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Category: 'Gender'
W.T. Quick
Set in a future where nanotechnology can make radical changes, including sex.
Wagakki Band (和楽器バンド) "Synchronicity" ( シンクロニシティ)
(Japanese lyrics) The song is about a couple imagining (or remembering a parallel world?) if they woke up and he was her and she was him. One stanza says he would enjoy shopping for and putting on makeup. During the video, a couple acts out the lyrics of the body swap while the band performs. A ...more
Wagaya no Oinari-sama
Gender, Animal
Kugen is a fox spirit that is the guardian of the Mizuchi clan, but was sealed away for being too mischeivious. When Toru Takagami, a Mizuchi descendant, is attacked by a monster, Kugen is released from imprisonment to protect him. Kugen's physical form is normally that of a fox, but he has the ...more
Wakaba Hana Fubuki issue Unknown
Wakaba and Takeru can switch bodies by kissing.
Walk On
The video shows various people, including members of the band, walking around. Every few seconds they are replaced by a different person who repeats their actions.One scene a girl crawling out a window to get away from her mother(I ASSUME IT'S HER MOTHER.When the girl goes through the window, she is ...more
Walking in Your Boots net fiction Unknown
Gender Trip & Hoshi get more than they bargained for when an alien monk gives them a "blessing"...
Walmart/Harry Potter commercial Unknown
This was a commercial for walmart that featured the new release of "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets". It has two kids, a boy and a girl. They're both talking about the movie when the boy says he wishes he could tranform into another person (like in the movie). He then morphs into the girl. V ...more
Walter John Williams book Hardwired
One of the minor characters is an old man who has had his consciousness transferred via computer to a young female body.
Walton Simons
Jeremiah Strauss, aka Mr. Nobody, is a shapeshifting character in several Wild Cards novels created by Walton Simons. In his first appearance, he became a woman to have sex with his girlfriend and was "jumped" (swapped) into the body of a woman. A hard-core movie buff, Strauss loved to transform i ...more
The Wand of Change
A guy buys a magic wand off E-bay and uses it to spy on his girl as her best friend! Official E-mail address for this production:
The War at Home episode Back to school
In the episode when Dave realize he is like his daughter Hillary he imagines himself as her with his voice. Later Hillary realizes the same thing and imagines herself as him with her voice.
War of the Worlds
This show had many alien to human physical type body hop or possession. However it would eventually destroy the host's body and then they had to hop a new body. There was always a good special effect of the aliens absorbing into the new host bodies.
Warchild issue Unknown
Male sorcerer is reborn as a little girl, quickly ages into a woman.
Warehouse 13
Age, Female, Gender, Inanimate, Male
A SyFy Channel television series about a team of agents who locate and retrieve artifacts that possess powers best defined as mysterious or "magical". The group's goal is to catalog and safely shelve these powerful artifacts, away both from the grasp of those who would abuse the objects powers, ...more
Warlock Chronicles issue Unknown
Warlock is turned into half a woman during his soul walk to stop his female self from destroying the universe.
Warp #3
Heroes body stolen by villain, has to take over his girlfriends body to save her from rape.
Warrior Princess Xena episode Deja Vu All Over Again
In this unusual episode set in 1999, a woman, Annie (played by Lucy Lawless) believes she is the reincarnation of Xena after a series of strange dreams. Her lover Harry (Ted Raimi, who usually plays Joxer in the series) is skeptical, but leads her to an expert (played by Renee O'Connor, who usually ...more
Warrior Princess Xena episode In Search of the mehndi
Xena and Gabriel are Transmigrated forward to fight Alti, xena's old nemesis. Xena, reincarnates as an old woman, but gabriel is a young Prince.
Was Frauen Wollen
German version of original French title "Machos". The films are identical except for the titles, cover-art & German overdubbing (easily mistaken for a different film entirely). See review under "Machos" for additional information. Note: This film does NOT have subtitles.
The Wayne & Shuster Show episode Unknown
An old Dr Jekyl turns into an evil Mrs Hyde. At the end of the sketch the old butler accidently drinks the formula too and is transformed into a beautiful young evil woman.
