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Category: 'Gender'
X-Files episode Hellbound
Original teaser: "Convinced it is an X-File, Reyes (Annabeth Gish) is drawn to a murder where the victim has been skinned alive. Yet she is unsure why she has such a strange connection to the case." (note from the editor: please avoid posting copyright material. Also can someone confirm or reject ...more
X Men 3
This may be a spoiler to some who haven't seen the film yet. Mystique, under custody impersonates Magneto, then directly transforms into her interrogating officer before headbutting him and transforming quickly back to her blue form. Video here: ...more
X, Y
Based on the novel by Michael Blumlein. A stripper and customer both faint and swith places. Shown at the Slamdance 2004 Film Festival.
X-23 #6
Miss Sinister is becoming more concerned that Mister Sinister is taking over her mind and body. (Spoiler Text)
A boy,Takuya Aihara, who is an average junior college student gets splashed with some toxins in chem class and turns into a girl. As the game unfolds, you are presented various decisions and actions that further the game. There are 6 endings, with some having Takuya returning to male, and some leav ...more
X-Change 2
XChange 2 is the sequel to the XChang. In this PC game you play Takuya Aihara, a student at Miyanomori Junior College. It has been a year since a freak chemistry accident turned you into a girl and now that you're back to normal you've got a steady girlfriend, Asuka Katakiri. At least you do unt ...more
X-Change 3
X-Factor #248-249
In the previous issue Pip the Troll was shot in the head by a woman named Vera. However he manages to escape death and winds up in the body of X-Factor member Monet St. Croix. He's stuck there until his body heals and is still in Monet's body at the end of the issue. Meanwhile, Monet is also i ...more
X-Factor issue Unknown
Alien Shape changing warriors, all male, become avengers including She-Hulk.
The X-Files episode The Unnatural
Gender, Gender
In one of the latest episodes this season, Arthur Dale - a former Roswell cop - tells Mulder a tale involving the Conspiracy and baseball. Dale is charged with protecting an up-and-coming black player in the Minors named Josh Exley who is later revealed to be one of the shape-shifting Greys. When Da ...more
The X-Files episode Dreamland
Caught in the effect of an experimental stealth device, Mulder finds his identity switched with another man's. Continuing in this man's life, he encounters another victim, an air force pilot in the body of an old indian woman.
The X-Files episode GenderBender
A serial killer changes gender after each kill.
The X-Files Episode Terms of Endearment
This entry is now marked for deletion - no transformation content - cj 2007nov19 It is about a man possied by a deamon wanting to have a child and he kills them if the child is deamon like though. At the end of the episode you see what looks like the deamon leave him and go into a woman.
The X-Files episode Without
After seven years the Alien Bounty Hunter (Brian Thompson) has taken on a number of forms but none of them female - until now! In Part 2 of the Eighth Season opener, the ABH makes up for lost time by assuming the forms of *two* women! The first time he appears briefly as Scully in order to hide a ...more
X-Force issue Human Nature
A villain named Mindmeld transfers the minds of two female team members (Domino and Meltdown) into the bodies of two male team members (Caliban and Sunspot).
X-Force issue Unknown
Halloween Jack(from X-men 2099) morphs into all members of X-force(except Domino, who he's talking to) to convince her to stay with him. Brief, one panel. BTW, in X-men 2099 he did morph into a woman for a while longer, but I don't know which issue it is(late teens?)
X-Force issue Unknown
Halloween Jack traveled back in time in an effort to woo Domino, whom he is apparently obsessed with. On one panel, he quickly morphs into each of Domino's X-Force teammates, including females Siryn, Moonstar and Meltdown.
X-Forces issue Blood & Betrayal
"Switch" a male member of the new Hellions with mind swapping powers takes over Domino's body to fool her inmates into joining the Hellions in their Nefarious activities
Gender, Female, Inanimate
Mystique appears to briefly take on the shape of a scale model of the Statue of Liberty. It's not a full on-screen tranformation, however - you only see the statue's eyes turn yellow. Mystique tries to fool Wolverine by impersonating Storm. Female shapeshifter Mystique takes on several male shapes ...more
X-Men #28 (2012)
Male, Gender
Three Skrulls left over from the Secret Invasion disguise themselves as Storm, Warpath and Domino to take both a captured comrade and the X-Man Pixie from the Fantastic Four.
