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Category: 'Head Swap'
Backyard Football 2008
In the commercial, a kid and some football player are playing Backyard Football 2008 on the TV, then suddenly the kid and the Footballer swap heads. For the rest of the commercial, the kid with the Football player's body has a much deeper voice, and the Football player with the kid's body has a muc ...more
Bristol - Switching Heads
An ad for clothes chain Bristol changing their stores and stocks "from head to toe". Multiple headswaps between women.
Deadpool the Game
Female, Gender
During the fourth chapter of the game, Deadpool encounters Rogue. Rogue is a part of the X-Men and has the power to take another persons power through physical contact. At the beginning of the level, Rogue gets kidnapped. Deadpool eventually finds Rogue and saves her. When Deadpool gets a ...more
Specialized computer software for photographic body swapping with skin tone matching. The site also has all of these body swaps people have made. *Only usable on PCs.
Head Roulette
A blog containing photo manipulations of headswapped couples, gender transformation stories, and photo morphs. Warning: Does contain some Adult content.
Mars Attacks!
Animal, Size
A US general is shrunk by the Martians and stepped on. Martians perform a head swap on a pretty reporter and her dog.
Marvel Zombies 2, Issue #1
(Spoiler Text) (Spoiler Text)
PSI Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal
Age, Female, Gender
"These stories are inspired by the actual case files of the Office of Scientific Investigation and Research (O.S.I.R.)."
The Amazing World of Gumball episode "The Job"
Age, Animal, Female, Male, Gender
In the episode The Job the dad gets a job and it upsets the universe so much a bunch of things get changed around town as he goes by. (Spoiler Text)
The Cars, You Might Think
The video, at about 2:30, shows the headswap scene. Minor, lasted about 7 seconds.
"The Warrior" episode of PSI Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal
The statue of an ancient Chinese warrior was been sold on black market by the Chinese government official in US. The statue was broke up into two pieces, the head, and the body, and was seperated. The body of the statue awaken, and looking for its missing head,. It also killing those involved with ...more