Weapons of Mass Distraction
Mimi Rogers character Ariel (Spoiler Text)
Weeble and Bob net fiction Hentai
Funny! Plus.. well not sure what thier original gender was. Check it out anyway!
Weekly World News
I assume anything in the Weekly World News probably isn't true. A man is accidentally given a sex change instead of the prostate surgery he was there for...and he loves it! Looked pretty cute too.
Weird Al
Furry, Gender, Size
This video is animated in a style very similar to Ren and Stimpy. A cat with one red eye and one blue eye plays the main character and he goes through several girls deeming that they are not perfect enough for him. Whenever he yells at the ladies, they shrink in size until they are about the size ...more
Weird Mystery issue Unknown
A serial killer's ghost possesses shrewish wife and she becomes a murderess.
Weird Science episode The Feminine Mistake
Lisa makes Gary and Wyatt appear to others as girls, to teach them about the opposite sex. (not really a transformation)
Weird Science episode Bee in There
Gary and Wyatt are sent back in time to when they were six years old. They're supposed to become their fathers so they would play with their younger selves and learn some skills that wouldn't make them the losers they are when they're sixteen. Things go wrong again of course and Gary ends up being ...more
Weird Science episode Gumpy Old Genie
Lisa is acciently turned into an old man.
Weird Science episode Night of the Swingin' Steves
In an X-Files parody, Todd the T-5000 shapeshifting assasin assumes the forms of Lisa, then agent Molly in a negligee in order to seduce then kill agent Scolder.
Weird Science episode Phantom Scampi
Wyatt shoots some of his bullies with a magic dart and transform them into girls. * Weird Science S04E05 Phantom Scampi
Weird Science episode Quantum Wyatt
Gary leaps into a middle aged phone-sex worker. Brief, at end. Time Stamp For Transformation Is 20:20.
Weird Science episode She's Alive
Wyatt is turned into a girl. Very brief at end.
Weird Science issue Number 10, December 1994 (reprint of older issue)
'Transformation Completed' Mad scientist uses a sex change potion on his daughter's fiance so she won't be able to marry him. She gets back at him by using it on herself, and they get married anyway.
Weird Science issue They'll Be Some Changes Made
A space explorer lands on a planet, and marries one of the locals. Later his wife cuts her hair and loses her voluptuous body. The people are descended from snails which change their sex. She is than waiting for him to change into a woman
Weird Science XXX
In a Quantum Leap-style Danny D become a sexy blonde stripper/lap dancer. *Weird Science XXX
Welcome to Paradox episode Options
This is a video version of John Varley's Options tale. A bit different in that the primary change is female to male
"Wendigo" episode of PSI Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal
The initial O.S.I.R team went looking for Wedigo, an Indian demon that perform cannibism. O.S.I.R. lost contact with the team, so the main O.S.I.R. team was called in to search for three missing operatives of the initial team in a wildness area. The Wendigo demon was in one of the operatives(posses ...more
Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior
Young Chinese girl is reincarnation of legnedary warrior who must fight an evil spirit that breaks free from captivity every 90 years. spoiler: The evil spirit is an ancient male wizard who takes over several male bodies before ending up in the girl's chief female rival for homecoming queen t ...more
Westside Medical episode "The Mermaid"
When an East German female swimmer has an accident in a pool and is rushed to the emergency room, suddenly it's discovered that the she is actually a post op transsexual.
Wet Wer Wet video "Strange"
Age, Gender, Male
UK band Wet Wet Wet, change bodies with a number of different people, including a busty woman, a pregnant woman, a little girl, a bodybuilder and a baby. Quite sketchy effects but not bad for fans of body/head swaps.
Wetworks issue Assault on Skywatch
Wetworks shapeshifter Jester turns into a female Skywatch lab technician to pose as a "hostage", but Stormwatch's leader sees through his disguise right away. Brief, two panels.
Wetworks issue Unknown
As a joke, Jester (living up to his Wetworks callsign) uses his morphing symbiote to merge with Dozer and transform him... er, them... into an 8-foot amazon. Brief, two panels.