X-Men 1992 Cartoon Intro: Stop Motion
Xavier student shows a female student a stop-motion video of the 1992 X-men cartoon intro. He learns something after showing the video.
X-Men 2 : X2
Mystique starts the movie still as U.S. Senator Robert Kelly. But after a conversation with Stryker(a Cruel Anti-Muntant Guy) does some spying as Stryker's Assistant Yuriko, however is disturbed and leaves as a male cleaner. Then in order for Magneto to escape she seduces one of the guards in a b ...more
X-Men 2099 #17
The loony Halloween Jack briefly poses as casino boss Desdemona Synge to fool her elite squad of bodyguards, the Ratpack.
X-Men and the Micronauts issue Unknown
Baron Karza switches bodies with the Kitty Pride.
X-Men Annual issue Resurrection!
In one of two short side stories, Mojo is trying to create replacement X-Men, and creates female versions of Longshot, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Wolverine, Magento, and Havok. Unfortunately, he scraps the idea and they only appear on one panel before being disposed of.
X-Men episode Unknown
Morph, the shapechanging member of the team often assumed the forms of the female team members. Most of these changes were brief, lasting only seconds. The most prolonged impersonations involving both Rogue and Storm were in the episode "Till death do us part" - part 1. Morph wasn't a permanent m ...more
X-Men episode various
A shape-shifting X-Man appropriately called Morph has assumed the forms of various female teammates in several episodes. In the pilot, he's practicing his shapeshifting by mimicing people on TV - including new member Jubilee who appears on the news. In "Til Death Do Us Part", Morph - now resurre ...more
X-Men Evolution episode Adrift
This is a short but interesting TF: The main episode is about Cyclops and his brother being shipwrecked in a hurricane. One of the subplots deals with Nightcrawler, Kurt, messing with his image inducer. He breaks it forcing Professor X to fix it. He fixes it but good. As a practical joke the Profess ...more
X-Men Evolution episode Unknown
The Shapeshifter Mystique changes into many different people, both genders.
X-Men Evolution episode Witch and the Wardrobe The Toad
The mutant called Mastermind can create the illusion around himself to look like anyone. He fools a passing man by becoming a beautiful woman and an officer by becoming a father carrying a child.
X-men Forever 2 #14
Female, Gender
Working the X-men, the female shapeshifter Mystique briefly assumes 2 forms to help them infiltrate a base in Wakanda: an African male flight chief, and then their queen- a doppelganger of Storm.
X-Men issue Do Unto Others
Skrull attempt to capture the female character Polaris is thwarted by male character Cyclops using an "image inducer" to appear as her
X-Men: Millennial Visions
Gender, Mechanical, Animal
This issue is a one shot of possible futures of the X-men, Alternate Realities, inspired by the Ages of Apocalypse storyline. An interesting TF that will probably never take place but is touted as a possible future and not an alternate reality. Suffice it to say this is a rarity as it has a pictu ...more
X-Men Legacy #232
Male, Gender
Proteus has returned, possessing deceased mutant Destiny and then the young mutant Blindfold. In this issue he learns that he can possess multiple people at once and by the end has possessed five people: four female (Destiny, Husk, Psylocke and Blindfold) and one male (Nightcrawler). He also brie ...more
X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse
Throughout the game, Apocalypse had kidnapped four mutants in order to use their DNA to make himself invincible. (Spoiler Text)
X-Men, The End issue Books 2-4
Reporter Irene Merryweather, Cable's partner, is revealed to be Apocalypse in hiding.
X-Men: The End - Heroes & Martyrs issue 1
In the first issue of the "second book" of X-Men: The End, a male Warskrull who was disguised as Domino attacks Callisto and Xavier in Genosha.
