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Category: 'Gender'
Yahoo Groups
Age, Animal, Female, Furry, Gender, Inanimate, Male, Mythical, Size, Were
Yahoo Groups hosts a large amount of groups, many of which feature transformation as their modus operandi. ===Age=== ===Animal=== Animal Transformation Centre Animal Transformation World/ Male Pig TF Club Men Transformed Into Animals Men Transformed Into Animals - Art Annex Men Transfor ...more
Yamada Kun and the Seven Witches
Female, Gender, Male
Yamada, a troublemaker, learns that he is able to swap bodies with people by kissing them, there is a F2M, M2M, and F2F throughout episode 1 and 2.
Yamada-Kun To 7-Nin No Majo
Ryu Yamada is a second year student at Suzaku High. Ryu is always late for school, naps in class and gets abysmal grades. His life is a dead bore. The beautiful Urara Shiraishi, on the other hand, is Suzaku High's brightest student. One day, without explanation, their bodies are swapped! Ryu ends ...more
Yann Martel book "Self"
Yay's Media Research
Japanese transgendered site.
Yay's TG Image Board
No longer accepts new pictures.
Yellow Dog issue Unknown
Hippy asks a Zemstvo the magician for some spare change, so Zemstvo changes him into a girl. (Hippie counter-culture comic)
Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic
A webcomic focusing on the adventures of various monster from the Dungeons & Dragons universe. (Spoiler Text)
Animal, Furry, Gender
Yiffstar is a huge furry related website. They have pictures,stories, and a few other media types. They are a free site, and most of the material is adult only. The content there spans many more categories, but they would take all year to post using my psp.
Yin-Yang! X-change Alternative
Kaoru Sakurazuka is a normal 19 year old Japanese male with slightly femine facial features. One day he has a dizzy spell at school and ends up in the nurses office. The nurse is famous for making experimental medicine, one of which Kaoru drinks. When he wakes up, he is now in a girl's body. Th ...more
Yogi's Treasure Hunt episode Beswitched, Buddha'd, and Bewildered
In the tradition of almost every Hanna-Barbera cartoon dating from the Flintstones' "Monster Fred" episode to the PowerPuff Girls' "CrissCross Crisis," there is a multiple body swap. In this episode of Yogi's Treasure Hunt, the personalities of the crew are switched around by Dick Dastardly and Mutt ...more
Yonderland episode Careful What You Wish For
A tree with golden apples grants wishes. A group of men wearing period clothing are standing around the tree as one of them says that "I wish I was a woman" In a quick cut, the actress is wearing the same clothing as her male counterpart. *Yonderland S02 - Ep08 Careful What You Wish For HD Watch
Yonimo Kimyona Monogatari episode 2006 - Fall special
An office Lady switches with her Boss at work. They have to go along with it, somehow. The Special is a collection of short storys, this one is the second. In the end he is switched back but she switched with a mad guy.
You Can Change Yourself Into Satoko
Kesuke visits Satoko who owns a gym, she rejects him, a struggle ensues, and through some unexplained scientific phenomenon, they switch bodies. Male Kesuke, now inside the body of Satoko seeks out new experiences in her body, exploring the sights, smells, and sensations that a woman would experien ...more
You Can't Do That On Television episode Anniversaries
The kid regular named 'Dougie' is shown having a birthday party. He blows out the candles, leaving one burning, however. His mother (Abby Hagyard or something) says that one candle left burning means that the mother gets her wish instead. Suddenly Dougie is a girl in a dress and wig (same kid) a ...more
You Might Think
The lead singer's head is moved to a model's body. Brief.
You Wish episode Unknown
The rug shop curator is turned into a woman wearing lingerie. Very Brief.
You're Killing Me Stop It
This low bugget film has a couple bodyswaps the near the of the movie.
Young Blades episode 112 - Chameleon
Shapeshifter briefly disguises himself has wife of royal figure in order to taunt him in jail. Also disguises himself as Jacque (on of the female muskateers pretending to be a man).
Young Justice #13
Male, Gender
In the previous issue the team encountered Clayface in a sewer in Gotham City. In this issue, after escaping the team eventually tracks him down. Superboy encounteres Miss Martian who turns out to be Clayface and absorbs him. Afterwards he impersonates the other members in order to do the same. Thr ...more
Young Justice - 2x11 - Cornered
Late in the episode Zatanna uses Miss Martian's psychic link to briefly possess Mal Duncan to tell Superboy that Despero is incapacitated and it's safe to attack him. Later, Miss Martian not wanting to share a warehouse basement with the other members of the team, briefly assumes the form of Mar ...more
Young Justice Invasion episode Depths
Gender, Female
Prior to this episode, 6 members of the Justice League (including Superman and Martian Manhunter) have left earth. To keep up appearances during a press conference about a shuttle launch, Martian Manhunter appears to answer questions, and Superman is seen in the sky. (Spoiler Text) Later in the ...more
Youngblood issue Babewatch
The start of Image's Babewatch crossover, a witch named Diabolique changes all the men the super-heroine Glory has ever met into women. This issue has four different covers.
Your and My Secret issue Unknown
vol 1 of a new ADV manga series just released! Totally translated into english, but retaining the right to left orientation of the original. In vol 1, the petite, cute looking, but crude and obnoxious Nanako Momoi and Akira, a 'dainty' almost feminine boy have their minds switched by her rela ...more
Your Name
The story features a high school girl in rural Japan named Mitsuha Miyamizu along with a high school boy in Tokyo named Taki Tachibana who swap bodies. *Your Name
Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell episode "People in Hell Want Ice Water"
In this episode of the weird Adult Swim comedy "Your Pretty Face is Going To Hell" -- (Spoiler Text) This is a brief morphs/shift.
Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell episode "Welcome to Hell"
This episode of the weird Adult Swim comedy "Your Pretty Face is Going To Hell" has one of the demon characters morphing into someone's Grandmother This is a brief morphs/shift.
Youtube morph video
Multiple face morph video with wierd background music.
Yu Yu Hakusho episode Kuwaabara: A Promise Between Men
A dead boy posses a shcool girl
Yu-Gi-Oh! episode Unknown
Marik, holder of the Millenium rod can take control of the minds of either male or female humans, they then in turn sometimes laugh, or speak in a deeper, more masculine voice. He has done this to Tea, Yugi's female friend (they aren't an item or anything) more than once in the series. More mind c ...more
Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Abridged Series
Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Abridged Series is parody of the series Yu-Gi-Oh! that takes episodes and "abridges" them while wildly exaggerating character personalities and playing things up for comedy. The current story arc is adapting the virtual reality arc from the original series where some executives of K ...more
Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series (Episode 9)
That limey kid from Yugi's school becomes a woman... in America.
Yugenjikko Sisters Shushutorian (有言実行三姉
In Ep 32, Panda Man runs amuck slapping people with his magic golf club that switches peoples bodies. He ends up switching one of the main girls with some guy.
Yuma Indian
A mountain that would "sexually transform men".
Explanation of the category 'Gender'

Change from one gender to the other. Can be either Male to Female or Female to Male or both.

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