What If
What If issue Finders Keepers
Impossible Man briefly becomes Silver Surfer's three girlfriends: Shalla Bal, Mantis and Nova. He also turns into the hooded female incarnation of Death and does a Vanna White impression.
What If issue Rogue Possessed the Power Of Thor?
Rogue absorbs Thor's power and life force. Thor and her merge into one later on, leaving Odin with a daughter rather than a son.
What If issue Unknown
Wonder Man and Power Man drawn as women, one panel.
What If? issue What if Jane Foster Discovered the Hammer of Thor?
This story is an alternate telling of Thor's origin in which Nurse Jane Foster, instead of Dr. Donald Blake, becomes Thor upon discovering the hammer. Perhaps not TG in the strictest sense. Petite brunette Jane Foster turns into statuesque blonde Thor (calling herself by the feminine variant "Th ...more
What If? issue What If Peter Parker's Parents Had Lived?
Spider-Man, after just having lost Mary Jane, his wife to the shapeshifting Chameleon's latest attempt to destroy the web-slinging superhero, confronts the Chameleon and is about to strangle him while the villain pleads for his very life. When asked *why* his life should be spared, the Chameleon ab ...more
What Not
The main characters roommate is a man that was turned into a woman by some kind of magical imp.
"What Price Gloria?" episode of Quantum Leap
Sam leaps into a gorgeous secretary.
What The?! issue The Malted Falcon
In a major league spoof buxom femme fatale is revealed to be Baron Zero.
"What You Want" episode of Danny Phantom
In the episode a genie ghost comes out and begins granting wishes. One of Danny's friends, tucker, wishes himself into a ghost like Danny. In one scene they both take over Danny's Girlfriend's body.
The Wheel of Time
Aran'gar One of the stronger villains is reincarnated by his dark god into a beautiful woman. This character is introduced in the sixth book, Lord of Chaos, and makes appearances throughout the rest of the series. This is an interesting change, because magic is divided into two halves; male and ...more
Wheel Of Worlds issue Unknown
A concept comic featuring a story about the making of a perfect woman, which includes the mind of the most intelligent man in the world.
When I Woke Up, I Became a Bagel Girl!
Bong Gi used to have dreams of making something of his life. But now all that seems like a distant memory. He has become fat, lazy and unemployed. In the real world, people are grossed out by him. He has never had a girlfriend and he spends his late nights fantasizing about women. His own life appa ...more
When Magic Goes Wrong episode Unknown
This was an hour long spot in the UK on Channel 4 about what happens when magic tricks go wrong. The show is hosted by two male magicians (Barry and Stuart) who performed their own tricks before and after each commercial break. For one of their magic tricks, Barry gives Stuart some girls clothes ...more
Where I End & You Begin
Ezra Slevin has had a crush on Imogen since the fourth grade. Now a high school junior, as he's trying to work up the courage to have a conversation with his dream girl, let alone ask her to prom, something strange happens. On the night of a solar eclipse, Ezra swaps bodies with Imogen's BFF, Wynon ...more
Which is Which episode Dotchi ga Dotchi
White Chicks
This is a new movie coming out in June. It stars two of the Waynes's brothers who are FBI agents in charged of over seeing two teenage girls. When the girls get injured and can't go out in public the Wayne's brothers have to go undercover as the sisters.
White Dwarf
A medical student must serve his internship on a distant planet orbiting a white dwarf star. One of the patients is a young empathic boy suffering from Proteus Syndrome. He twice uncontrollably assumes the identity of the student's deceased wife. Brief.
White Like She issue Unknown
A black man's brain is transplanted into a teenage white female.
Whitley Strieber book Majestic
Aliens transform a man into a woman.
Who Needs Freehand
Several Web comics mostly with Gender change themes.
Who's Inside My Baby?
Couple part ways after an evening, and the woman retreats into her home. Begins to undress. After removing her clothes, she removes her skin, revealing an old man inside, who wanders off to watch tv.
Gender, Gender, Gender
Awakening to the face of a pretty nurse is nice, but for a guy to wake up with breasts and a vagina can be awful shocking! Who is that keeps taking control of the new body you find yourself in as well?