X-Men: Children of the Atom
Spiral has a move in which she turns into every other character in the game in quick succession; she hits her opponent once as each character.
X-Men: Dark Mirror
Female, Male, Gender
Jean Grey wakes up to discover that she's now in a mental hospital in the body of a man. She finds that Cyclops, Wolverine, Rogue and Nightcrawler are also trapped in the hospital, and in other bodies. Now they have to escape, and regain their rightful bodies. Meanwhile, at the X-mansion, Jubi ...more
X-Men: Hellfire Club issue 3
In this issue recounting the history of The Hellfire Club it shows Jacob Shaw is injected with a serum by Mr Sinister giving him shapeshifting powers. Later in the issue Union Jack bursts in on a Menage Troi and one of the female participants turns out to be Jacob Shaw on an assasination mission, th ...more
X-Men: Millennial Visions Vol 1
On earth Earth-2182 (also known as Earth-Nocturne) Colossus' soulless body was reshaped into female form and possessed by the Phoenix Force.
X-Men:The End #5 issue Unknown
A couple of male Warskrulls pretend to be female characters to get at some of the X-Men.
X-Nation 2099 #3
Female, Gender
Set in Marvel’s 2099 universe, the character December recounts a story from her past, where she is imprisoned and later saved at the time of her execution by her female shapeshifting friend Willow. (Spoiler Text)
X-Shemales issue Unknown
Shemales are transformed into female superheroines.
X-treme X-Men issue The Arena part 3
This is an X-men storyline that just took a TG twist. It seems the thought dead male mutant Masque is not only alive but running fighting arenas throughout the world, and has turned himself into a woman who suspiciously looks like Marilyn Monroe. There are no TG changes in the book just the fact tha ...more
X-Treme X-Men issue Second Front!
A king from another dimension uses an amorphous creature called a "skin-walker" to transform one of his warriors, a hulking alien named Shaitan, into a duplicate of Storm. The plot continues in the following issue as well. Later in issue 12, Rogue uses an illusion to make herself look like Sabretoot ...more
Xanny's Curse 3.0k
Webcomic following the classic premise of a dying boy being given a 'second chance' to live, but as a girl. According to the author, this is her third attempt to develop this theme; however, the current series has not been updated since August 2004.
Male, Gender
In the future people can travel quickly by exchanging bodies with a person at the destination point. In the movie the main character has his body stolen so he is now in the body of a clone. A woman he believes can help him wants to have sex with him as the clone. She also states that her friends hav ...more
XHDRBZ episode Expendientes secretos x
XHDRBZ is a mexican TV program it is on air wednesday 10:00 P.M..In this program there are a lot of parodies , this week the parodie was x files(expendientes secretos x)In which ,the bad , a doctor, gives Moler and Scoly a dietetic drink .At the end of the program , the camera shows us the bodies ...more
Xiaolin Showdown episode Chameleon
One of the robots of evil boy genius Jack Spicer is a "chameleon bot." While this shape-changing robot shows off a number of male forms, it spend most of the episode as an overly-perky version of female Xiaolin monk trainee Kimiko.
Xiaolin Showdown episode Dream Stalker
Hanniabal Roy Bean uses his Moby Morpher Shen Gong Wu to impersonate Kimiko in order t to trick Clay into leaving Raimundo alone with Bean so that Raimundo will fall asleep and Bean can create a monster from his sleeping mind.
Xiaolin Showdown episode Hannibal's Revenge
Kimiko uses her PDA, the Mind Reader Conch, Changing Chopsticks and the Eye of Dashi to connect herself to a satellite so that she can read the world's thoughts. Hannibal Bean spies on her and acquires secret information about Chase's weakness by the Heylin Eclipse. Wuya teams up with Hannibal in an ...more
Xxxenophile issue Unknown
Has a story in which a man named Tomar'Kog is turned into a woman by the god Hootabix to join his all-woman cult.
Explanation of the category 'Gender'

Change from one gender to the other. Can be either Male to Female or Female to Male or both.

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