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Category: 'Illustration'
'Another Day in Parodies.' Cletus T. Judd
The album cover shows Cletus holding up a big picture frame around his torso. His torso is that of a gorgeous woman in a bikini.
Al Kooper
The cover shows Kooper's head very professionally retouched onto his girlfriend's naked body on the front of the album. The back cover her head is on his body, again naked and in the same modest position.
Martin Mull
The Cover has a picture of Mull in his trademark suit on a chase lounge on the front looking into a hand mirror. The back has has a beautiful blonde has replaced Mull in the suit and is looking into the mirror with a surprised look on her face.
Naked Gun 33 1/3
In the movie posters, they show Leslie Neilson's head on Demi Moore's naked, pregnant body.
National Lampoon
In the 'Photo Phunnies' section, a stuffy businessman takes some acid and transforms into a huge potted plant.
There is a cartoon ad in the Febuary 2005 Issue that has a caption, "I knew you had an Extreme Makeover, but my God, Harold!". The person, Harold, is now a beautiful woman wearing a pink gown with a generous bust.
Revolting Cocks
Cover show the three members of this rock/Alternative band with their heads transplanted on female bodies. The art is black and white like the old classifieds in porno magazines or swingers magazines I suppose. The legend below each is some sort of "slutty" comment like "I like my men hung like a ho ...more
TV Guide
TV guide has four variant covers of the Matrix. One is a motion cover that changes Neo to Trinity.
Wishing Well
Just a pic about a lady at the wishing well. She wished for no housework, cooking and cleaning. She then poofed into a man.
The Wotch Fan Comic
Here's a fan comic based on the wotch come. It take the place of a advertisement for Ka'Girl spay.
Zelda doujinshi 2c
Link turns himself into a girl Image is hosted at deviantART
Explanation of the category 'Illustration'

A drawing or an image that is normally created by hand or by using a computer. Generally, an illustration is a single image.

Comics, Comic Books, and Comic Strips are also forms of illustrations - however, they have their own categories.

Posters, album-art, CD and DVD disc cases or covers, single image magazine or newspaper cartoons, and fan-art are all examples of illustrations.

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