Wholeman's net fiction Cloned!
You can't believe your good fortune! A mild mannered longshoreman meets and dates a beautiful heiress billionaire. She wants you to become hers forever! How are you supposed to know her hobby is being a mad scientist who desires her own lesbian love slave?
Wholeman's net fiction Pea Pod
Flying over remote Amazon jungles can be dangerous, doing it in an electric storm, can be downright shocking! Our hero winds up transformed into a woman by the local vegitation. Rated X
Wholeman's net fiction Pea Pod - The Return
Dolly once again vists the world where she was made a woman. She brings with her some diplomats from the US. They should have heeded her warnings. Ka'an can be a very dangerous place if you are male! Rated X Three Parts
Wholeman's net fiction Purty Prison Guard
Harry Buttman, a guard at the Purty Women's Correctional Facility, was selling drugs, trading drugs for sex, extorting sex from the inmates, and numerous other crimes. That is until the warden caught him...
Wholeman's net fiction Secret - Strong Enough for a Man
Always being in a hurry and not taking the time to actually look closely at the items you snactch for the drug store shelf, just because it has a familiar shape or color, can have serious and long term effects on a person!
Wholeman's net fiction Tanks For The Mammaries
You are about to be put to death for the murder of your wife. You are completely innocent! You dearly loved your wife and grieve her death, however you wake up after the lethal injection floating in a tank and breathing a super oxygenated liquid staring at the wife you supposedly murdered... while ...more
Wholeman's net fiction Where No Man Has Gone Before
Alien abduction, male to female transformation, huge breasts, strange sex, are all in store for the valiant hero.
Why Can't I Be You
Features a male to female transformation.
Wicked Science episode A Day In The Life
Australian Kids TV show about two high school kids who become genuises and invent stuff. After school hours kind of stuff. Premise: An accident in the lab forces a girl and a boy to spend the day as each other and find out various secrets and problems. Girl has to enter a pizza eating competitio ...more
Wicked Science episode Sweet Dreams
What could be worse than being a teenager? Being a guinea pig for Elizabeth - especially when you don't know about it. Elizabeth inadvertently manages to create havoc when Sacha's teeth start falling out while she is giving a class presentation. But that is nothing to Garth, who during a game of Vo ...more
Not long after average geek Wiley Schlub is transported to the future (where he is remembered as history's manliest man), a living supercomputer uses a genetic alteration device to turn him into a woman, so that he can join the all-female Wickedpowered-1 Team.
The Wig
Korean horror film. MTF possession and FTM (possibly FTF) transformation. Soo-hyeon is discharged from the hospital after undergoing chemotherapy for an unspecified cancer. The treatment has left her bald and pale and looking generally unhealthy. Her older sister, Ji-hyeon buys her a wig as a ...more
Wild Cards - Role Playing Game
A few years ago I came across a RPG based on the Wild Cards series. This particular module was based on a the "Aces Abroad" book. Two interesting TG points. A woman named Cameo can Channel the spirits of the dead if she holds one of their personal items. The story has her possessed by a deceased ...more
Wild Side issue Third Eye Part 2
The comic series (Wild Side) is an anthromorph anthology. Third Eye is one of the continuing stories, a humorous quest. The group goes to visit Larissa's Uncle Hubert and Auntie Tissey who met up with a "cursed girdle" from a previous adventure. The change is not shown, but the results are.
WildC.A.T.S #20
Daemonite lord Hightower, while being hunted down by the WildC.A.T.S in their building, tricks their leader, Jacob Marlowe, by assuming Voodoo's shape. Very brief, two panels.
Wildcats issue 16 (third series)
Cole Cash (aka Grifter), who is paralyzed, takes (remote) control of the cyborg Ladytron, Maxine Manchester. Cash's central nervous system is tied into Ladytron's body through a neural net designed by Ramon, one of C.C. Rendozzo's lackeys. Ramon downloaded Maxine's personality out of her body and i ...more
Wildcats issue Catspaws
Daemonite shapeshifter Mr. White confuses Ladytron by morphing into fellow Wildcat Savant. The robot knocks the real Savant out.
