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Category: 'Horror'
Buffy the Vampire Slayer S1E3 Witch
In this episode Buffy, along with many other girls are trying out for the cheerleader squad. One by one the girls that make the squad have terrible spells cast on them. These include: -Spontaneous Combustion -Blindness (can see visually in the eyes) -Disappeared mouth At first Buffy and t ...more
Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow
The main character, Soma Cruz, has the ability to capture the souls of defeated enemies, giving him access to special attacks or abilities. Capturing the soul of a Curly (a female demon) allows Soma to transform into a giant Curly for a short time.
Demon Eater
Monster, Mythical, Furry, Size
Webcomic about a demon that eats other demons to grow bigger and stronger. Starts out as a spawn. Evolves into a lizard, bird and later a human-like form. Seems to be slowing changing into a human as the story goes on.
Detective Comics #593
Madman named Stirk turns himself into a beautiful blonde in order to escape detection by a security guard. In this guise, he then shoots Batman.
Comedy/Horror/Science Fiction/Teen Romance movie. In one of the film's subplots, cheerleader Ione wants to win a dance contest, but isn't going to be ready for it in two days. Her mom, Sloan (a lush) suggests Ione wish upon a star to swap bodies with her teenage self who could win. Ione doe ...more
Exposure #1
A naked woman discovered in the closet of a convent after a massacre of nuns turns out to be a disguised male vampire. Later, two other vampires (male?) turn into women to dissuade police from killing them. It doesn't work.
Monster Dog
This 1984 horror film (also known as the Bite and Leviatan) stars Alice Cooper as a rockstar named Vince Raven who goes to his old childhood home to shoot a music video for his latest song, while at a party he is interrupted when he hears strange noises, he goes outside to find a family of wi ...more
Steve Vance book SHAPES
In th-is somewhat chaotic, if action-packed, sequel to the werewolf classic THE HYDE EFFECT, the transformations come fast and furious, since the shapeshifters can become anything they choose at any time, as well being able to force involuntary transformations upon their victims. Some of these tra ...more
Sukkubus - den Teufel im Leib
Based on a saga from Switzerland. Three herdsmen create a female doll. Their creation comes to life. (transl: Sukkubus - den Teufel im Leib = Succubus - possessed by devil) * (C) 1989
Explanation of the category 'Horror'

Material meant to scare or frighten.

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