key | Master key
Old Soviet full-length animated movie about fairies which give a present to the boy - key to the Happy land. In this land all unhappy moments are removed from the life. When boy's grandfather, who is master of metal working, tried to protest, fairies draw frame and change him into picture. They cha ...more
Kimono's Townhouse
Furry, Inanimate, Animal
A photographic comic about two quirky roommates. One is a neat-freak who enjoys art and classic literature. The other is a hyperactive geek who loves comics, action figures and sugar. They happen to be My Little Ponies.
King Midas
King Midas wished for the golden touch, but didn't stop to think about the effect it would have on his daughter, not to mention the toilet paper.
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Donald and Goofy are transformed into cards. Sora can use these cards to summon them. Done really just so that Donald and Goofy don't have to follow Sora onscreen due to the technical limiatations of the Gameboy Advance.
Kirby's Dreamland Series
Another random video game transformation: In the Kirby games, it's normal for the little pink hero to eat his enemies, and then gain their abilites to use in the game. In other words, if Kirby ate an enemy like Chilly, a walking snowman, he would gain his powers, and become Ice Kirby. Now Kirby c ...more
Inanimate, Age, Animal
Also goes by the name of Mahou Tsukai Kurohime. The story revolves around Zero, a young boy who is saved from death by Kurohime who is well renowned for being the most powerful witch in the world wielding a magic gun. His admiration and love for Kurohime leads him on the path of a gunslinger an ...more
L. Frank Baum
In this short story, Ozma and the Wizard (the same Wizard of the original story, though now he is being taught real magic) encounter three obnoxious imps, Imp Ertinent, Imp Udent, and Imp Olite. The imps cause much trouble, even after Ozma and the Wizard transform them into other creatures. Finally, ...more
L. Frank Baum book Ozma of Oz
The Nome King transforms the Royal Family of Ev into ornaments and places them in his ornament room. He challenges Dorothy, Ozma, and their friends to rescue them by sending them in to pick the right ornaments and say 'Ev'. If they make more wrong guesses than there are transformed people, they get ...more
Larry Niven
An astronaut stranded on Pluto tries to put himself in cryogenic suspension by exposing himself to the planet's frigid environment - but remains fully conscious as an ice statue.
Latex Blue
An unusual comic about living furry suites. They are sometimes altered, swap parts or even wear each other. Be warned this comic has a fair amount of adult content.
The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap
Size, Inanimate, Male
Size Throughout the game Link must shrink to Minish size and grow human size to solve many puzzles in the game. As well as defeat some of the bosses. Inanimate At the beginning of this game, the villain Vaati uses his power to turn Princess Zelda into a statue. She remains this way for much ...more
Legion of Super Heroes episode "Trials"
Age, Inanimate, Monster, Size
Zyx returns, but this time he is not the biggest magical threat to the Legion, instead it is Mordru who takes over his, and Zyx's, homeworld of Zarok. Being a master magician, when the Legion confront Mordru, he is well prepared. (Spoiler Text)
"Child's Play" episode of Legion of Super Heroes
Inanimate, Monster, Animal
In this episode Zyx, a young sorcerer child, is causing reckless havoc on Earth. Lightning Lad chews the kid out a bit, and in a tantrum the child turns Lightning Lad into a rat. The child sorcerer also turns into a few animals during the episode (including a large cat, a dragon and an octopus) ...more
Li'l Abner issue Unknown
newspaper comic strip. At the conclusion of a story in which Western outlaw Wild Bill Hiccup rides to Dogpatch to kill the entire Yokum family (Feb. 4-5, 1953), Bill and his horse are literally stopped in their tracks after viewing the face of distant cousin Digustin Yokum. The face is apparently so ...more
Life Savers: Fruit Tart
I had just flipped to this, but I saw this commercial for lifesavers fruit tart candies and there was this guy who was acting or something. the instructor tells him to be several different things and the last one was "fruit tart". poof! he turns into a container of fruit tart life savers. the instr ...more
Local Legend
Local legend has it that some rock formations outside of Pachuca, Mexico, are actually a monk and two nuns who tried to escape their order and were turned to stone.
Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #107
Enemy agents use a scientist's device to turn Lois Lane into a living snow sculpture. Superman manages to save her from melting to death.
"The Long Road Home" episode of Friday The 13th, The Series
A cursed yin/yang medallion allows the user to transfer his personality into the body of another after he first kills the second person. A few same-gender swaps take place in this episode, and very near the end, the mind of a killer is placed in the form of a scarecrow (which orginally was built a ...more
Looney Tunes episode I Was a Teenage Thumb
Gender, Animal, Inanimate
In this take-off on the "Tom Thumb" story, wizard Ralph K. Merlin changes shape uncontrollably when he hiccups. In one series of transformations, he sneezes himself into a beautiful redhead. Very brief. The first sequence of rapid-fire sneeze-induced transformations is: dragon, cow, baby carriag ...more
Lost in Space episode All That Glitters
With only Smith and the female crew members around - the rest are on an expedition - a mysterious voice directs Dr. Smith and Penny to "the greatest treasure in the universe". It turns out to be a necklace that gives its wearer a platinum touch. Penny thinks it wiser to leave it alone, but Smith can ...more
Lot's Wife
Not sure if this would fall into a folklore category or not, It is told that during the escape from Sodom and Gommorah, Lot's wife turned back to look at the destruction and was turned into a pillar of salt.
Louis Sacher book Sideways Stories from Wayside School
In this children's book, the evil teacher, Mrs. Gorf, turns her students into apples. The students rebel and are turned back to normal. They then turn Mrs. Gorf into an apple. Louis, the yard teacher, accidentally eats her.
Love Hina episode A Sepia-colored Promise with a Sleeping Girl: A Trick?
Keitaro discovers a doll that can move on its own. Everyone is amazed by it, but Keitaro seems to be the only one who can hear it talk. He finds out from the doll that his great grandfather promised to fix its legs but never did and being the good guy he is, Keitaro decides to fulfill his ancestor's ...more