Wildcats issue Unknown
Spartan and Wildcats leader Lord Emp go undercover as Bambi and Connie Devereaux: a mother enrolling her daughter at an exclusive private school with some dark secrets. The three-foot-tall Emp wears an elaborate disguise as "Connie," complete with false head. In the case of android Spartan, however, ...more
Will Belegon and Alessia Brio net fiction Switch
When playful lovers experiment with a new toy during a powerful thunderstorm, they experience sex in a whole new way, waking up in their partner's body! Its well written, very erotic and a bit too short, leaving the reader wondering if they switch back or not. But for $2, it wasn't too bad a r ...more
Will Self book Cock and Bull
Two novellas, one where a woman grows a penis, one where a man grows a vagina.
William Barton and Michael Capobianco book Iris
One scene where a male mind is put in control of a female body. At end, a female mind is transfered into a male body when she is fatally injured.
William Barton book Iris
One scene where a male mind is put in control of a female body. At end, a female mind is transfered into a male body when she is fatally injured.
William Bowles net fiction XX
A man's chromosomes change from xy to xx with interesting results in this on-line novel! (you will need to open .pdf files to read it)
William Burroughs book Soft Machine
Male, Gender
A short few paragraphs has Carl being molded into a woman by the Comandante. In another chapter, a detective switches bodies with a boy in order to travel through time.
William Goldman book HEAT
The tg applies only to the original novel, not the movie of the same name made from it and starring Burt Reynolds. The character "Kinnick" (played by Peter MacNicol in the film) reveals at the end of the book that he was born female and grew into a young woman, when he had a sex change operation (s ...more
William Mark Simmons book The Woman of his Dreams
Sequel to and direct contiinuation of the second Dreamland Chronicals When Dreams Collide. The Hero who created the D&D like computer universe is trapped in the body of his beautiful & rich former lover in another earth. He's in that body for the entire book. At first he is put in a nut house, but t ...more
William Saunders
Anton York*, the 45th President of the United States, has himself morphed into a beautiful blonde, runs away from the White House, joins the Devil Dolls (a Roadgrrl gang) and as-sumes the nomme de guerre Rhonda Honda *Note: the president is never referred to by name in the story; the name A ...more
William Shakespeare book The Tempest
Ariel is a probably male (maybe neuter) "ayrie spirit" who serves the magician Prospero. In the play, he uses several female forms, and it seems to me to be an actual tranformation, rather than a disguise. He appears as a water nymph, a harpy and the goddess Ceres. (The latter is in a play-with-a ...more
Willie's Magic Wand
In this early silent flick, the son of a magician swipes his old man's magic wand and proceeds to play a variety of tricks on everyone. One trick involves changing himself into a girl.
Willy/Milly (a.k.a. I Was a Teenage Boy/Something Special)
Milly Niceman (Pamela Segall Adlon), a 14-year-old girl who has grown frustrated with her mother's attempts to curtail her tomboyish nature. Her mother, Doris believes that Milly's actions are inappropriate for a girl and that she be better off showing more interest in dances and dresses. When her ...more
Wingin' It episode "We'll Always Have Detention"
Denise mistakenly concludes that Porter is the one who likes Brittany and, thinking he's a bad match, Denise sets out to find a more suitable boyfriend by magically impersonating Brittany. To get back at Denise, Porter impersonates Carl to catch Denise who is in the form of Britney.
Wingin' It episode I Carlie
Denise an AIT (Angel In Training) turns Carl Montclaire into a girl named Carlie because she wanted him to know how it feels to be a girl, after their first date goes poorly. Everyone in his family believes he has always been Carlie. Porter who is Carl's friend and is also an AIT, changes Denise ...more
Wingin' It episode I Kinda Always Knew I'd Be Your Lex-Boyfriend
In this episode Denise's ex boyfriend Lex tries to break up Carl and Denise who is an angel in training by impersonating a female angel, Mildred Stern. As it is forbidden for angels and humans to date.
