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Category: 'German'
Ich & Ich music video "Vom selben Stern"
Age, Female, Gender, Male
German music with people morphing into different people. There are multiple age related, male to male, male to female, female to male, and female to female changes.
Eine wie keiner
This is a low cost TV production trying to make fun of several movies (Cruel Intentions, American Beauty, The Ring, Napoleon Dynamite, American Pie). When Melli's mom dies, she moves to her grandma. The newspaper at her new school makes an interview where it is revealed that she is still a virgin. ...more
Alles Atze episode Der Teufelskerl
In German. Atze has been duplicated and changed into a woman by the devil. She still has Atze's real voice though. A little later, the female Atze pressures the devil to increase the size of her butt and her breasts.
Das Schulgespenst
Carola Huflattich is a tomboy, preferring jeans over skirts. If it wasn't for her friend Willi, she would probably fail all classes except PE. When she one day manages to break her chair in class, she is sent to the janitor to fetch a replacement. Hearing him being called away, she hides and sneaks ...more
Die Verwandlung
First sentence: "As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning from uneasy dreams, he found himself transformed in his bed into a gigantic insect." Oddly, his first reaction is "Oh no, I'm a giant cockroach, I'm going to be so late for work!"
Help, I'm a Boy!
There are two eleven year olds, a boy and a girl. The boy is lazy and mischievous, and the girl is industrious, and she is in strict training for a competitive swimming championship. The boy finds an old overcoat that actually belongs to a magician; when the boy takes it, he finds a book of magi ...more
Female, Male, Race, Age
Movie about an elderly German couple that transfers (hence the title) their minds into two young African bodies. Not only has the couple to cope with going from white to black, but they are also not in full control of these new bodies. Because each night when they go to sleep, the minds of the orig ...more
Union of Heroes / Union der Helden
Inanimate, Mechanical
Union of Heroes is a photowebcomic about a team of superheroes – from Germany. The prologue starts with a young man named Marc, who is transfered to a parallel world by a stranger who just introduced himself as "TheOneWhoKnows". There Marc finds out that his alter-ego was the superhero "Erze ...more
Union of Heroes / Union der Helden - Episode 1
Union of Heroes / Union der Helden - Episode 2
Union of Heroes / Union der Helden - Episode 3
YOUTH EXPERIMENTS - WITH CONSEQUENCES! A male and a female teenager swap bodies after an accident. An electric shock in physics class starts the whole catastrophe. When Elizabeth and Frank come to, they have switched bodies! Elizabeth, the classy and beautiful daughter of a wealthy family lies ...more