Wingin' It episode Under Her Spell
Gender, Inanimate, Male
Carl arrives back at school with the intention of asking Jane out, but he turns into a blubbering mess every time he tries, admitting to porter "my backpack could make better conversation" so could Porter, for that matter, so he and Carl attempt to perform a body swap. But Dennis the Raccoon turns ...more
Wishes Come True commercial Unknown
This was an add for a regional burger chain that only seems to be in the Southwest. In it Ernest (Jim Varney) tells his buddy Vern that Lotaburger makes the hamburgers just the way he wants them. He waves a wand around conjuring burgers out of thin air. Then he asks Vern: "What could be better than ...more
Wishful Thinking
Riley wakes up to find that he has become a girl! And her friend Jayne is responsible for it. With not enough money to undergo A sex change operation, And no means of magic helping her, Riley must simply make the best of her new life as a female.
Wishing Well
Just a pic about a lady at the wishing well. She wished for no housework, cooking and cleaning. She then poofed into a man.
The Wishmaster
The wishmaster takes the form of an elderly women to trick a young women into making a wish.
Wishmaster 4: The Prophecy Fulfilled
Brief, at end. Wishmaster turns himself into Lisa, clad in lingerie, to test the mettle of her boyfriend Sam. I saw the European release of this movie.
Witch Bitch
A very nasty lady loses her life. She comes back sporadically to inhabit the body of her twin brother.
The evil spirit of male axe murderer takes over a lush female body
Witchcraft issue Unknown
Starts in ancient Rome and ends up in present day with the antagonist being punished for his sins by being reincarnated as every woman he wronged.
Witchetta issue A Day of Reckoning
Wichetta's foe, Nerofus, becomes inflames by her comments on female sexuality and accepts her challenge to experience the life of a female earthling by having his DNA molecules altered.
Witchgirls Inc. issue 1st story 1st issue
In the new comic Witchgirls Inc, about female detectives who have magic abilities, a spell to protect a box of jewels backfires on the old lawyer opening up the box upon the death of his client, and he is transformed into the duplicate of Marilyn Monroe. The spell was supposed to mark the thief for ...more
Witchness Protection
The new seer (charisma carpenter) wants to be human and trusts in the charmed ones, but a male demon pulls a fast one, absorbing the powers of a shapeshifter and pretending to be Phoebe long enough (about a minute in screen) to finish the seer off before she can betray her fellow demons.
Within And Without You
Gender, Female
Two feuding roommates swap bodies while they sleep thanks to a magical stone. One is an adult film star while the other is more of a prude. They must take over each other's place until they can find Serenity to swap them back. Good acting. Entire movie is based upon this switch. Recommended highly. ...more
Wizard of ID issue Unknown
A frog asks the wizard if he can be turned back to his normal self. The wizard is drunk and turns him into a woman.
Wizard: The Guide To Comics issue Unknown
A cartoon sent in by a reader shows a wizard turning Batman and Robin into large chested women. "Holy Mammalian Protrusions, Batman!"
Wizards of Waverly Place - "Angels vs. Wizards"
Gender, Inanimate
Maxine, formerly Max, is forced by live in family friend Harper to have a slumber party. His friends at school had ignored him as a little girl. So Harper secretly invited some 4th grade girls overnight so that Max, a teenaged boy stuck in the body of an eleven year old girl will make some friends ...more
Wizards of Waverly Place episode "Quinceaera"
Female, Gender
In the beginning of this episode, Alex and her brothers are being taught by her father how to do a body switching spell. In class, her father tests her by suggesting she swaps bodies with him. When he approves and asks her to do the reverse spell, she thinks for a second and because she has his bo ...more
Wizards of Waverly Place episode "Third Wheel"
In order to cheer up Harper, Justin transforms himself into Alex via magic to work on a high school float.
Wizards of Waverly Place episode "Three Maxes and a Little Lady"
Age, Male, Gender
In order to get the Wizard's Competition moved so Alex and Justin can study (Max is ahead due to Justin and Alex failing Prof. Crumb's test to determine whether or not the Russos would or would not expose magic to the mortal world), Alex changes herself into her brother, Max. She heads to the Wi ...more
Wizards of Waverly Place episode Dude Looks Like Shakira
Inanimate, Gender
When Theresa and Jerry go on vacation and leave Uncle Kelbo to watch the kids. When Uncle Kelbo comes he is not him, he is Shakira. He confesses to them that there is no Shakira and that he made her up years ago. Uncle Kelbo tells them there is a strict law against using magic for fame and fortune, ...more
WKRP In Cincinnati episode Unknown
While on a sales trip to Dayton, girl-chasing Herb Tarlick meets a tall and attractive woman who immediately begins to come on to him. Following some very heavy petting in a darkened bedroom, the woman reveals that she has had a crush on Herb since their high school days, when she was a male classm ...more
Wm Mark Simmons book When Dreams Collide
Virtual reality dungeons and dragons simulation you enter a sensory-deprivation tank and are wired in to the game. One of the gamers gets out of the tank to find himself in the wrong body. Brief, at end.
Wm. Mark Simmons book One Foot In The Grave
Near the end of the book a shape shifting assassin takes on the form of an injured female vampire in order to trick the main villain so that the hero is able to kill the bad guy. A fairly tiny scene, not worth buying the book for. Grab it from the library.
Woke Up Like This
On the brink of their big break, a hard working basketball player (Nando Cruz) and a rich, beautiful model (Sabrina Rodriguez) who are complete strangers to each other wake up one day somehow having switched bodies with each other.
Wolverine And The X-Men
Shadow King, a spirit now, can possess people Fallen style, and managed to possess Storm and kept her body for about half of the episode. He needs a host to survive, and near the end when he was driven out of Storm's body by Frost, Shadow King tried to take over Frost body as his own.
Wolverine issue Unknown
Wolverine's old teacher Ogun returns as a spirit with the ability to possess people's bodies. Ogun possesses the X-Men's Jean Grey, and then Wolverine's employer and friend, Helen Bach. Finally, he takes over the form of Lady Deathstrike before escaping.
Wolverine: The Best There Is issue 9
Gender, Male
Paradox, a one-off character who appeared in Marvel magazines Marvel Preview and Bizarre Adventures back in the early 1980's, returns in the pages of Wolverine's more "mature" book. The shape-shifting secret agent and his new bounty hunter partner Monark Starstalker crossed over into the mainst ...more
Wolverine: Wendigo!
Female, Male, Gender
In the issue's back-up story, Wolverine awakes after passing out in a bar to see Lady Deathstrike, then some of his other enemies over the years, including Mystique, Mr. Sinister, and his nemesis, Sabretooth. But it turns out... (Spoiler Text) And the person responsible turned out to be... ...more
The Woman In The Man issue Unknown
A nonviolent boy and the no-nonsense girl who tries to help him train as a fighter. When an accident switches their brains, he learns a lesson about assertiveness which makes him a better man (once they switch back).
Womb Raider
Phoebe has returned to side of good and her unborn son doesn't like it. From time to time he takes control of her body and tries to kill her sister Paige. Once after Paige gets socked by 'Phoebe' and cursed. Phoebe gets gets control of her body back and says' Sorry, my baby made me do it.' At one p ...more
Wonder Showzen episode History
Jesus turns people into bikini girls including the alterboys in the Bible Brew skit.
Wonder Woman #161
Second part of the Clayface-Wonder Woman face-off, opens with Clayface disguised as Wonder Woman taking out some Armored bad guys and then stealing their money.
Wonder Woman #204-#205
Dr. Psycho uses a template to impersonate Leslie Cale and another female employee.
Wonder Woman #160
Wonder Woman battles the Cheetah, who turns out to be Clayface disguised to lure her out. During a struggle as he is absorbing Wonder Woman into himself, Clayface assumes the shape of Wonder Girl on one panel.
Wonder Woman #1
Near the end of the first issue of the new (2006) re-launch of Wonder Woman by DC Comics, Donna Troy, who has taken up the title of Wonder Woman, ends up fighting with the original Wonder Woman, Princess Diana of Themyscira. (Spoiler Text)
Wonder Woman #12
Male, Gender, Animal
Diana's Department Of Metahuman Affairs partner Tom (Nemesis) Tresser battles fellow shapeshifter Everyman in order to rescue DOMA leader Sarge Steel. (Spoiler Text)
Woody Woodpecker(New) episode Frankenwoody
Wally exchanges bodies with Woody to impress a girl. While trying to get his own body back, Woody ends up in the girls body. Brief(it's a minute or so out of a 10 minute short).
The World Dream Bank: Cross-Gender Dreams
Changing gender in many dreams found at this site!
World Heroes
Geegus who is normally a silvery naked sexless alien who can turn into silvery versions of any of the other fighters, whether male or female.
World of Warcraft
In this popular mmorpg, you now have the option of going on various halloween quests that reward you with magical candy. This cany can and will randomly transform you in all sorts of ways. You can become undead, a different race, grow in size, change sex, or some combination of everything else. N ...more
World of Warcraft, GM Command
In private servers, it is possible for GMs to change the gender of any player character. The gender-swapped character has similar attributes to the original, which are linked to each other. If you make changes to one gender in the barbershop, the other gender will change as well. The game will n ...more
World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King
Female, Gender
One quest line of note in this popular MMO has you meet a vrykul (a race of viking-like giants) woman named 'Lok'lira' who asks you to infiltrate the nearby village of the Hyldnir. Of course, since the Hyldnir are all female, she disguises you as a female vrykul, and this disguise will persist when ...more
World War III Book One and Book Three
A four issue series released to expand on the events of 52 #50. In Book One, J'onn J'onnz, the Martian Manhunter, briefly assumes the form of a young girl before battling Black Adam. He also appears briefly as the same girl in Book Three.
World's Finest #169
Mr. Mxyzptlk and Bat Mite disguise themselves as Supergirl/Black Flame and Batgirl/Catwoman to ruin Superman and Batman. Not revealed till the end.
World's Finest #264
Clayface makes an attempt to kill Batman by attacking him through Superman and Lois Lane. He tricks Lois into his lair by assuming the form of a blond woman and pretending to be Superman's mistress. Brief.
Wotan, Dr. Fate's old foe, started out life as a cave woman in approximately the fiftieth millennium B.C. who was exiled from her tribe and who received instruction in black magic from a witch. She later went on to change bodies and to be reborn many times over. He (she?) has recently reformed an ...more
The Wotch
Gender, Age, Furry, Were
This web comic has a lot of morphs. One being the wotches brother that begs her to turn him into lilly a young girl. He also mentaly ARs after the change.
The Wotch Fan Comic
Here's a fan comic based on the wotch come. It take the place of a advertisement for Ka'Girl spay.
The Wotch: Cheer
Off shoot of the main Wotch comic drawn created by a fan follows the lives of the 4 cheerleaders (former male football team) in their new lives.
Writer's Block net fiction Unknown
Short lived web comic has a storyline where one of the characters turns into a girl. stories
Inanimate, Gender
This is the place to list any transformation related stories that can be found on the interactive, user-created fiction website Link to the main page: ===Animal=== Doggon it! The Shaggy Dog by Yoshi king - Based on the 1959 classic! Mom's A witch! by Yoshi kin ...more
WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2007
During the game's season mode, there is a storyline where your male character gets turned into a woman by Candice Michelle's magic wand. In the Uh Oh Magic storyline, Candice Michelle uses her magic wand to change Edge's voice to Davari's, and she later changes Edge into the Boogeyman.
WWE Smackdown: Here Comes the Pain
When creating a wrestler, one has a choice of choosing body template, female or male. If you choose a female wrestler, the game will ask if you want the classification to change gender as well. If you say no, you can create a male character that has the shape, form, and parts of a woman. You can ...more
Wynonna Earp episode The Other Woman
Female, Gender
In this episode the team learns that they need to get a book that was last held by Maeve Perley. She is a witch, that was burned at the stake, and is now a fire witch that can only take the form of fire. She uses her power to posses people and starts with (Spoiler Text) Note: (Spoiler Text)
Explanation of the category 'Gender'

Change from one gender to the other. Can be either Male to Female or Female to Male or both.

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